Chapter 953 – This Subordinate Deserves To Die

After the demons left, ‘Huan Jiu Li’ went to the Phoenix Nest, the holy ground of the Thousand Songs Forest.

Stepping on the layers of feathers floating in the sky, ‘Huan Jiu Li’ looked hopeful and with expectations as he started the summoning ritual…


Ji Mo Ya arrived at the estate where Huan Qing Yan was and has been communicating with the door formation spell for a long time.

The door formation was stubborn and did not open no matter what he said; finally, it was Little Feather He Lian Yuan who came to open the door.

“Young Master, this subordinate deserves to die!” He Lian Yuan kneeled down immediately after opening the door.

Ji Mo Ya’s instincts were telling him that something was not right, did Little Yan met with a mishap? Is it the baby, or something else?

He strode into the estate, wanting to see Huan Qing Yan immediately.

He Lian Yuan behind him quickly said, “Young Master, Young Mistress went missing.”

Ji Mo Ya paused.

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As he was walking too quickly but had stopped too abruptly, his body sway and hit the wall beside, looking as though he had lost self-control.

“What happened?” he said with a deep voice while his heart beats madly. 

Little Feather summarized what happened, about how Huan Qing Yan wanted to attend the banquet of the Half-Sage and how he rejected it…

Ji Mo Ya had sent out his divine sense in search while listening to him.

After He Lian Yuan finished speaking, Ji Mo Ya had also located the Phoenix Feather Bell: The Great Square outside the entrance of the Holy Court, amongst the densely packed people.

Ji Mo Ya immediately returned to the Holy Court’s Great Square.

Most of the cultivators were sitting on the floor and absorbing the golden spirit energy to train, but there was also a portion of ordinary people observing.

Although the Holy City mostly consisted of cultivators, there were still ordinary humans living among them.

Most of them were merchants or shop owners, while those ordinary people who wanted to visit the Holy Land of Humanity could enter the Holy City as well. 

The Phoenix Feather Bell was amongst a group of ordinary people; the golden spirit energy was mostly absorbed by the time Ji Mo Ya arrived, the crowd was talking excitedly with each other.

Ji Mo Ya pinpointed the location of the Phoenix Feather Bell.

Amongst the crowd was a swollen woman wearing a hat, that woman, she was pregnant, yet she still squeezes through the group. Ji Mo Ya got angry!

If the child meets with an accident, she would be crying again…

However, the closer Ji Mo Ya approached, the more alert he was.

That woman! It is not Huan Qing Yan!

Ji Mo Ya walked unobstructed because everyone opened a path when they saw Ji Mo Ya walking through.

Ji Mo Ya stood in front of the woman with the Phoenix Feather Bell, pulled her and removed her hat, it was a middle-aged yellow face auntie. And that tummy was not because she was pregnant, but due to obesity…

The fat auntie was first angry but soon changed her attitude, “Who pulled me! Ah! Young Master Ya! Oh the heavens, am I hallucinating? Young Master Ya descended from the sky and appeared in front of me, the fortune reading I saw when I left home is true…”

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As she spoke, spit flew everywhere, while a bad stench came from her mouth.

Ji Mo Ya avoided it and took the palm-sized Phoenix Feather Bell from her waist.

“Speak, where did you get this?” his voice was clear and cold.

The fat auntie was still immersed in the bliss of meeting Young Master Ya, “Ah, what is this? I do not know as well, this is not mine! Did it get onto me while they were squeezing through the crowd? If Young Master Ya like it, you can have it. Ah, I feel so bashful.”

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