Chapter 200 – Savage Ox

“We will follow the Young Master’s method.”

In fact, Uncle Niu had no intention to rebuke Yang Tian, he only spoke because the method was too cruel. Due to Yang Tian’s method, Wu Ying Xue, and the others have gone to give counseling to their subordinate metahumans. Only Yang Tian, his tamed beasts and Uncle Niu remained.

“Uncle Niu, can I ask you something?”

“Ask freely.”

Uncle Ox was naturally happy that Yang Tian wanted to ask him something.

“Uncle Niu, can you show me your ability?”

Yang Tian could detect pressure coming from Uncle Niu, he guessed that Uncle Niu was a close-combat beast-type metahuman. Moreover, Uncle Niu was definitely a High-Grade Beast-type, else Yang Tian would not feel pressured.

“No problem.”

Uncle Niu’s muscular started changing, his body increased in size and his back slightly bends. His clothes were burst apart. Two green-colored horns the size of an adult’s arm appeared on Uncle Niu’s forehead, while a green tailed appeared on his back, while his feet turned into hoofs.

High-Grade Beast, Savage Ox.

A beast-type that stood at the forefront in both strength and defense.

“Uncle Niu, are you injured??

Yang Tian could sense corrosive energy coming from Uncle Niu’s left leg, a trace of undead energy… The left leg was also the one that obstructed his fighting power and ability to rank up.

“I encountered a powerful youngster when I was in the wild, he mentioned something about enslaving me to become a Necromancer Slave. He summoned six powerful skeletal creatures to attack me; fortunately, I am not weak and successfully ran away. However, my left leg was injured during the battle.”


It was likely that necromancer took a liking to Uncle Niu’s Savage Ox ability and wanted to turn him into a skeleton soldier.

“Uncle Niu, I have a method to heal your left leg, would you like to try?”

“Oh. If Young Master can really heal my left leg, I will definitely repay this favor.”

Repay? You will likely become mine by then.

Yang Tian was also interested in the Savage Ox ability, but Yang Tian would be using a different method from the necromancer. He would be taming Uncle Niu and turn him into one of his tamed beasts.

The Taming skill was not only restricted to creatures, it could also be used on humans.

“Uncle Niu, stand there. Do not be startled by what will happen next, you must relax your mind.”

When a Beast Tamer tames a creature, the best method would be to first make it faint, doing so would prevent the creature from resisting the Beast Tamer and increases its success rate. Yang Tian asking Uncle Niu to relax his mind would also achieve the same effect.


When hearing that Yang Tian has a method to heal him, it was only natural that he would cooperate.

When Yang Tian saw that Uncle Niu was so accommodating, he immediately started taming.

Barbaric Taming

Barbaric Taming could increase the tamed beast’s strength and defense, the Savage Ox has outstanding strength and defense, with the boost from Barbaric Taming, Uncle Niu’s strength, and defense would reach new heights.

A green halo appeared on Yang Tian’s hand, Uncle Niu felt a pressure coming from the halo that made him feel as though he was being pressed down by a mountain, it made affected his breathing.

The halo slowly flew towards Uncle Niu.

The halo enveloped Uncle Niu and slowly merged into his body. The moment the taming was completed, Yang Tian’s image appeared deep within the heart of Uncle Niu, who developed innate awe towards Yang Tian.

Uncle Niu thought that it was because of his gratitude towards Yang Tian for healing his injury. However, he did not know that as time passes, Yang Tian’s position in his heart would only become higher, to the point that it would even exceed his own life.

Yang Tian specially reduced the master effect through their connection, allowing Uncle Niu to still feel loyal to the Wu Family. As time goes by, Uncle Niu would slowly start treating Yang Tian as his master.

“Not only has my injury healed, but my strength also seems to experience a great increase as well!”

Uncle Niu looked at his hands in shock, he found it slightly unbelievable that his strength would increase by so much.

“How are you feeling now?”

Yang Tian used Barbaric Taming but reduced the master recognition trait of the skill, this had exhausted his mental power. That was why fine sweat could be seen on his forehead now.

When Uncle Niu saw Yang Tian’s weakened state, he treated Yang Tian with even more respect.

“Thank you, Mas… Young Sir.”

Uncle Niu felt a deep respect and gratitude after being tamed…causing his words to be slightly strange.

“No need to be polite.”

Yang Tian waved his hand.

Yang Tian’s four tamed beasts have obviously noticed what happened to Uncle Niu and looked at the latter several times. However, Uncle Niu was still immersed in his newfound strength and did not notice anything.

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“Housekeeper, someone has come to cause trouble.”

A rank 2 metahuman rushed in and reported to Uncle Niu.

“What happened? Tell me.”

“Some Mid-Rank Monster Hunting Groups came to cause trouble, but I am not clear about the details.”

“Aren’t they brave, merely mid-rank and these fellas dare to come to our Wu Family to cause trouble. Looks like I have to teach them a lesson.”

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Uncle Niu had fully recovered from his injury while his strength and defense had significantly increased, he was itching to test his current body and just happen that there were volunteers knocking on their doors to fulfill his needs.

Uncle Niu left with the Rank 2 metahuman and went to the entrance of the Wu Estate.

With Wu Family’s strength, merely a few Mid-Rank Monster Hunting Groups would certainly not dare to cause trouble. However, it was unknown if others had motivated them to do so.

Yang Tian sat on the ground; after recovering some of his mental power, he brought his tamed beasts to the Wu Estate’s gate as well.

The highest power within Mid-Rank Monster Hunting Groups was usually Early Rank 3, but there was three High Rank 3 metahuman amongst them this time.

Wu Family Head was currently still recuperating, there were no High Rank 3 metahumans within the Wu Estate at the moment. The three High Rank 3 metahumans had undoubtedly given enormous pressure towards the metahumans of the Wu Estate.

Wu Ying Xue was currently extremely anxious as well.

Only when Uncle Niu came, did Wu Ying Xue felt slightly better. However, Uncle Niu was only a Mid Rank 3 metahuman.

“You guys are from Mid Rank Monster Hunting Groups?”

Uncle Niu could detect pressure coming from the three High Rank 3 metahumans, their fighting power was not something Mid-Rank Monster Hunting Groups would possess. Uncle Niu would even believe them if these guys say they were from High-Rank Monster Hunting Groups.

 “Right, our food has been stolen by the Wu Family, we are here to take them back.”


This was obviously rubbish because with their High Rank 3 fighting power, who would dare to steal food from them?

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