Chapter 203 – Brother Powerless

“Looks like not everyone has been gathered by the Four Great Families.”

Yang Tian saw several shadows within the apartments while traveling through the streets of A City. These were all pretty smart people as well, they know that following the Four Great Families would not guarantee their safety.

Yang Tian also saw various small groups of metahumans gathering at broken warehouses, and dirty supermarts to look for food. They should be fully aware that it was going to be impossible to find food in those places, but they still tried their luck.

These metahuman groups did not leave with the Four Great Families and their numbers were large, causing Yang Tian to encounter several along the way. Some were even fighting seriously just for a morsel of food.

“You guys be careful today.”

Yang Tian passed by a secluded warehouse and heard a weak voice coming from it. Yang Tian’s only goal had been the Wu Estate, but he had no choice but to stop now. That was because Yang Tian used Mental Examine and detected that there was food inside this warehouse.

There were three figures within the warehouse, two men and one woman, they were all metahumans. Along with them were a mutated hound and three Pit-Head Swines.

Yang Tian’s lips curled up.


He opened the metal door of the warehouse with a kick.


It was impossible to ignore Yang Tian’s domineering behavior, even metahumans several streets away could hear his kick.

The three of them were all Rank 2 metahumans, it was the same for the mutated hound and Pit-Head Swines.

One of the males and the female were a married couple, they were pig farmers before the post-apocalyptic era. When apocalypse descended, they obtained the ability to turn their body into metal, while the pigs they raised all mutated as well; fortunately, the three sows that mutated did not forget their masters, they also evolved into Pit-Head Swines that were much stronger than mutated common pigs. Due to the Pit-Head Swines, the couple was able to avoid being hurt. They also slowly understood that the current world was no longer the one they recognize, so they rode on their swines and left the pig farm.

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The other male was a retired military man, the mutated hound was a stray he picked up after he retired from the military and raised. After the descent of the apocalypse, the retired military man became a Low-Grade Beast-Type metahuman, Wind Wolf Warrior. The stray dog also mutated and accompanied the retired military man. He encountered the couple on his way to A City and decided to travel together.

After that, they worked together and acquire this warehouse that held quite an amount of food. The three of them have experienced life and death situations together and trust each other as well.

“Brother Powerless, long time no see.”

Yang Tian was very familiar with the couple in front of him. In his previous life, when Yang Tian was still an ordinary person, this couple had helped him and gave Yang Tian food, they also brought Yang Tian along with them, allowing him to live safely for a period. Although they encountered several battles during that time, they managed to protect Yang Tian from being hurt. After that, they wanted to leave F City, but Yang Tian was not willing to go, that was why they parted ways.

After Yang Tian became a Legendary Beast Tamer, he tried looking for them but with no results. He had not expected to meet them here.

“Do we know each other?”

The man referred to as Brother Powerless asked with a puzzled expression. He has no impression of this stranger in front of him, but from Yang Tian’s tone, they seem to know each other for a long time.

Yang Tian did not care whether this Brother Powerless was the same as the one in his previous life, being helped by them was the reality to him.

“I am Yang Tian, we met a long time ago.”

Yang Tian entered the warehouse, but it caused the other three to become extremely nervous. They saw Dark Crimson Fire Wolf behind Yang Tian and sense a lethal threat coming from it.

“Brother Powerless, Sister Ting, you have not introduced who he is?”

Yang Tian casually sat down, but the trio was still on high alert. They have seen many people who would do whatever it takes to acquire food in A City, but these people were all weak while Yang Tian was powerful. If he was interested in their food, there was no need for him to try to get close to them. 

“Do you really know us?” Sister Ting said unsurely.

“I knew both of you, but I do not know him.”

Yang Tian smiled. In his previous life, when he was down and weak, this couple was still willing to help him. Now that he met them today, a shred of warmth was produced in Yang Tian’s ice-cold heart.

Thud Thud

Yang Tian’s earlier action had attracted some minor characters, they were currently standing outside and eyeing the contents within the warehouse.

“Clean them up.” Yang Tian ordered Dark Crimson Fire Wolf.

Dark Crimson Fire Wolf immediately ran out of the warehouse after receiving his orders and a series of screams were heard before Dark Crimson Fire Wolf re-entered the warehouse. There was no living person outside the warehouse now, all of them have become corpses.

“I know that the two of you find it hard to believe it. If you ever encounter danger, you can look for me at the Wu Family’s estate.”

Seeing their alert expressions, Yang Tian did not say anything more. He simply took out some food from the Archaic Bronze Ring and gave them his Rank 2 Soft Bone Blade.

However, the door of their warehouse has been damaged by Yang Tian’s kick, he gave them an apology before leaving.

“Did we really know each other? The food he gave us was even more than the amount we had.”

“Sister Ting, Brother Powerless. If he really did not know you, he would not have given you food. I am sure you knew each other, just that you guys are unable to recall at the moment.”

Xiao Zhang, the retired military man, said. Only during the post-apocalyptic world, did people understand how precious is food. From Xiao Zhang’s perspective, Yang Tian giving the couple so much food showed that they should have had a good relationship.


Brother Powerless tried his best to recall, but he was unable to find such a person in his memories.

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Yang Tian knew that he got too excited earlier while on his way back to the Wu Estate. He left food for them to reduce their guard so that they would come and look for him at the Wu Estate when they required help. 

Moreover, Yang Tian had noticed that the retired military man and Sister Ting had some sort of relationship. This was not hard to see as well. The reason why Brother Powerless was called as such because he was born with an impediment in his lower body, making it weak and powerless. That was why the villagers in his village gave him the nickname: powerless. 

Brother Powerless was an honest man and naturally did not mind people calling him by that name. Eventually Brother Powerless slowly replaced his actual name, and when people asked him for his name, he would chuckle and reply ‘Powerless’. Later on, Brother Powerless managed to marry a beautiful woman, Sister Ting, yet no one could say if it was a good or bad thing.

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