Chapter 213 – Situation

They would remain at Peak Rank 3 while watching other metahumans slowly improve and reach higher ranks.

If they want to reach Rank 4, they first need to know and understand a creature at a higher level than their ability and develop their ability towards that. Or, refine the blood of a higher level creature and promote directly.

But both methods were obviously impossible for them currently.

It was also because of the unique development method of Beast Metahumans that humanity created the Sky Rankings and Earth Rankings during the late phase of the post-apocalyptic era. The Earth Rankings listed all the evolution creatures of High-Grade Beasts, while the Sky Rankings lists all the evolved creatures of the ones from the Earth Rankings.

The higher up the list, the higher the grade of the beast.

“Then what are we to do now?”

Wu Ying Xue noticed a clue within Yang Tian’s words and focused on him.

“I am unable to help your father.”

Yang Tian was telling the truth. He had never obtained a Beast-Type ability before and naturally did not have in-depth knowledge about it. Moreover, Yang Tian spent most of his days running and massacring in his previous life, he had no time to research about Beast-Type metahumans.

“I see… okay!”

Wu Ying Xue understands that Yang Tian had no reason to deceive her as well, but the knowledge that a Rank 4 metahuman had appeared was giving her high stress. She knows that once her father learned about this information, the weight he has to bear would be even higher.

But she must tell her father the matter.

“Coming again?”

Yang Tian’s Examine discovered another wave of insects appearing outside the estate, there were Peak Rank 3 insects this time.

Every new Insect Wave would be stronger than the previous one. However, Yang Tian was most worried about the forest outside of A City, that place was undoubtedly the core of A City’s Insect Wave. It was also because of that forest that Yang Tian was prevented from leaving A City.

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Yang Tian was suspecting why Mi Yu Ni had been in a rush to go back then, it was because the Insect World’s wormhole was opening.

There were five Peak Rank 3 insects in this wave, and one of them appeared in the territory of the Wu Family. Along with it were ten Mid Rank 3 Insects and a hundred Rank 2 Insects.

The Wu Family was currently much stronger than before, the captured Rank 3 metahumans from the Yi Family have all surrendered, amongst them were three High Rank 3 metahumans.

Peak Rank 3 Insect, Scarlet Hawk Bug

It had a body that looked like a pillar and covered in red carapace; on the back of the shell sprouted a pair of three-meter longer feathered wings. Also, it had a hawk’s head instead of an insect and eight red-colored insect legs.

It looked neither like an insect nor a bird.

The current strength of the Wu Family had no problems dealing with the attackers! The only problematic one was the Peak Rank 3 Scarlet Hawk Bug

The fight went on for three full hours and ended with the Wu Family losing over thirty Rank 2 metahumans and three Early Rank 3 metahumans.

Yang Tian also told Wu Ying Xue which type of bugs were edible, allowing the latter to gather them for keeps after each battle.

Yang Tian did not participate in the action personally but got Brain-Eating Terror Hog and Dark Crimson Fire Wolf to participate. Each insect that was killed by Dark Crimson Fire Wolf would have its energy crystal devoured by it. The Brain-Eating Terror Hog’s range was much broader because no metahuman would want to eat the brain matter of the insects, so all the brain matter would basically end up in Brain-Eating Terror Hog’s stomach.

While the energy crystals of the insects that were killed by Brain-Eating Terror Hog would be taken by the metahumans.

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Especially this time, a glow covered Brain-Eating Terror Hog after its meal of Scarlet Hawk Bug’s brain matter.

It was promoting.

The Brain-Eating Terror Hog was the one that benefited the most.

Brain-Eating Terror Hog reduced in size again, the color of its body became concentrated and darkened even more than before. Only its two sharp tusks slightly increased in size.

The current size of the Brain-Eating Terror Hog could only allow Yang Tian alone to ride on it. Although its body size has shrunk, all its attributes have obtained an increase.

High Rank 3

It was a startling speed of improvement, they have only been in A City for less than two dozen days, and Brain-Eating Terror Hog has risen from Early Rank 3 to High Rank 3. If Brain-Eating Terror Hog could obtain the brain matter from a wider variety of creatures, its promoting speed would be even faster.

The other areas have all experienced similar attacks, but it was always the Central Region that suffered the most casualties during each wave because it was difficult for the scattered forces to fight against strong insects. There were initially over a hundred different forces in the Central Region, but after so many attacks, only ten of them remained. Except for the initial seven Peak-Grade Monster Hunting Groups, the remaining three forces were made up from a combination of several small groups, allowing them to barely fight back the insects, but still slightly weaker as compared to Peak Monster Hunting Groups.

No Peak Rank 3 insect attacked the Central Region this time, but they need to fight against ten Top Rank 3 Insects, that was why their situation was not very optimistic as well. Even for the Peak Monster Hunting Groups, their strongest member was only a High Rank 3 metahuman.

The Warblade Monster Hunting Group has suffered severe losses after the Insect Wave, their First Head and captain of the Warblade Hunting Group was a High Rank 3 while the Second Leader was only a Mid Rank 3. The rest of their members were all Rank 2s.

“Third and the rest have been silent ever since they went to the Wu Family, are they…” the person made a throat-cutting gesture.

“It should not be. If the Wu Family did kill them, the Wang Family would have informed us, but they did not.”

The one who spot was seated at the frontmost seat, it was the captain and First Head of the Warblade Monster Hunting Group.”

“Big Bro, I have already sent someone to the Wang Family to ask them, I believe we will get a reply soon.” A metahuman seated on the right side of the First Head said.

The metahuman was not old, around the age of twenty-eight, but his face was covered in scars and looked to be a vicious character on a glance. He was likely the Second Head of the Monster Hunting Group to be able to seat beside the First Head.

“Okay, we will wait for the Wang Family’s reply.”

Many of the Peak Monster Hunting Groups in the Central Region have ties with the Wang Family, the Warblade Monster Hunters were one of them. The reason why their Third Head went to the Wu Family in the first place was because of the Wang Family’s order.

The Wang Family has met with the messenger from the Warblade Monster Hunting Group, but the Wang Family was currently focused on the Radiant Church and only gave a half-hearted reply.

“We did not know anything, what use is it to come and look for us?”

“But, you people promised…”

“What did we promise, do tell.”


Before the Warblade Monster Hunting Group’s messenger could finish speaking, he was sent away by the metahumans of the Wang Family.

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