Chapter 204 – Transfer

Sister Ting is a normal woman and has needs. Powerless could not satisfy her; later on, rumors started spreading that Sister Ting cuckold Brother Powerless. Everyone assumed that Brother Powerless would go into a rage, but he did not and continued to live a peaceful life with Sister Ting. No one knew what his real thoughts were.

Later on, the post-apocalyptic era arrived, Brother Powerless saved Yang Tian. At that time, Yang Tian was only an ordinary human that could not protect himself. The kind Brother Powerless ensured that Yang Tian did not go hungry and have a place to sleep, Yang Tian’s luck was much better as compared to others. Sister Ting’s needs only increased after she obtained her ability and her demands only became stronger. She often came to look for Yang Tian, but when the latter recalled how Brother Powerless kindly treated him, he resisted the temptation.

Maybe Brother Powerless found that Yang Tian was resisting Sister Ting’s seduction. He came to look for Yang Tian one night and started talking about himself to Yang Tian. The conversation went through the entire night, it was also at that time that Yang Tian learned everything about Brother Powerless.

Yang Tian did not know why Brother Powerless told him all those stuff, but Yang Tian believed that under that honest face of Brother Powerless lied tremendous stress and pressure.

Up till today, Brother Powerless still did not tell Yang Tian his real name.

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In this life, Yang Tian did not encounter Brother Powerless and Sister Ting by themselves but they were together with the retired military man, Xiao Zhang, instead.

Today, when Yang Tian used Mental Examine inside the warehouse, he noticed some small actions between Xiao Zhang and Sister Ting. These actions allowed Yang Tian to know of their secret. Brother Powerless was near them and undoubtedly knew what they were doing, but he did not point it out.

At that time, Yang Tian had the urge to kill Xiao Zhang, but Yang Tian managed to suppress his urge to kill after kicking down the door.

“That Brother Powerless you met, he is hiding something in his body.” Violent Corpse Worm Queen suddenly said.

“I know.”

Yang Tian certainly knows that Brother Powerless has secrets, but Yang Tian did not probe.

“There is an unhackneyed Dark Power in his body, there is an 80% chance that the Dark Power is still hidden and dormant, don’t you want to…”

As Yang Tian was only an ordinary man in his previous life, he naturally was unable to discover the dormant Power of Darkness inside Brother Powerless. However, Yang Tian could clearly sense the Power of Darkness within Brother Powerless. That Power of Darkness would undoubtedly be extremely terrifying if it becomes fully active.

“Let us talk about this after we return.”

Yang Tian definitely thirsts for the Power of Darkness, but he also has a bottom line.

They soon arrived at the Wu Estate, the place could be considered as peaceful. The ordinary people were still constructing temporary living quarters for themselves; after experiencing the Insect Wave, they understood that the Wu Metahumans would not take care of them when they were fighting, everything depends on themselves.

Therefore, they boosted the defenses of their temporary living quarters, wanting to increase their level of security as much as possible even if it was only a little.

Wu Ying Xue was currently interrogating the Rank 2 metahumans that she left alive. Yang Tian heard the sounds of screaming at the entrance of the interrogation room.

While Yang Tian was passing through the interrogation room, he saw Wu Cheng Fei doing push-ups nearby, it attracted Yang Tian’s interest.

“Cheng Fei, what are you doing?”

“I want to become stronger, I must become stronger to protect Elder Sister!”

Wu Cheng Fei’s small face was dripping sweat as he continues to train. However, could power be attained so easily in the post-apocalyptic era?

“This will not make you any much stronger.”

Yang Tian’s words caused Wu Cheng Fei to stop, he gave Yang Tian a helpless look.

“Elder Brother, do you have a method to make me stronger?”

“I have, but I have a condition.”

“As long as I can help Elder Brother, I will agree.” Wu Cheng Fei replied with a resolute face.

“I want to know where your golden tooth came from.”

Yang Tian was slightly interested in the golden tooth in Wu Cheng Fei’s mouth.

“I am not sure as well, but I have it since I was born. Dad even asked Sister Yu’er’s master about it, he said that my tooth was slightly different, but it was only an ordinary thing.”

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Wu Cheng Fei touched his head and said everything he knew.

Mi Yu Ni was unable to see through it as well? Yang Tian’s mental power was not strong enough to appraise it, but he knew that the golden tooth was not ordinary.

“Okay, since you have told me, Elder Brother will give you some help!”

Yang Tian took out two Rank 1 energy crystals and transferred the inner energy of Lion Roar into the crystals, turning the energy crystals into Rank 1 Inner Energy Crystals. As Yang Tian’s Lion Roar Inner Energy was too overbearing, Wu Cheng Fei’s body might not be able to handle it, the Rank 1 energy crystals would act as a medium to safely transfer the inner energy into Wu Cheng Fei’s body.

Yang Tian slowly pushed the inner energy into Wu Cheng Fei’s body.

“Your meridians are too poor, not suitable for martial arts!” Yang Tian immediately noticed the problem while transferring Inner Energy to Wu Cheng Fei’s body; the boy’s body was not suited for martial arts training.

However, since Yang Tian had promised Wu Cheng Fei, he could only continue sending inner energy into the boy and help him develop his meridians and become a Martialist. However, due to his mediocre talent, his future achievements would not be high.


A series of sounds rang within Wu Cheng Fei’s body, his meridians had been successfully developed, allowing him to become a Rank 1 Martialist. Yang Tian was worried that Wu Cheng Fei would not be able to improve his body further by himself, so he left another bundle of Lion Roar Inner Energy inside his body to help him train.

“Okay, how do you feel?”

Yang Tian looked at the shocked Wu Cheng Fei.

“What a nice feeling, I feel like I can protect Elder Sister now!”

Wu Cheng Fei tightened his small fists, this was the first time he has such a distinct sense of power.

“Then work hard from now on.”


Yang Tian patted Wu Cheng Fei’s head and left.

“Did you notice anything about his golden tooth?”

“I did not notice anything.”

Yang Tian had hoped that Violent Corpse Worm Queen could acquire something but looks like his hopes were dashed.

“You should think about how to leave A City! That Insect King I detected in that forest is not simple, the Insect Kings that could give me such pressure were only a handful in the Insect World.”

Violent Corpse Worm Queen was not exaggerating, the grade of the Violent Corpse Worm bloodline made it hard for them to feel pressured by most Insect Kings.

“It is indeed a pretty troublesome opponent, we need to be careful when the time comes.”

Yang Tian knew that the Violent Corpse Worm Queen’s words were not without reason, he did have a method to escape, just that the price was not cheap. Unless absolutely necessary, Yang Tian was not willing to pay a high price.

After Yang Tian left, Wu Cheng Fei tightened his fists, his eyes were unresigned. He noticed the short flash of disappointment on Yang Tian when Yang Tian discovered that Wu Cheng Fei was not suited to learn martial arts.

“I must become stronger.”

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