Chapter 202 – Icebound City

The battle on the other side was also coming to end. With Brain-Eating Terror Hog and Dark Crimson Fire Wolf joining the fight, the Rank 2 metahumans were massacred. Wu Ying Xue also especially left a few alive to get some information.

Yang Tian called Brain-Eating Terror Hog over.

The three High Rank 3 metahumans were on their dying breath.

T-Rex had restricted their advantage of flight, the Fire Spirit Dove can move quickly but their physique was not very high. Yang Tian used the opportunity when they were dizzy after being struck by Dragon Roar, to launch a devastating blow.

It was only because they were High Rank 3 metahumans that they were still breathing now. Yang Tian called Brain-Eating Terror Hog over to devour their brain matter.

The brain matter of High Rank 3s was not easy to come by.

Brain-Eating Terror Hog did not hesitate and immediately shattered the skull of one of them, a red tongue slides into the skull and sucked away the brain matter within.

When this image was seen by the remaining two metahumans, terror covered their expressions, even if they were to die, they would still not want to die in this manner.

Death was not scary, what was scary is the process leading to death. Especially when they saw how their companion was ‘executed’, they felt even more terrified.


Before the second metahuman could finish speaking, Brain-Eating Terror Hog had shattered his skull, repeating the same scene.

“Wait! I have something to say.”

The third metahuman immediately shouted out, not giving Brain-Eating Terro Hog the chance to shatter his head.

“Oh? I am listening.”

“I am from the Wang Family, you must have heard of the Wang Family! The most powerful of the Four Great Families in A City.” The metahuman said. 

He wanted to use the reputation of the Wang Family to plea for a glimmer of hope, but Yang Tian’s expression was cold.

“Are you wasting my time?”

“No… no…”

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Yang Tian glanced at Brain-Eating Terror Hog, the latter got the meaning and shatter that metahuman’s skull with a stomp.

After eating the brain matters of three High Rank 3s, Brain-Eating Terror Hog became extremely spirited.

“Young Master, you killed him just like that?” Uncle Niu was at a loss.

He initially thought that Yang Tian was just frightening that guy, he did not expect Yang Tian to really kill him.

“Will anything he says be of any great use?”

The post-apocalyptic era would forever look at one’s abilities; in front of absolute power, all forms of scheming and plots would shatter. This rule would eventually be entirely displayed in the future.

After Brain-Eating Terror Hog sucked up all the brain matter, the corpses were burned to ashes by the Bone Bugfire.

After Wu Ying Xue ordered the cleaning up of the battlefield on their side, she stood in front of Yang Tian and Uncle Niu.

“Uncle Niu, I captured a few Rank 2 metahumans, I want information from them, I will leave this matter to you.”

“Okay, Young Mistress.”

Uncle Niu accepted the request, Wu Ying Xue had wanted to speak with Yang Tian, but the latter rode on Dark Crimson Fire Wolf and had left when she came over.

Yang Tian ordered Brain-Eating Terror Hog and the other two tamed beasts to remain in the Wu Estate, while he left the Wu Estate riding Dark Crimson Fire Wolf.

“Although the insects are all in hiding, the more they react like this, the more dangerous it will be when you encounter one.”

Yang Tian wanted to observe the wilderness region outside of A City, Violent Corpse Worm Queen reminded Yang Tian when it knew of his plan.

Only powerful insects would be patient enough to hide.

“I know.”

Yang Tian clearly understood Violent Corpse Worm Queen’s words. However, Yang Tian has to find out about the situation in the wilderness. If the region were relatively stable, he would return to Sky Halberd Domain as it was his own territory.

Yang Tian soon left A City.

Shortly after leaving A City, Yang Tian found a unique city.

The octagon-shaped city was giving off a cold aura as Yang Tian approaches.

Icebound City

Another Commander-Tier City.

This was the second Commander-Tier City that Yang Tian had encountered near A City. The cold energy he was feeling was likely related to the ability of this city.

Metahumans that lived in Icebound City for several years would have their ability developed towards the Ice Attribute. All creatures born within Icebound City would also possess the Ice Attribute without fail.

Standing above the city gates was a Mid Rank 3 metahuman, it should be the person responsible for guarding the entrance at the moment. When that metahuman detected an unfamiliar energy, it looked over and saw Yang Tian who was riding on Dark Crimson Fire Wolf.

Be it Dark Crimson Fire Wolf or Yang Tian, both of them were giving him tremendous pressure.

“Let’s leave.”

Seeing that he was discovered, Yang Tian did not have any intention to stay and moved away from Icebound City.

Other than such cities located outside A City, there was also a large area of desolate land, these places were initially where the highways and railroads were located… now nothing could be found. Beyond this desolate land was a dense forest. Yang Tian was unable to see through the woods to check what was within.

Mental Examine

Hmmm? Why is it not possible?

Yang Tian noticed that his mental power was unable to enter the area, it was completed blocked to him outside.

“There is a powerful Insect King in this forest. Better stop trying, or you will anger him.”

Violent Corpse Worm Queen was very sensitive towards other insects, it could detect terrifying energy coming from within the forest. At the same time, Yang Tian also sensed danger and stopped using Mental Examine.

“Let us return.”

Yang Tian patted Dark Crimson Fire Wolf’s head.

When Yang Tian first came to A City, he did not see such a lush forest, he believes it might be the work of the insects. An Insect King was hiding inside that forest, just the title of Insect King was enough to give Yang Tian tremendous pressure.

There would undoubtedly be other powerful insects within that forest, regardless of species, a King would not lack followers.

It was still impossible for Yang Tian’s current strength and tamed beasts to go through this forest. Yet this forest had surrounded A City without a visible path out. If Yang Tian wants to return to Sky Halberd Domain, he would have to come up with a plan.

Or maybe create a Spatial Passage, but Yang Tian was currently unable to do so.

The Insect Wave had destroyed all the guard posts located around A City, the metahumans guarding the guard posts have been summoned back by the Four Great Families.

However, the existence of this forest had also prevented others from coming to A City.

Yang Tian passed through the streets of A City, heading towards the Wu Estate.

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