Chapter 210 – Fight


The black blades caused dense cracks to appear on the barrier made of water, on the verge of shattering.

However, Yang Tian noticed a faint cold sneer on the Yi Family Head.


The water barrier shattered, those shards instantly turned into long water needles and those were obviously filled with poison. 

Yang Tian quickly combined his blades and turned them into a giant shield to protect his front.


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The needles shattered into powder upon contacting the black shield, black poison surfaced when the powder touched the ground.

Yang Tian suddenly sensed a strange feeling coming from Venom, it has been poisoned. Although the black shield had blocked the attacked, some of the needles still managed to pierce the surface of the shield. Yang Tian was unharmed, but Venom did not get out of the situation unscathed.

The neurotoxin started taking effect and caused Venom’s transformation speed to drop. Various areas on Venom began to become unstable.

“It was blocked?”

Yi Family Head was shocked, even the Wu Family Head might not be able to block that attack at such a close range, yet Yang Tian was able to prevent it.

“His ability is strange.”

Yi Family Head looked at the giant black shield with uncertainty in his eyes.

The black shield disappeared and the black monster appeared in front of Yi Family Head again. However, Yi Family Head revealed a smile the next second.

Venom had disappeared and Yang Tian’s main body had gotten exposed.

“Hahaha, I thought you really managed to block it. So it can only be done once.”

When Yi Family Head saw Yang Tian’s ability disappeared, his confidence skyrocketed. No one but him knew how his poison works.

Yi Family Head did not take action and seems to be waiting for Yang Tian to collapse.

“Why are you still standing?” The Yi Family Head noticed something was not right.

“Make a guess?”

Emerald green flames covered Yang Tian’s body the next moment.

Flame Energy Body

Bone Bugfire

The emerald green flame humanoid emitting temperatures reaching 350℃ was giving Yi Family Head a feeling of suffocation.

“What is this?”

The Yi Family Head had assumed that Yang Tian would be unable to use his ability when Venom disappeared, yet the latter revealed another fire ability; Yi Family Head was at a loss at about Yang Tian’s limits.

After turning into a high-temperature Flame Energy Body, Yang Tian charged towards Yi Family Head. The latter reacted by shooting a water gun made by combining water and poison to block Yang Tian’s approach. However, the high heat coming from Yang Tian’s Bone Bugfire evaporated the water gun before it could come into contact with Yang Tian.

Yang Tian’s Fire Ability has reached Mid Rank 3; with Bone Bugfire, it could easily overpower a High Rank 3 metahuman. Even as a Peak Rank 3 metahuman, Yi Family Head might not be able to obtain victory. 

Rock Spike

Yang Tian suddenly used the Earth Skill – Rock Spike; it caught Yi Family Head by surprise and he could only leap up to avoid the sudden attack.

There’s more?

The brows of the Yi Family Head locked tightly, fear also started to well up within his heart.

Not good.

The Yi Family Head was unable to move in midair while Yang Tian turned into a flaming spear and charged towards the Yi Family Head in the sky.

Anaconda Shield, High Rank 3 Shield.

A shield appeared in Yi Family Head’s hand and blocked the spear. However, Yang Tian immediately reacted by turning into a large bundle of fire.

Anaconda Shield could only defend against attacks coming from the direction it was facing, the large bundle of fire that Yang Tian had transformed into was an all-around attack. Moreover, Bone Bugfire possessed a powerful corrosiveness.



Yi Family Head screamed while being immersed in the fire.

Yang Tian could sense danger coming from Yi Family Head and immediately stopped his attack and moved ten meters away.

The charred Yi Family Head fell onto the ground, the emerald green scales on his body had changed into a different color while the Bone Bugfire was still burning his body.

“Damn it.”

Yi Family Head silently cursed.

With a shake of his body, the Bone Bugfire dispersed.

Yang Tian was very clear about the traits of Bone Bugfire, seeing that Yi Family Head was able to disperse it so easily meant that he was not to be underestimated.

Yi Family Head looked at Yang Tian with a pair of black eyes. The Water Attribute on Yi Family Head slowly disappeared and was replaced by the Poison Attribute.

Attribute Shift

Changing from Dual Attributes to Single Attribute. Yi Family Head strengthened his Poison Attribute by sacrificing his Water Attribute.

The Poison Attribute currently displayed by Yi Family Head was obviously much more terrifying than before.

Black gas shot out from the Yi Family Head’s mouth and headed towards Yang Tian.

Only allowed on



Yang Tian used his only Wind Attribute skill and quickly avoided the Miasma released by the Yi Family Head. The instant movement ability of Windwalk was exceptional, but Yang Tian was only able to use three times a day as he was only Early Rank 3.

Yang Tian sensed danger coming from the Yi Family Head’s Miasma so he had no choice but to avoid it using Windwalk. 

“Cannot let this continue.”

Yang Tian did not dare to receive the attacks of the Yi Family Head directly after losing Venom while the Wu Family Head had restrained the other metahumans under Yi Family. Yang Tian quickly summoned his four tamed beasts to his side.

“Send the Three-Headed Yin Insect, it had immunity against a large variety of toxins. The poison of a mere anaconda should not be able to harm it.”

Violent Corpse Worm Queen was much more familiar with the Three-Headed Yin Insect than Yang Tian.


Three-Headed Yin Insect quickly went to fight Yi Family Head upon Yang Tian’s command.

Poison covered the body of Yi Family Head, this gave him the confidence that his attacks would be able to deal irreversible damage to the Three-Headed Yin Insect and used the fighting method of exchanging injury for injury.

After several dozen exchanges. Three places on Yi Family Head’s right arm and thigh were pierced with Yin Energy, while the Three-Headed Yin Insect suffered injuries on five different spots on its body.

Although the Three-Headed Insect had more injuries than the Yi Family Head, it’s fighting abilities were still unaffected. On the contrary, the speed and strength of Yi Family Head were affected because of the Yin Energy.

“What happened?”

Yi Family Head was wondering why the Three-Headed Yin Insect looked perfectly fine despite being injected with a large amount of poison.

The Wu Family Head was shocked from afar, he had witnessed the prowess of Yi Family Head’s poison and was incessantly fearing it. He did not expect Yi Family Head to be at a disadvantage against the Three-Headed Yin Insect.


The longer the Yi Family Head fought, the more apprehensive he became, he was thinking of retreating. However, the current battlefield was already outside his control, Yang Tian would not allow him to leave.

When the Wu Family Head saw Yi Family Head in a predicament, he was also guarding against the Yi Family Head possibly escaping.

Dragon’s Fire

Wu Family Head attacked first, Dragon’s Fire raised the flames of Wu Family Head to 400 ℃. The high-temperature flames blocked the Yi Family Head’s path of retreat and also burned his left arm.

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