Chapter 208 – Capture

“He… he killed my classmate!”

The three boys spoke with unclear articulation. Had they knew they might die, they would never have dared to rob food from the girls.

Brother Kun looked at Tang Fei and asked with doubt:

“Little Fei, how did you do that?”

This was undoubtedly an injury produced by an explosion, and he had also heard an explosion earlier as well.

“May… maybe my ability evolved! I felt something just now.”

To avoid unnecessary troubles, Tang Fei quickly thought of an explanation.

“Oh? So that’s the case! If it’s like that, everyone spread out!!” 

After Brother Kun said that, he turned and returned to the storeroom to rest, treating as though nothing had happened.

After Brother Kun returned, the other five Rank 2 metahuman glanced at Tang Fei before dejectedly left.

The five of them thought Tang Fei encountered trouble and came over to check his situation. The had witnessed the explosion earlier and believed that they would not have survived the blast if it was aimed at them.

After they left, Tang Fei sat on the ground and pondered how he created that explosion.

“Is it that fruit?”

Tang Fei felt a mysterious feeling after eating the Devil Fruit, but the feeling quickly disappeared. That was why Tang Fei did not think much of it. Now that he thought back, it seemed like it was related.

“Thank you for earlier.”

Awhile later, Little Ke and her friends approached Tang Fei to express their thanks. The three boys have become much more honest, not even daring to look at Tang Fei or the girls.

“No problem, about that fruit you gave me earlier…”

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Before Tang Fei could finish speaking, several Rank 1 metahumans shouted:

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“There’s trouble!!”

Brother Kun immediately ran out, the warning must have happened for a reason.

“What happened?”

“Family… no, the people from the Wu Estate had caught up to us, they are now outside.”

“What! Everyone prepare for battle!”

Brother Kun’s expression sunk, he did not expect Wu Family Head to have caught up so fast.

Li Li and Tang Fei quickly stood beside Brother Kun, they know how strong the Wu Estate was, this battle would not be easy.

“Later, create a ruckus to attract the Yi Family forces so that we could have a chance to escape.”

Brother Kun quickly made the plan.

The metahumans of the Wu Family were now in front of Brother Kun, leading them and standing in front was the Wu Family Head.

“Don’t forget, all of you are members of my Wu Family. If you are willing to surrender, I will not pursue this matter.”

Against these metahumans, he could just send two Early Rank 3s to massacre them, but they were still his forces; Wu Family Head did not wish for any unnecessary sacrifices.

“Do not forget, the Wu Family still has that death god, you will likely become T-Rex food if you return.”

When Brother Kun saw that some of the metahumans were starting to sway, he immediately shouted. The death god mentioned was naturally Yang Tian, that incident where Yang Tian handfed metahumans to the T-Rex had cast an enormous shadow in their hearts

“Correct! Brothers, we might not even live if we return.”

“We need to fight!”

“Yes, this is the only way that we can continue living!”

The Rank 1 metahumans’ reaction caused the expression of Wu Family Head to darken.

“Since all of you want to die, I will grant your wish.”

Wu Family Head sent three Rank 3 metahumans to kill the Rank 1 metahumans.

The remaining nine Early Rank 3s charged at Brother Kun trio.

Brother Kun was a Mid Rank 3 metahuman, handling three Early Rank 3 was still manageable for him, but Li Li’s situation was not as good; she was forced to repeatedly retreat with a large bloody gash appeared on her leg.

Tang Fei had opened the Pop-Pop Fruit’s ability, plus his Mid-Grade Beast ability, he might not be able to achieve an upper hand against the combined attack of three Early Rank 3s, but he was not in danger as well.

On the contrary, Tang Fei’s explosion ability forced his opponents to act cautiously.

Wu Family Head was surprised by Tang Fei’s fighting power, but he wants to deal with Brother Kun first.

“Xu Kun, I believe I had not mistreated you, yet you betray me. So don’t blame me now.”

Wu Family Head released his Fire Dragon Form, the pressure of a High-Grade Beast gave Xu Kun enormous pressure. Dragons possessed an innate suppression on other creatures, it was the same for meta-abilities. Especially Tang Fei’s Mid-Grade Violet Scale Lizard, the sudden pressure nearly caused him to be caught by the attacks of the Early Rank 3 metahumans.

Xu Kun was a Mid Rank 3 Ice Mage.

Wu Family Head’s Fire Dragon Form could completely suppress his ice, the moment Wu Family Head charged towards him, the ice elements around Xu Kun were showing signs of melting.

“Not good.”

Xu Kun’s expression changed, his body was unable to avoid the ferocious attack of the Wu Family Head.

Wu Family Head gathered a three-meter wide fireball and smashed it onto Xu Kun’s chest. The flames released in Fire Dragon had reached 230℃, one must note that Wu Family Head’s flames were ordinary fire.


Xu Kun was sent flying by the attack, at least a dozen bones within his body shattered while more than half of his skin has been burned.

“I give you one chance for you to give me an explanation when we return.”

It was evident that Wu Family Head had stayed his hand, Xu Kun was still a Mid Rank 3 fighting power, he was unwilling to kill him just like that.

Seeing that their leader has been defeated, the other metahumans gave up on struggling and surrendered. Li Li also gave up, allowing them to tie her up.

The only one that was still resisting was Tang Fei alone.

“I will not return with you!”

Two shiny crystals appeared in Tang Fei’s hand as he shattered them in front of everyone.


A blinding light shot out with Tang Fei as its center, forcing everyone to close their eyes.

“Not good!”

When the flash subsided, Tang Fei had disappeared as well. Gone along with him was Li Li, and… the three female students as well.

Wu Family Head could not find any traces of them, it was as though they have vanished into thin air.

“The five of you remain here and continue to search.”

Wu Family Head left five Early Rank 3 metahumans while himself and the remaining seven Rank 3s would bring Wu Kun and the other captives back.

The five Early Rank 3s continued to search for half a day with no results. Li Li’s thigh had received a severe injury and could not have run far.

“Where did Tang Fei that brat ran to? He even took Li Li, that bitch with him.”

“Sigh! Little Fei is an honest kid, why did he become a traitor?”

“It must have been the Xu Kun couple misguiding him.”

They have spent some time with Tang Fei and had a good impression of Tang Fei. In the post-apocalyptic era, anyone who can maintain their sense of justice would always attract the attention of others.

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