Chapter 205 – Undead?

Yang Tian naturally did not know about Wu Cheng Fei’s current state of mind. After leaving the Wu Cheng Fei, he soon encountered Wu Family Head, who had just left seclusion.

The healing effects of the bug tendons had helped healed most of the external injuries of Wu Family Head.

“May I ask where Wu Family Head is heading?”

“I plan to gather all the metahumans within the Wu Family Territory.”

Wu Family Head gritted his teeth as he spoke, he had found out that many metahumans had left the Wu Family to become independent.

Brother Powerless trio was located within the Yi Family’s territory, if the Wu Family started taking action, the Yi Family would likely follow suit.

“Then, I shall not disturb you.”


Wu Family Head nodded and headed towards the main hall of the Wu Estate.

Yang Tian returned to his room and sat in the lotus position with his eyes closed.

After resting for the rest of the day, Yang Tian managed to adjust his condition to its peak. It was currently night and there were bloodstains on Wu Family Head and twelve Early Rank 3 metahumans, but the blood did not belong to them.

“Those bastards were so sly, I should have killed them when I had the chance.”

“Why bother saying so much?”

“Stop arguing, how long could they survive with their level?”

Wu Family Head’s expression was ugly, he had underestimated the metahumans that were unwilling to come to the Wu Estate. Those metahumans have formed gangs and established a pretty powerful force; just Wu Family Head and the twelve Early Rank 3s were not enough to bring them down.

Whenever one of the gangs was attacked, the others would come and help, this caused the Wu Family Head to develop a headache.

Within A City, Yi Family and Liu Family were also experiencing similar situations like the Wu Family, but the Central District was the most chaotic. Except for the Peak Monster Hunting Groups, the various organizations, Monster Hunting Groups could only be described as a mess. A High-Rank Monster Hunting Group might split up into several Mid-Rank Monster Hunting Groups or Low-Rank Monster Hunting Groups. In a single area, there might be over a hundred different groups.

And the reason that caused this situation was food. The distribution of food caused cracks to appear within various Monster Hunting Groups, with the added pressure of the Insect Wave, the groups had instantly collapsed.

The ones who were doing well were still the Wang Family; when the others were fighting against the Insect Wave, the Wang Family was able to send out forces to rally up the metahumans within their territory and that prevented them from becoming independent. That was why there were no other organizations formed within the Wang Family’s Territory as everything was under the Wang Family control.

When Uncle Niu saw Wu Family Head returned, he approached them with Wu Ying Xue. Ever since Yang Tian used Barabaric Taming on Uncle Niu, the status of the Wu Family Head in the latter’s heart was becoming more and more blurred, while Yang Tian’s position in Uncle Niu’s heart was slowly replacing Wu Family Head’s.

“Father, how is the situation?”

Wu Ying Xue had a rough guess from their expressions but still asked.

“Young Lady, a few Mid Rank 3 metahumans were amongst those traitors, it has exceeded our expectations.”

“What?” Wu Ying Xie was surprised.

She had always thought that there would at most be Early Rank 3 metahumans, with her father’s Peak Rank 3 fighting power, there should not be any problems. However, it looks like the organizations within the Wu Family’s territory had exceeded her estimates.

The Early Rank 3 metahuman continued to report the situation to Wu Ying Xue. Wu Ying Xue got even more shock when she heard from him, to think that the organizations within the Wu Family’s territory have matured.

Plus it was currently a dangerous period, the Wu Family did not have any extra fighting power to spare. They must have dared to resist the Wu Family openly because they were grabbing hold of this point. Moreover, after the Insect Wave, who can guarantee that the Wu Family could maintain their current power?

“What are we going to do?” Wu Ying Xue said.

“Why not we gather all the Rank 3 metahumans and wipe them out in one sweep.”

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Wu Family Head rejected that idea, he knew that the Insect Wave has not ended yet and many powerful insects have remained hidden. If they started a war, they would still suffer heavy losses even if the Wu Family succeeds. When that happens, how much strength will they have remaining to resist the insects?

Compared to dying under the jaws of insects, the Wu Family Head would prefer to maintain the current situation instead.

“The twelve of you should go and rest first, we will discuss this later.”


Since the Wu Family Head has spoken, they have nothing else to say and left.

However, not long after they left, a pulse appeared in the sky again. This situation was very similar to when the Insect Wave first started.

Another wormhole that looked like the Insect World’s wormhole appeared in Earth’s atmosphere. However, the energy coming from it was very different.

If the energy emitted from the Insect World’s wormhole was filled with cruelty, the energy coming from the new wormhole was cold and evil.

A wormhole connected to the Abyss World.

Different from when the insects arrived, the instant the Abyss World Wormhole appeared, everywhere around the world felt a short pulse.

The moment the pulse ended, undead creatures appeared on Earth.

