Chapter 954 – Ran Away Again

Ji Mo Ya’s face sank and he walked away; looks like Little Yan placed the bell on her when she was not noticing.

Little Yan has likely played at running away again.

That lass was truly audacious!

Didn’t she say that she would never run away? Yet she ran away again.

Ji Mo Ya walked out of the crowd and went to a place with few people, “Mo Si!”

A person silently appeared behind him, “Here, Young Master!”

“Little Yan has not Magic Flying Equipment and should not be able to have gone far in her current condition. Bring the Feather Guards to search the area near the Holy City as well as within the city. Make sure to check the entry and leaving records at the city gate as well…”

“Yes, Young Master.”

Mo Si was also very anxious, Young Mistress running away this time seems to be much more severe than before.

Ji Mo Ya went back to the estate were Little Yan stayed at to look for hints, what was the lass playing again!

He went to Huan Qing Yan’s bed and saw several cards with pictures of small animals on it, there were bear, rabbit, pig, chicken… 

“What is this?” he asked He Lian Yuan.

He Lian Yuan was currently trembling in fear and wished to make amends by looking for Young Mistress as well. However, the Young Master did not give him the mission; it was likely because he has disappointed Young Master.

With great fear in his heart, he replied, “Young Mistress used that to do something called prenatal education, she says that the baby might not be born yet, but it can already learn, these were all drawn by Young Mistress personally…”

“How did she teach?” Ji Mo Ya was confused, he has never heard of such a ridiculous thing before.

“Young Mistress would hold the rabbit card and sing a rabbit song or she would hold a cat or dog card to make sounds created by them, I am unable to relate the songs she used, they were all unheard of…”

Ji Mo Ya picked up a card and flipped it, words covered the other side.

…… I saw Ji Mo Ya and Bai Li Zi Xi getting very intimate today. Although it is to expel the devil energy, it was still uncomfortable to watch, I convinced myself not to be petty…

Ji Mo Ya threw that card away and took up the rest, all of them have words written on their backs!

…… I am feeling worse and worse, why do I feel like this? Bai Li Zi Xi is really hateful, she must be scheming something…

…… Madam Ru said that Ji Mo Ya had found out that Bai Li Zi Xi was the mastermind, but he did not take action. Is it because Bai Li Zi Xi can help him? Did I overestimate a man’s love? I do not believe it…

…… How laughable, Ji Mo Ya told me to believe in him, yet he did not believed me first. He did not think that the child is his, because of the child, he accepted Bai Li Zi Xi.

…… That’s right, I do not have any talents or any background, I am not suited to stay beside him…

…… Over a month has passed, he did not come and see me. Even when I fainted, he also did not come and see me, what am I hoping for…

…… Ji Mo Ya, I told you before, no one can push me away from your side, unless you did not want me. Now, you no longer want me, I can only leave, goodbye…

Ji Mo Ya’s face turned colder and colder as he read.

Looks like the lass had greatly misunderstood him!

He had assumed that Little Yan was just throwing a tantrum and would not go too far away, she might even be hiding somewhere within the Holy City and would appear after being angry for a couple of days. He had never believed that Little Yan would leave him.

Only when he saw what was written behind the cards, did he discovered how great the misunderstanding had become.

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