Chapter 209 – Giant Waterbelly Anaconda

A fruitless search? Or…

After the Wu Family Head left, the remaining five all stopped working.

Within the Wu Estate.

Wu Ying Xue was initially arranging and performing a stocktake of the food supplies of the Wu Estate, but a person covered in blood appeared in front of her vision and made her stop what she was doing.

“Uncle Wu, you are saying that my father and the rest have been obstructed by Yi Family Head?”

“Young Miss, we need to quickly rescue the Family Head. The Yi Family has brought up many forces this time, the consequence will be unimaginable if we are too late.”

“I understand, I will quickly gather the men.”

Wu Ying Xue was flustered.

However, Wu Ying Xue did not gather the men but went to look for Yang Tian. Except for the Wu Family Head, the rest of the metahumans within the Wu Family were only Mid Rank 3, while the Yi Family has several High Rank 3 metahumans. If they really bring their forces to perform a rescue, they would likely suffer significant casualties.

“Okay, I am also interested in the strength of the Yi Family.” Yang Tian agreed easily.

Seeing Yang Tian accepting her request so quickly, Wu Ying Xue was slightly surprised. Within Wu Ying Xue’s eyes, Yang Tian was a self-centered person, she has been wondering what sort of compensation she needs to use to convince Yang Tian but it looks like it was not required for now.

“Ok… I will organize a party…”

“No need, just the two of us will be enough.”

This was not arrogance but confidence.

Early Rank 3 Martialist with Venom Form has risen Yang Tian’s close combat fighting power to High Rank 3. Moreover, Yang Tian had his four tamed beasts, Yang Tian was confident of leaving safely even if the entire Yi Family’s forces were to come out.

Yang Tian rode on Dark Crimson Fire Wolf with Wu Ying Xue and left the Wu Family. The other three tamed beasts all closely followed.

“Uncle Wu…”

Wu Ying Xue did not know what to say, the bloodied Uncle Wu was still waiting for Wu Ying Xue’s orders inside the estate.

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Dark Crimson Fire Wolf was moving very quickly, much faster than the other three tamed beasts. Although it was only Early Rank 3, its movement speed could match a Peak Rank 3 beasts.

“Crap, I forgot to ask the location from Uncle Wu.” Wu Ying Xue exclaimed.

“No problem, I know where it is.” Yang Tian calmly replied.

Although Yang Tian had neutralized the Undead Magic on the Wu Family Head, a trace of the magic from that time was still within his body. Yang Tian was able to determine the location of the Wu Family Head through that energy.

“Its North-West.”

Yang Tian gave the direction to Dark Crimson Fire Wolf, the latter adjusted its course and ran forward.

As they approached, the closer they were to their destination, the louder and clearer were the sounds of battle.


Sizzle Sizzle

The sound of fire and water collide.

Upfront was certainly the battlefield between the Wu Family and Yi Family. Yang Tian recognized the huge flames to be the Fire Dragon Form of the Wu Family Head. As for the water in the form of a giant anaconda should belong to the Yi Family Head.

He was also a Peak Rank 3 metahuman, High-Grade Beast-Type Giant Waterbelly Anaconda. It was slightly weaker than the Fire Dragon Warrior. Even though Wu Family Head’s Fire Dragon was the lowest grade amongst the dragon race, it was still a dragon. The power of suppression that dragons have on other creatures still applied to Yi Family Head.

However, Yi Family Head relied on his elemental advantage to fight Wu Family Head to a standstill.

On the other side of the battlefield, was the captured Xu Kun and the Rank 1 metahuman. The Rank 1 metahumans were tied using ordinary ropes while the tendon of the Armored Red Wyrm Worm was used to tie Xu Kun. The Wu Family Head specially used the tendon to tie Xu Kun as he was worried that ordinary ropes could not hold the latter properly.

Xu Kun was currently already awake and was thinking a way to escape.

Yang Tian had already arrived at the edges of the battlefield, the other three tamed beasts have also arrived.

“Yin Energy” Yang Tian ordered the Three-Headed Yin Insect


A cold Yin Energy shot towards the Yi Family Head from the Three-Headed Yin Insect’s mouth.

The Yi Family Head suddenly felt his soul shake while fighting the Wu Family Head, he immediately stopped his next attack on the latter.

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The Yi Family Head managed to avoid the attack in time, but one of his subordinates was struck by the Yin Energy.

Ice quickly spread and covered the metahuman struck by the Yin Energy, and emitted chilling energy different from the Ice Attribute; it was one like the coldness of the soul.

After Yi Family Head avoided the attack, he also noticed Yang Tian’s group.

A man and woman with four strange yet powerful creatures.

Yi Family Head did not recognize them, but the expression of Wu Family Head was filled with delight.

“From the Wu Family?”

Yi Family Head’s expression turned slightly ugly, if they were members of the Wu Family, this battle would become much more troublesome. The Yi Family Head felt danger coming from the Three-Headed Yin Insect and T-Rex, he had brought along three High Rank 3 metahumans with him, they were also the reason he was confident of holding down the Wu Family Head. Now that Yang Tian’s party has appeared, it dramatically weakened that confidence.

Except for Uncle Wu who escaped, the metahumans of the Yi Family had already restrained the Early Rank 3 metahumans that the Wu Family Head had brought along, only the Wu Family Head was left and still resisting.

The Yi Family had brought fifteen metahumans, three High Rank 3s while the rest were Early Rank 3. The Yi Family did not dare to mobilize all their forces, but the forces that the Yi Family Head brought along was enough to capture the Wu Family Head if Yang Tian had not appeared.

Now that the situation has changed.

“Show me what you can do!”

Yang Tian released Venom, a black monster appeared in the Yi Family Head’s vision.

Yang Tian has been looking for someone to test his fighting power after learning Lion Roar Art.

Turning his arms into blades, Yang Tian arrived in front of the Yi Family Head in a leap. The inner energy of Lion Roar Art was extremely domineering, when injected into the black blades, it caused the black blades to emit an oppressive aura.

“Leave him to me.”


Wu Family Head agreed and left Yi Family Head to Yang Tian, while he went to attack the other metahumans under the Yi Family. The four tamed beasts and Wu Ying Xue went to attack the High Rank 3 metahumans of Yi Family.

“Consider yourself unlucky.”


Yi Family Head coldly snorted, his Giant Waterbelly Anaconda ability did not only possess the Water Attribute but also the Poison Attribute. The Giant Waterbelly Anaconda’s poison was a form of lethal neurotoxin.

Yang Tian needs to be careful of the Giant Waterbelly Anaconda’s poison as well.

Emerald green scales covered the body of Yi Family Head that indicated he also possessed relatively high defense power.

Yang Tian jumped and hacks his blades down towards Yi Family Head.

Yi Family Head immediately controlled the water elements in the air to form a water barrier around him.

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