Chapter 206 – Escape

The Wu Estate had at least a thousand ordinary people becoming Rank 1 metahumans, the Wu Family Head had no choice but to send ten Early Rank 3s and five Mid Rank 3s to manage them.

With power landing into the hands of the five Mid Rank 3 metahumans, they have tasted the power of being someone in a high position. That was why when Wu Ying Xue approached them and ordered them as their superior, they developed an intent to resist.

Why must this daddy listen to you?

When Wu Ying Xue came to them to dispatch metahuman teams, their first thought was to object. After they managed to drive away Wu Ying Xue, their minds started to plan.

Wu Ying Xue had no choice but to report this to Wu Family Head. When the latter knew about this, he went into a rage.


Wu Family Head gathered all the Rank 3 metahumans under him and went to teach them a lesson while taking back the authority from them. However, there were still a few teams that managed to escape the control of the Wu Family.

“Niu Cheng, bring five teams and suppress the earlier matter with Ying Xue.”

Those ordinary humans were still causing trouble and has to be suppressed. While the Wu Family Head himself brought three Mid Rank 3 metahumans to chase after the teams that ran away.

A total of one hundred Rank 1 metahumans, ten Rank 2 metahumans, two Early Rank 3 metahumans and their leader, a Mid Rank 3 metahuman.

“Brother Kun, can we really escape?”

The man called Brother Kun displayed a depressed expression. He had only wanted to leave the Wu Family but did not consider what to do next, he was clueless at the moment.

“Little Fei, where should we go now?”

“This is to be the boundary to the Yi Family, but there seems to be no one around here.”

The young man called Little Fei has Early Rank 3 strength, the other Early Rank 3 was a girl named Li Li, she was the wife of Brother Kun.

“Do you have the food?”

“Yes, it is all in the storage bracelet of Older Brother’s Wife.” 

“Good, let us take a rest in front.”

In front of them was a tattered supermarket, they have been running for nearly four hours, some of the Rank 1 metahumans were complaining about fatigue.

On Li Li ‘s left hand was a blue storage bracelet, it glowed for a moment before a box of bread, and several bottles of mineral water appeared on the ground.

The three of them first took a share before calling the rest of the Rank 2s over.

“You guys issue these to the rest.”


Before they issue the food, they would naturally take would first take their share as well.

“Brother Kun, do you think the Family Head will chase after us?”

“This is the Yi Family’s territory, would he dare to come in?”

“The situation is different now, the Yi Family might not be bothered.”


Brother Kun could not help but feel annoyed after Little Fei’s reminder.

If he knew this would happen, he would not have listened to the incitement of those guys. Although they managed to run out, it would be terrible if they were captured.

“Li, tell us, what should we do?” Brother Kun turned to Li Li beside and asked.

“What else? We can only take one step at a time. I told you not to rush things, yet you said that this is a godsend opportunity, now you remember about me when it becomes troublesome?”

Brother Kun was fat and looked ordinary, while Li Li might not be a beauty, but was certainly above average. Little Fei did not understand why Li Li would like a person like Brother Kun?

(Cuppa: Young man, you forgot that a man’s ‘package’ can also attract women.)

“Sigh, I should have listened to you.”

Brother Kun slapped his face, causing his cheek to jiggle for a while. As he spoke, Brother Kun ate all the bread in front of him as well, not even a single crumb escaped.


The sound of knocking was heard underneath a battered fridge.

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“Who is it?” Brother Kun shouted.

Brother kicked the fridge away to discover a male and female hiding underneath.

From their tattered clothes, they should be students.

“Brother Kun, there’s more here.”

Little Fei saw a few more students hiding within some gaps. Adding the first two, there was a total of seven students, four males, three females.

Looking at their fearful faces, Brother Kun’s eyes changed.

“Little Fei, you are also a student, right!”

“Yes, Brother Kun, why?”

“Do you want to play?”

Brother Kun pointed at the three girls with a strange face.

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When the three girls heard Brother Kun, their faces instantly went pale and grabbed the boys for security. Unfortunately, the boys only shrunk back under the current pressure, not daring to do anything for the girls.

The three girls turned even paler.


The boys said that they would protect them earlier, yet everything was fake, they only said that to be able to satisfy their desires.


When Little Fei saw the actions of the four, he could not help but kick them.

“Little Fei, I told you before. Students that are willing to discard their lives to protect others do not exist. This is the truth.”

“They are not worthy of being called students.”

Little Fei said decisively. A figure was always present in Little Fei’s heart that gave him the belief that there is still light within the Post-Apocalyptic Era.

“You can say anything you want.” Brother Kun shrugged.

Brother Kun wanted to teach Little Fei the ugly side of humanity in the post-apocalyptic world, but Little Fei would always avoid the topic when they spoke about it. Today, Brother Kun wanted to show Little Fei the truth, but Little Fei’s tone made Brother Kun frown.

“Silly kid, when did Brother Kun ever harmed you?”

Li Li came up to reconcile the situation.

To be accurate, both parties were not wrong. Brother Kun had experienced the cruelty of the Post-Apocalyptic Era and clearly understood its rules. While Little Fei has a strong faith in his heart that made him believe that there is still light within the Post-Apocalyptic World, this was also what he was fighting for. 

A big reason why Little Fei decided to leave the Wu Estate with the couple was because of Yang Tian. Yang Tian’s dark side made Little Fei feel terrified.

“Sister-in-law, Brother Kun, please do not talk about this topic with me, I will not change myself.”

Little Fei’s action caused the two of them to be dissatisfied, but they needed Little Fei’s Early Rank 3 fighting power, it was not the time to fall out with him.

“All of you scram to a corner.”

The seven students felt a sense of relief when they heard him. They headed to a corner within the supermarket but this time, the girls and boys were separated, their relationship completely soured.

Moreover, Brother Kun did not have any intention of letting them leave this place.

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