Chapter 211 – Kill

“Hahahaha, you can forget about running today!” Wu Family Head laughed out loud.

“You people don’t bully intolerably!”

“Oh? Who is the one that was intolerably bullying?” Wu Family Head asked in return.

Yang Tian and his four tamed beasts had also surrounded Yi Family Head, coordinating with Wu Family Head to seal off all paths of retreat.

Yi Family Head looked at his surroundings, wanting to look for a weak point to breakthrough. The four tamed beasts have varying strengths, but he was not confident if all of them were able to ignore his poison.

In the end, Yi Family Head shifted his sights on Yang Tian.

Yi Family Head has been gathering his energy for some time and was able to charge quickly at Yang Tian.


Yi Family Head displayed a delighted expression, he was hoping for Yang Tian to use Windwalk to avoid his attack. This gave him a good chance.

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Yi Family Head discovered that Yang Tian used Windwalk to launch an offensive instead of avoiding his attack.


Lion Roar

A sudden soundwave attack caught Yi Family Head by surprised. The latter received a full attack Lion Roar without putting up his guard, dizzying him.

With the Yi Family Head in a dizzy state, Yang Tian leaped and landed on T-Rex’s head. Yi Family Head also woke up at the same time, only to see the giant head of the T-Rex in front of him.

Just as Yi Family Head was about to defend, a dragon roar was heard.

T-Rex’s close-ranged Dragon Roar was much more potent than Yang Tian’s Lion Roar.

Three-Headed Yin Insect also shot Yin Energy at Yi Family Head, causing half of his body to be frozen by the Yin Energy.

The dragon aura within Wu Family Head sharply raised at the same time, he knew that this was the best opportunity to kill the Yi Family Head and there was no reason to hold back.

The illusion of a fire dragon appeared behind the Wu Family Head, he instantly appeared in front of Yi Family Head and struck down with his flaming right claw.


Wu Family Head aimed at Yi Family Head’s heart. The terrifying strength and piercing power on the dragon claw sliced apart the Yi Family Head’s left chest.

Wu Family Head held the heart of Yi Family Head in his hand.

“You…… you!”

Yi Family Head collapsed onto the ground before he could finish his sentence. He died with a face filled with disbelief.

“Hahaha, finally killed him!” Wu Family Head revealed a crazed expression.

While Yang Tian arrived in front of Yi Family Head’s corpse. Using the moment when no one was noticing, a red light shot out from Yang Tian’s left arm.

It was Violent Corpse Worm Queen.

Yi Family Head was a Peak Rank 3 metahuman, it was only natural not to waste his corpse, it could be used as material for Violent Corpse Worm Queen to reproduce.

The faint sounds of bones being crunched were coming from the corpse, Violent Corpse Worm Queen was starting to devour.

“Wu Family Head, can you give me Yi Family Head’s heart?”

Venom was still poisoned. The usual way of making an antidote was to extract the snake’s gall bladder; but there was a difference between metahumans and snakes, so the metahuman’s heart has to be used instead.

“Oh! Sure.”

Wu Family Head was startled for a moment before he gave Yi Family Head’s heart to Yang Tian.

As for the metahumans of the Yi Family, they were all currently alive due to the deliberate actions of the Wu Family Head.

The Wu Family Head wanted to absorb them into his forces as this was a relatively powerful fighting force. Adding them to the Wu Family would undoubtedly increase the Wu Family’s strength, one must note that the Wu Family currently did not have a single High Rank 3 metahuman.

Moreover, Yi Family Head died in front of them, as smart people, they knew what they had to do. They all surrendered to the Wu Family Head without requiring him to say much.

“Father! Xu Kun escaped!”

Wu Ying Xue whispered to Wu Family Head.

Wu Family Head immediately went to check, and Xu Kun has indeed run away, the tendon that was used to tie him had also been taken away by Xu Kun.


Wu Family Head silently cursed. However, it had no use, it was impossible to capture him now, he could only let Xu Kun enjoy his freedom for some time.

“Right. Xiang’er, why Old Wu did not come here with you?”


Wu Ying Xue explained what happened to Wu Family Head.

“So that’s the reason.”

Wu Family Head ordered another Early Rank 3 metahuman to return and bring more manpower to escort their prisoners back.

“Yes, Family Head!”

Wu Family Head was slightly injured in the earlier battle. He took out a Rank 3 energy crystal and started to refine it for healing.

At the same time, Violent Corpse Worm Queen had also finished eating the corpse. However, the skin on the body still remained, this was Yang Tian’s request to avoid exposing the Violent Corpse Worm Queen.

“How is it?”

“There should be nine Peak Rank 3 Violent Corpse Worms in this batch.”

“Very good!”

After talking to Yang Tian, Violent Corpse Worm Queen entered into a deep slumber. It had just eaten a Peak Rank 3 metahuman and would require deep sleep to fully refine its gains. When the Violent Corpse Worm Queen wakes up the next time, nine Violent Corpse Worms would be born.

The nine Peak Rank 3 Violent Corpse Worms meant that Yang Tian could produce nine Peak Rank 3 fighting powers, this was good news.

“Next is Venom.”

Yang Tian called out Venom. The latter was currently a small bundle of moving black liquid, Yang Tian could sense that it was weak.

Yang Tian placed the heart of the Yi Family Head near Venom, Venom seems to know that the heart could heal it and lean on it.

“Wrap firmly around the heart.” Yang Tian communicated with Venom.

“Understand.” Venom gave a simple reply.

With Bone Bugfire, Yang Tian could maximize the refining process of the heart and convert it into nutrients for Venom. This was, after all, the heart of a Peak Rank 3 metahuman, it might even be able to completely heal the injuries that Venom had received in its previous plane.

Yang Tian controlled Bone Bugfire to encase Venom and the heart.

Screech Screech

The heat from Bone Bugfire caused Venom to release painful cries.

Yang Tian controlled the temperature of Bone Bugfire to the limits of Venom’s endurance.

Wu Ying Xue had noticed Yang Tian’s actions for some time. When she saw that Yang Tian was not avoiding her, she decided to observe the entire process.

The bundle of moving black liquid had attracted Wu Ying Xue’s attention. Wu Ying Xue did not know what Yang Tian was doing, it was curiosity that spurred her to observe the process.

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Wu Ying Xue noticed that a large amount of fine sweat was on Yang Tian’s forehead and determined that whatever he was doing was very demanding on him.

The emerald green flames would occasionally emit a black light.

Wu Ying Xue wanted to continue observing when Yang Tian’s eyes suddenly widened. The emerald flames have also disappeared at the same time; the heart was no longer, while the black liquid melded into Yang Tian and had disappeared as well.

Yang Tian displayed a look that his goal had been accomplished but Wu Ying Xue was still confused about what had happened.

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