Chapter 201 – Fire Spirit Dove

“Our food is within your storage, you can let us check your warehouse if you do not believe us.”

These three were obviously here to cause trouble. The Wu Estate’s warehouse was where all the food was gathered, how could they simply open it for them to check?

“Since you are unwilling to let us check, we will be forced to act.”

The three High Rank 3 metahumans were causing tremendous pressure for the Wu Estate, the Wu Family Head was currently heavily injured, else the three of them would not have the opportunity to be arrogant.

“Since you came to the Wu Estate to cause trouble, lets fight!”

A tough fight was inevitable.

Uncle Niu was confident about his abilities, even though he was facing against more powerful metahumans, Uncle Niu would not retreat. Moreover, Uncle Niu had noticed that Yang Tian was coming over as well.

Uncle Niu acted first. Savage Ox activated, significantly increasing Uncle Niu’s strength and defense, causing the High Rank 3 metahumans to feel some pressure from him.

“Young Mistress, I will hold the three of them and leave the rest of the metahumans to you people.”

Wu Ying Xue had initially wanted to assist Uncle Niu but was stopped by the latter. She was able to sense the powerful energy given off by Uncle Niu and had some unknown faith that he could block the three High Rank 3 metahumans.

Only the High Rank 3 metahumans were powerful, the rest were Rank 2 metahumans from Mid-Rank Monster Hunting Groups. After killing all the Rank 2 metahumans, the Wu Estate’s metahumans could gather together to make things difficult for the High Rank 3s.


Uncles Niu blocked an attack from a High Rank 3 metahuman and his astonishing defense had startled the three of them.

“What a powerful defense.”

“What shocking strength.”

They were finding it hard to believe that a Mid Rank 3 metahuman could block their attack, but the truth was being displayed in front of them.

“Let’s attack together.”

When the three High Rank 3s attacked at the same time, Uncle Niu felt pressured.

“Get rid of him quickly.”

A Mid Rank 3 being able to hold them down for so long had caused them to be impatient, they wanted to quickly settle this.

In their hearts, they were still fearful; although they knew that the Wu Family Head was seriously injured, they were clear that a Peak Rank 3 metahuman was not easy to handle.

“Too late.”

A cold voice resounded in their ears. The three of them followed the voice and saw a black monster.

Yang Tian was observing Uncle Niu’s defense earlier and confirmed that the Savage Ox possessed a defense comparable to a High Rank 3 after Barbaric Taming was used.

“What the hell is this thing?”

The three of them had never seen Yang Tian in Venom form, much less heard that such a character hiding within the Wu Estate.

After learning Lion Roar, Yang Tian’s aura contained a domineering intent with an intimidating effect that startled the High Rank 3s.

The overbearing inner energy of Lion Roar gathered on Yang Tian’s right fist as he smashed it towards one of the metahumans.

As the trio had placed all their attention on Uncle Niu, the metahuman under attack could only barely put his arms in front of his chest to block Yang Tian’s attack.


That High Rank 3 metahuman was sent flying away by Yang Tian, the arms that were used to block Yang Tian’s fist were bent.

The other two metahumans immediately gave up attacking Uncle Niu and went to the side of the metahuman sent flying.

“What a terrifying destructiveness.”

They saw the bent arms and they were startled that the force was powerful enough to cause the arms of a High Rank 3 to bend.

Moreover, the Rank 2 metahumans they brought with them were already having a bad time against the Wu Family’s metahumans. With Brain-Eating Terror Hog and Dark Crimson Fire Wolf joining the battle, the situation had become fully onesided.

Although those Rank 2 metahumans were just pawns and they were prepared for heavy casualties, it would be meaningless if they were unable to fulfill their purpose of holding back the enemies.

“This is different from what we were told, let us retreat first.”

When the three High Rank 3 metahumans saw the situation was getting out of hand, they planned to retreat. They were all flying beast-type close combat metahumans, Mid-Grade Beast Fire Spirit Dove.

They could rely on their flight capabilities to safely pull out from Wu Estate.


A huge T-Rex blocked their path of retreat. With a Dragon Roar, they dropped from the sky. Yang Tian was already preparing his next attack the moment they turned around to escape.

Bone Bugfire’s heat has reached 350℃, the three High Rank 3s sensed a scorching threat approaching them.

The three of them possessed a fire ability on top of their close combat beast ability, but their flames were only ordinary ones, it was not comparable to the incoming bugfire.

They unconsciously tried to use their flames to block the Bone Bugfire, but the moment their flames came into contact with the Bone Bugfire, it became an ignition for the latter instead.

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The ordinary flames were instantly swallowed by the Bone Bugfire, the Bone Bugfire followed the trail of ordinary flames and attached themselves to the three Rank 3 metahumans. On top of having a high temperature, the Bone Bugfire possessed a powerful corrosiveness trait as well.

“What the heck is this thing?”

The three of them started to panic as they were unable to get rid of Bone Bugfire, their feathers were beginning to burn as they sense their meta-energy being eaten away by the corrosiveness.

They were now in a debuffed state, it allowed Yang Tian’s attacks to achieve the same outcome with half the effort.

Yang Tian’s arms turned into blades and added his domineering inner energy onto the blades, increasing the blades’ destructiveness.

The twin blades slashed down, forcing the trio to defend by pulling a part of their meta-energy that they were using to resist the Bone Bugfire.

Only after combining their powers did they managed to block Yang Tian’s attack. However, they also exposed an opening.

“Chance!” Uncle Niu noticed that opening as well.

Savage Ox Strike 

The horns on Uncle Niu doubled in size, energy was covering the tip of the horns as well.


An ox cry reminded the trio that Uncle Niu was still around, they have experienced Uncle Niu’s astonishing defensive capabilities but has yet to witness his strength. Uncle Niu would let them feel it now.

The trio was blocking Yang Tian’s blades and resisting the Bone Bugfire on their body at the same time. They had no means to stop the approaching horns of Uncle Niu and could only watch.


The bull horns pierced through the ribs of all three metahumans, the first metahuman suffered the worst injuries as both his ribs were pierced through. Bone Bugfire drilled into their bodies through the newly created holes on them.

The Bone Bugfire was already very difficult to deal with when it was burning on the surface of their bodies; now that it has entered them, it has become a lethal strike.


They were tossed to one side by the bull horns, some of the Bone Bugfire got on the horns but was quickly extracted by Yang Tian.

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