Chapter 212 – Radiant Pope

After helping Venom refine the heart, it not only recovered from its old injuries and also successfully became Peak Rank 3.

Venom was initially a High Rank 3 Symbiote, but it was only able to display Early Rank 3 fighting power after it got seriously injured when it was summoned by Yang Tian from its plane. The heart of a Peak Rank 3 metahuman not only healed its injuries, but it also managed to achieve a breakthrough and reach Peak Rank 3.

“What… happened?” Wu Ying Xue cautiously asked.

“All is good.”

Venom’s promotion gave Yang Tian a wonderful feeling.

If he were to activate Venom now, Yang Tian was confident that he could have taken down Yi Family Head within ten minutes.

Wu Family Head stood up when he saw a large group of metahumans coming over to their location. The one leading the group was the Rank 3 metahuman he ordered to head back to their base, along with him was Old Wu.

“Family Head!”

They respectfully greeted Wu Family Head. Old Wu’s face was conscience-stricken, after receiving no news from Wu Ying Xue, he spent the rest of the day looking for her to find her missing.

Just as he was feeling anxious, the metahuman sent by Wu Family Head returned, allowing Old Wu to finally learned of what happened.

“Bring the traitors and prisoners back.”


Yang Tian did not accompany the Wu Family forces but left on Dark Crimson Fire Wolf alone.

The battle earlier was not small, the streets nearby have all been destroyed. The Yi Family would likely be sending reinforcements soon, the body of the Yi Family Head left on the ground was a present for them.

Having lost Yi Family Head, the Yi Family has lost its central pillar, their territory would likely be split up significantly.

But these were all not Yang Tian’s concerns.

After Yang Tian returned to the Wu Estate, he spent several energy crystals to promote Dark Crimson Fire Wolf to Mid Rank 3. Brain-Eating Terror Hog and Three-Headed Yin Insect were both Mid Rank 3 creatures while Three-Headed Yin Insect was also able to fight against High Rank 3 creatures because of its unique abilities. As for T-Rex, it was a High Rank 3 creature, that was also Captain-Class Commander-Tier.

Over the past few days, there had been casualties due to the occasional insect attacks, but there were no heavy losses.

But very soon, new updates came from the Yi Family.

Yi Family’s territory did not collapse due to the death of the Yi Family Head. A new organization appeared had quickly consolidated and placed the Yi Family force under its control.

And this new organization was called the Radiant Church.

The leader of the Radiant Church was a Radiant Pope, but it was unknown how powerful he was. However, he was undoubtedly stronger than the Yi Family Head.

Yang Tian was shocked when he heard about this.

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“There is a Radiant Pope?”

The Radiant Pope could be considered as a type of metahuman profession because it was the evolved form of a Radiant Disciple.

It was impossible for any human within the globe to awaken the Radiant Pope meta-ability naturally. Only after a Radiant Disciple reached Early Rank 4 would it be possible for one to promote and become a Radiant Pope.

Rank 4 could be said to be a unique dividing line that is different from the previous three ranks. No matter what your meta-ability profession, your profession can evolve when you are promoted to Rank 4.

Take a Low-Grade Beast-Type metahuman, the Fire Wolf Warrior for example. If the metahuman could obtain the bloodline of a High-Grade Beast such as a Cardinal Flame Wolf when he reached Early Rank 4, his ability can evolve and become a High-Grade Beast-Type, Cardinal Flame Wolf Warrior.

However, to change into the Cardinal Flame Wolf Warrior immediately was not possible, only by slowly increasing your rank would there be a chance of successful evolution, this meant that there could be a potential of failing as well. However, to be able to trigger an evolution was ultimately a good thing, even if the evolution fails, the ability would still become a Mid-Grade Beast.

One must know that the difference between a Low-Grade and Mid-Grade beast was still significant.

As for the Radiant Pope, Yang Tian was confident that it was a fake but that person reaching Rank 4 would be real.

Yang Tian greatly dislikes dealing with Radiant Believers; due to their zealous manners, especially those that managed to become Radiant Popes.

“Why is she here?”

Yang Tian saw Wu Ying Xue approaching him anxiously.

“Yang Tian, have you heard of what happened in the Yi Family’s territory?”

“I did, why?”

“Do you think if they will become a threat to us?


Yang Tian gave a confident reply regarding this aspect. They would not actively engage in conflicts, but they would keep spreading their faith, brainwashing and turning you into one of the Radiant Church members when you were off guard.

In the post-apocalyptic era, each Radiant Believer that managed to evolve into a Radiant Pope would establish a Radiant Church. No one knew why they did that, but thinking more in-depth about such behavior can cause a cold chill to run down your back.

“But their pope is likely a Rank 4 metahuman.”

Yang Tian had not met the Radiant Pope, so he could only confirm he was a Rank 4 metahuman.

“What! A Rank 4 metahuman has appeared?”

Wu Ying Xue was shocked!

Wu Family Head had attempted to promote to Early Rank 4 multiple times but had always failed, this was the same for the other three Family Heads. Although they did not know why such a thing happened, it created a balance of power and had made Rank 4 an out-of-reach target.

Now a Rank 4 metahuman has appeared, how could she not be shocked.

“My father has absorbed large amounts of Rank 3 energy crystals but is unable to reach Rank 4, to think that someone has succeeded.”

“Do you think you can promote just by absorbing energy crystals?”

Yang Tian had noticed the problem of the Four Great Family Heads stuck at Peak Rank 3 and not able to promote to Rank 4 long ago.

The Four Family Heads were undoubtedly all High-Grade Beast-Type metahumans because the higher grade the bloodline of Beast-Type metahumans, the harder it was for them to promote to Rank 4, lower grade Beast-Types have a much easier time on the contrary. Low-Grade Beast-Types only need to focus on improving the grade of their bloodline to Mid-Grade or High-Grade to promote while High-Grade Beast-Types also require to push their ability to a higher grade than it already was to raise their rank, this was a challenging task.

Firstly, the current understanding of the new era was still not high, they did not even know clearly what was the type of creature they possessed, how would they know what creature was higher grade than their current one? Let alone think about promotion!

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Yang Tian remembered that many High-Grade Beast-Type metahumans only managed to cross this hurdle and reach Rank 4 during the middle period of the post-apocalyptic era. It was also during the middle period of the post-apocalyptic era that human civilization started to improve and develop, and started to become familiar with the various powerful creatures.

Obtaining a High-Grade Beast-Type ability was a fortunate thing as it allowed them to possess much higher fighting power than their peers of the same rank. It allowed them to have greater survivability, but at the same time, the current environment had also limited their development.

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