Chapter 207 – Pop-Pop Fruit

Brother Kun and Li Li entered a storeroom within the supermarket to rest.

The others rested within the supermarket. Some of the Rank 2 metahumans within the team revealed lewd smiles when they looked at the female students. They quietly approached the three girls.

“Come have fun with this daddy.”

A total of five Rank 2 metahumans have surrounded the three girls and started tearing away their clothes.

“Ahh… ah, go away!”

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The three girls wanted to escape, but how are they going to be able to resist Rank 2 metahumans? In a few seconds, nothing covered their bodies.

Their helpless gazes happen to land on the four cowardly boys, but the four boys only avoided the girls’ gazes.

In the eyes of the girls, the actions of these cowardly boys seemed as though they were ridiculing them.


A Rank 2 metahuman was sent flying five meters with a kick.

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It was Little Fei.

“Tang Fei, what are you doing?” the other four Rank 2 metahuman said angrily.


Little Fei used actions to tell them what he wants to do.

Early Rank 3 Close Combat Metahuman, Mid-Grade Beast Violet Scale Lizard.

Only Low-Grade beast-type abilities would cause the metahuman to remain in beast form, metahumans with Mid-Grade Beast abilities onwards could shift between human and beast forms.

Purple scales covered Tang Fei’s body, even his head was covered in scales. A two-meter long tail and black claws grew out as well.


The four Rank 2 metahumans were obviously afraid, there was a large gap between them and Tang Fei.

The four of them knew that they were not Tang Fei’s match, but with Brother Kun around, they had previously believed that Tang Fei would not really harm them. They walked passed Tang Fei unwillingly but was pushed onto the ground by Tang Fei.

“Tang Fei, are you really planning to kill us?”

“Kill you? Keke, I want your clothes.”

Tang Fei stretched out his hand to strip them, one of them tried to stop him but was knocked unconscious by Tang Fei with a slap, the other three seeing became obedient.

“Do you three want me to do it or are you doing it yourselves?”

The other three took off their clothes in anger.

Tang Fei deactivated his beast form and threw the clothes over the naked girls. Having clothes to cover their bodies brought light back into the dull eyes of the girls.

“Thank you.”

Tang Fei did not interact with them and simply went to a corner to rest. The Rank 2 metahuman that was sent flying by Tang Fei had also crept away.

The five of them were currently complaining to Brother Kun.

“You five are too unbridled, all of you should know clearly how Tang Fei is like, yet you dare to do such things in front of him?”

Within the Wu Estate, Tang Was was well known for his strong sense of justice. They assumed that Tang Fei would not bother them since they were still escaping; they had not expected Tang Fei to still take action.

“But he still took things too far, and even took away our clothes.”

“That’s because you guys are reckless.”

Seeing that they were unable to get anything out from Brother Kun.

After the five of them left, Li Li spoke:

“With Little Fei’s character, it will not be good if he continues to follow us.”

“We have no choice as well, you know his strength. We can still let him be if its small matters, but he cannot blame me if it is a serious matter.”

“Let’s hope so.”

Tang Fei naturally knew that they would complain to Brother Kun, but he was not afraid and continued to absorb the Rank 2 energy crystal to recover his energy.

The three girls wore the clothes given to them and were sitting at their previous location.

“Xiao Ke, are you hungry?”

“Of course, but I can only endure it for now.”

“He seems to treat us pretty well, why not you ask him for so food?”

The three girls discussed softly, the girl in the middle called Xiao Ke was also the prettiest amongst them.

“But he just helped us and we still asked him for food. This does not seem right.”

“Then let us trade with him, didn’t we picked up a strange fruit?”

“But we did not know if that fruit is edible or not, would it harm him if we traded it?”

“Aiya, if you are not going, we will starve to death.”


Xiao Ke approached Tang Fei nervously.

“Thank you for helping us just now.”


Tang Fei gave a simple reply. This made Xiao Ke embarrassed, but after looking at her sisters behind her, she gritted her teeth and said:

“We wish to trade this fruit for some food from you.

“You guys are hungry?”

Tang Fei looked at Xiao Ke and the two girls behind her.

“This is for you.”

Tang Fei gave a piece of bread to Xiao Ke but did not take the strange fruit from her. If Yang Tian were present, he would have identified that it was a Devil Fruit in Xiao Ke’s hand.

“This is for you, treat it as a transaction between us.”

Xiao Ke stuffed the Devil Fruit into Tang Fei’s hand. Tang Fei looked at this strange food and wondered if it was edible, he took a small bite.

Tang Fei believes that even if the fruit contains poison, his physique as an Early Rank 3 metahuman should be able to handle it.

“So bitter.”

The fruit was indeed very bitter, but Tang Fei also noticed that the fruit was not poisonous. Not wanting to waste the food, Tang Fei ate the whole fruit.

“I got it.”

Xiao Ke split the bread into three portions and shared it equally with the other girls. Seeing that the girls have food, the four boys touched their stomachs, they were also hungry.

“Xiao Xin, can you give us some as well?”

The girl, Xiao Xin, gave a disgusted look at the boy that asked for food before turning her head away and ignored him.

Although they know that it would not go well, they were hungry and thought of robbing the food.

“Hey, what are you guys doing!”

Xiao Xin shouted and attracted Tang Fei’s attention.

“F***, all you can do is bully them?”

Tang Fei was furious, he punched the boy without holding back.


Tang Fei’s fist suddenly exploded and sent the boy flying ten meters away with a blast injury on his chest. On the other hand, Tang Fei’s fist was fine.

Tang Fei looked at his fist in shock, he did not know when he came so powerful.

The explosion had attracted everyone’s attention, including Brother Kun and his wife.

“Mur… murder!”

The remaining boys were also affected by the blast, but they only suffered minor injuries, they were terrified as they looked at the classmate who had died.

Xiao Ke and her friends were also ghastly pale.

“What happened?”

Brother Kun went to the dead boy and looked curiously at the injury on his chest.

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