Chapter 952 – Absolutely Correct! Emperor!

“Emperor, we have successfully recovered the lands we lost, the demons in our Thousand Songs Forest have also submitted to us…” a King Rank Condor said.

Although the Roc Emperor was not within their territory, it was still possible to regain the lands they have lost as long as he was not missing. Just his name was enough to get things done without the need for him to act personally.

‘Huan Jiu Li’ nodded, “Good.”

“Emperor, the Tigers, and Wolves are willing to form an alliance with the Birds, the Tiger Emperor and Wolf Emperor have sent several invitations to invite you to a banquet for a gathering! Another King Rank Crane gracefully said.

King Rank Demons could turn into human form, but when they were in their own territory, most demons would prefer to adopt a primitive way of living as it was more comfortable that way. 

In the entire forest square, the Roc Emperor was the only one in human form.

“This Emperor is not free. This Emperor still has something important to do…” Roc Emperor slowly rejected.

When they heard that it was something important, the birds all became nervous; is their emperor going to play missing for another decade or more years again? No no no…

“Emperor, please do not go missing for too long. The Lion Emperor is getting ambitious in recent years and has been expanding his territory. He plans to unite all Ten Demon Emperors under his rule, so far, the Foxes and Snakes have all submitted. He even announced that if any demons dare to resist submission, he will exterminate them. This is also why the Tiger Emperor and Wolf Emperor wanted to establish an alliance, it is to deal with Lion Emperor and his clan…” a small sparrow said worryingly.

‘Huan Jiu Li’ frowned, “That Lion with brawns and no brain wants to unite the demons? Who gave him the courage?”

“Absolutely correct! Emperor! No one can compete with us in terms of information, the other races might not know the reason, but we have already found out about his schemes!” 

Bai Chen Feng’s figure suddenly surfaced in ‘Huan Jiu Li’s’ mind.

He replied, “That dumb lion is dreaming. No need to fear, he will not be able to reach our Thousand Songs Forest! This emperor needs to enter closed-door training, I might need two to five years before I will come out. Remember, do not make enemies with the humans and try not to fight with the demon clans around our lands as much as you can; wait for this Emperor to come out of training.”

The birds… heaved a sigh of relief.

Two to five years was not much, they were just worried that he was going to go missing for over a decade again.

If they manage their information well, the other demon clans might not even notice that the Roc Emperor has entered closed-door training for three to five years.

Moreover, there was a specific period provided this time, it was much better than having no news when the Roc Emperor had gone missing.

“Understand! Emperor!”

‘Huan Jiu Li’ added, “Right, did you manage to acquire the list of materials I gave all of you?”

“Emperor, except for certain rare ones, the rest have all been gathered.”

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“All of you have done well.” ‘Huan Jiu Li’ praised, “This is a manual containing the essence of the Roc Clan’s cultivation methods, take it and spread it to everyone. Everyone is dismissed, wait for this Emperor to exit my training.” 

The birds said in unison, “Yes! Thank you, almighty Emperor!”

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All the birds left, leaving behind only a white messenger pigeon who was softly giving her report.

‘Huan Jiu Li’ replied, “Little Yan is pregnant? Looks like marriage is not far from now! The young girl I guarded for so many years is to be married, it is making this Emperor feel as though I am watching my daughter growing up. Madam Flame, I am glad I did not disappoint your request…

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