Fortunately, these undead creatures were not very powerful.

Rank 1 Skeleton Soldier

Rank 1 Zombie

Rank 1 Ghost


The humans were initially terrified of these new enemies, but they soon discovered that these enemies were weak. The situation became similar to the Carat Dwarves, just that undead creatures do not drop items.

After killing a Rank 1 undead creature, the Inheritance Light of that undead creature might appear if you are lucky. However, being only Rank 1, the person who absorbs it would forever have their potential stuck at Rank 1. You could only promote if you managed to absorb the same Inheritance Light but of higher rank.

Against these unfamiliar Inheritance Lights, humans naturally did not know what were its effects. However, the intelligence and underhanded methods of humanity soon allowed them to discover the purpose of the Inheritance Lights. That was why many people started hunting these undead creatures to acquire Inheritance Light.

With Inheritance Lights, ordinary people could now become metahumans as well, this undoubtedly will significantly increase the fighting power of humanity. Moreover, it felt as though the Abyss World was doing this intentionally as the undead creatures that were sent to Earth were all Rank 1, not even a single Rank 2 undead creature could be found.

During this period, the insects seem to have disappeared as well, only undead creatures entered the vision of humanity.

“It finally arrived.”

Yang Tian looked at the sky, looking as though he wanted to look past Earth’s atmosphere and see the Abyss Wormhole beyond it.

The arrival of these undead creatures was considered as a form of replenishment for humanity, allowing ordinary humans to obtain abilities. However, at the same time that the Abyss opened, the corpses of countless metahumans that died around the world have also disappeared. However, no one took note of where the bodies that vanished went to; only some metahumans have noticed that something was not right.

The various organizations within A City had obtained a sharp increase in fighting power, many Rank 1 metahumans have joined their ranks and significantly increased their scale.

During this time, the advantage of having high ordinary human numbers have displayed their worth. Many organizations did not accept ordinary humans into their ranks, that was why they were unable to benefit much from the Inheritance Lights.

The advantage manifested within the Four Great Families as they have a large number of ordinary humans under them. Moreover, the Four Great Families had a strong foundation, allowing them to hunt and obtain a large variety of Inheritance Lights to establish relatively powerful metahuman teams.

“Don’t you want to try your luck?”

“It is just some normal Inheritance Lights, do you think I will be interested?”

Yang Tian could just take the abilities from powerful metahumans, the Rank 1 Inheritance Lights is only useful for ordinary people. Even if energy crystals were given to them, they would still be unable to promote and reach Rank 2.

There was a qualitative difference between people who naturally awakened their abilities and those who used external methods.

“You might never know, there might be rare abilities amongst the Rank 1 Inheritance Lights.”


The odds of that happening was akin to the lottery. If the person were Sky Hegemon Blade Sage, Yang Tian would believe that there could be a possibility. However, Yang Tian knew well that he was not a person with great luck.

Yang Tian looked at the people running about within the Wu Estat, they were all heading out to hunt undead creatures. However, is it really a good thing to expand your organization?

With the expansion of an organization, the demand for leaders would increase as well. The risk of a split would happen when the person in control held that position for too long and was unwilling to step down.

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However, there were relatively more ordinary people in the Wu Family, wanting to gather enough Inheritance Lights to turn them into metahumans would be a large project.

Within the Wu Estate, at least eighty percent of them were ordinary people. All of them would want to become metahumans, this would also create an opportunity for other organizations with no ordinary humans but large amounts of Inheritance Lights. They would be able to recruit ordinary humans from the Wu Estate.

Not only the Wu Estate, this situation applied to the other Great Families as well,

Five days later, the cold evil energy in the atmosphere disappeared. The Abyss World Wormhole had closed and it meant that no more undead creatures would be sent to Earth.

They could only wait for the next time the wormhole opens again, but will the undead creatures at that time be as easy to deal with? Will it still be Rank 1 Undead Creatures?

Only after hunting for two days did the organizations within A City noticed the decrease in undead creatures. However, there were still at least 60% of ordinary humans under them that have yet to become metahumans. This made them feel anxious and caused them to increase their rate of hunting.

Although the ordinary humans knew that by taking the Inheritance Light they would be bound to the organization, they were still willing to proceed as no one wants to remain as a helpless ordinary person with no ability to protect themselves. That was why when the ordinary humans knew that the undead creatures have disappeared, they started to boil.

“Father, the ordinary people are causing a ruckus.”

Within the Wu Estate, Wu Ying Xue quickly reported the situation.

The Wu Family Head had slowly recovered from his injuries over the past few days.

“What? They dare to cause trouble? Are they tired of living?”

Wu Family Head shattered the stone table with a slap as he spoke in anger.

“Bring five teams of metahumans over to control them.”


Wu Ying Xue quickly left with the order.

However, a problem happened with the dispatched teams.

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