Chapter 951 – Moment Of Death

Huan Qing Yan calmed down, there was no point in being frustrated, especially when Madam Ru had found this opening and caught her.

“Even if Madam wanted to stop me from giving birth, the child would still be born, but why Madam Run want me to give birth here?”

A glint flashed through the tiny eyes of Fat Auntie, “Our Madam naturally wanted to protect Lady Huan. The rumors outside were saying that Lady Huan’s child is a bastard, what happens if someone treated you with ill intent and prevented the child from being born?”

Auntie Ma added, “That’s right, our Madam only has kind intentions. She had asked Lady Huan to the Ji Mo Estate, but you are not willing. That was why our Madam decided to do this.”

Huan Qing Yan cursed in her mind, what sweet words. If it were true, why did they not bring her to the Ji Mo Clan instead of sneakily hiding her here?

They must be planning something unspeakable.

However, the current situation was not to her advantage, it was not suitable to fall out with them.

Act silly for now and get acquainted with her environment first.

Madam Ru wants the child, so before the child is safely born, Madam Ru would not do anything to her.

“I see, I appreciate Madam’s kind intentions. Okay, I happen to not want to remain in Holy City  as well, this seems like a quiet place to nurture the baby and for childbirth.”

The two aunties exchanged a look, they had planned to use forceful methods had Huan Qing Yan not accept but it was looking like there was no need for that.

Madam Ru had instructed that a woman must be calm during childbirth and best to avoid rough methods whenever possible.

Or else the baby might be lost and they have to offer their heads in return.

“Seeing that Lady is so understanding, we shall not say anything more. This place is humid, the Lady should return inside the room to rest. Also, feel free to order the mute maids for anything that Lady wants to eat. We did not dare to guarantee that we have everything, but we will try our best to satisfy Little Master’s needs.”

Huan Qing Yan did not object as she turned and walked back into the room, along the way she said. “I am curious, what is that relationship of that middle-aged cultivator with Madam? How did Madam know that I ran to Sun City?”

“That’s easy, that man is a member of the Mu Rong Clan, they naturally have a method for easy communication… ahem, Lady should not be asking unnecessary questions.”

Looks like they have disclosed some sort of secret.

Right, they were both from the Mu Rong Clan, not members of the Ji Mo Clan.

They only listened to Madam Ru and had no relations to the people of the Ji Mo Clan.

Han Qing Yan was forced back into the room, she did guess that these two might be from the Mu Rong Clan. The cultivation of these two aunties was not low and it was still unknown to her if there were anyone else standing guard within this complex natural maze within the mountain belly.

Huan Qing Yan has to gather her energy and spirits, she does not believe that Madam Ru would let her go.

Madam Ru only wanted her child, the moment of her child’s birth will also likely be the moment she dies, she must not die here without anyone knowing.


Roc Emperor Territory.

‘Huan Jiu Li’ had gathered the bird clan and was listening to their reports.

He had left Roc Emperor Territory for a period and had only recently returned. When the bird demons heard of his return, they quickly came to report.

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