Chapter 199 – Causing Trouble

“Nevermind, so be it! When you give out food, issue the noodles first.”

Since Yang Tian had extracted the tendons of the Armored Red Wyrm Worm, the Wang Family was still the one that suffered a loss in the end.

At this moment, the Wang Family had also discovered what was lacking in the Armored Red Wyrm Worm, but the Wu Family had already left with the food. The Wang Family had no choice but to accept their loss.


Wu Ying Xue acknowledged, she was already delighted that they were able to exchange for food.

“I return this to you.”

Wu Ying Xue took out the Spatial Rune and handed it to Yang Tian.

“No need, keep it.”

Yang Tian did not wish to be entangled with the Misty Sect; moreover, Mi Yu Ni had planted a shred of his energy on the Spatial Rune. Holding onto it would only expose Yang Tian’s location to Mi Yu Ni, this was something Yang Tian did not want.

“But this…”

“I said that I am giving it to you, enough of this nonsense.” Yang Tian impatiently replied.

“Thank you.”

Wu Ying Xue was moved.

The five trucks of food were all moved into the storage within the Wu Estate.

“They are also hungry, cook the noodles first.”

Wu Ying Xue and the Mid Rank 3 metahumans discussed for a moment before deciding to cook five boxes of noodles. Each box was one cubic meter in size.

The Wu Family current has thirty Early Rank 3 metahumans, over seventy Rank 2 metahumans, and over two hundred Rank 1 metahumans while ordinary humans amounted to more than five thousand individuals.

Five boxes might not be enough for all of them.

They could only ration the cooked food based on their abilities; Rank 3 metahumans would receive a standard portion, Rank 2s would receive slightly lesser, Rank 1s would be very little, while ordinary humans would literally not get any noodles, only the soup. They were already cooking the noodles with plain water, so what they would be having would simply be noodle-flavored plain water.

“This is yours.”

Wu Ying Xue passed a bowl of noodles to Yang Tian, the bowl was filled with noodles, much better than what the Rank 3 metahumans were given.

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Yang Tian did not hesitate and accepted the bowl from Wu Ying Xue. He devoured the noodles within a minute.

When food was being issued, naturally some people would start to complain. The worst ones came from the Rank 1 metahumans.

The ordinary humans, on the contrary, were much quieter, they understood their positions clearly and thus did not expect to have much to eat, they would accept anything just as long as they do not starve to death. Rank 1 metahumans felt that they were capable and were not willing to accept such a small amount of food.

“Bastard, why are you giving this daddy so little food?”

“We have fought with our lives on the line for the Wu Family, yet you only give us this bit of food?”


Each area was assigned some Early Rank 3 metahumans, Wu Ying Xue also expected that some of the metahumans would complain, that was why she specially assigned the higher rank metahumans to each area.

As expected, a commotion happened.

“What are you complaining about? There is food to eat, yet you guys still want to complain?”

There were five Early Rank 3 metahumans placed within where the Rank 1 metahumans have gathered, their purpose was to use high handed methods to suppress these troublemakers.

“Why are we given so little food? Why? Are our lives worth so little?”

Some of the Rank 1 metahumans wanted to magnify the problem, and as expected, when the other Rank 1 metahumans heard them, they were also thinking of joining them.

“Seems like you are looking to die.”

The Early Rank 3 metahumans have received clear orders from Wu Ying Xue to immediately suppress all troublemakers.

The fighting power of an Early Rank 3 metahuman was not something Rank 1 metahumans could handle, the Early Rank 3 metahuman slapped down on the head of one troublemaker, causing him to faint before dragging him away.

The five Early Rank 3 metahumans soon found their hands to be aching from slapping the troublemakers unconscious.

A total of fifty Rank 1 metahumans. When the Early Rank 3 metahumans saw that the rest have settled down, they dragged the fifty unconscious metahumans to Wu Ying Xue.

Wu Ying Xue just happened to be with Yang Tian at that moment, the latter also saw the fifty Rank 1 metahumans that were dragged to them.

“Young Mistress, they are all troublemakers.”

After that, a few more Early Rank 3 metahumans have dragged more people to Wu Ying Xue as well.

Five Rank 2 metahumans, over thirty ordinary people.

“Troublemakers? It so happens that my tamed beasts are hungry as well.”

Yang Tian’s comment caused the Early Rank 3 metahumans to look at T-Rex. When they saw its sharp teeth, they could not help but shudder.

“All of you can leave now.”

Hearing Yang Tian’s cold voice, they quickly retreated.

Yang Tian got T-Rex to revert to its gigantic form, the enlarged T-Rex immediately attracted the attention of everyone within the Wu Estate. This was the effect that Yang Tian wanted. While the people were looking at T-Rex, Yang Tian woke up five ordinary humans. After that, with terror in their eyes, Yang Tian tossed all of them into T-Rex’s mouth.


T-Rex closed its mouth, and casually chewed several times before swallowing. By the time T-Rex opened its mouth, the saliva between its teeth was colored with blood.

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Next, five more ordinary humans… followed by five Rank 1 metahumans… finally all the Rank 2 metahumans. T-Rex was so full that it burped after that.

The people in each area of the Wu Estate naturally recognize some of these people.

Just because they caused trouble, they were turned into monster food!

Fear quickly spread through each area as they ate the couple strands of noodles uneasily.

I ate the noodles quietly, very quietly.

Did I speak earlier? Will anyone come and pull me away?

I am the most obedient, I will not cause trouble!

Yang Tian naturally did not care what they were thinking, the desired effect has been achieved, it will be up to their minds to come up with what will be next.

With this shocking example, no one dared to make any noise when they received the food given to them.

“Isn’t this too…”

The one who spoke was one of the Mid Rank 3 metahumans, Yang Tian had a vague impression of him, Wu Ying Xue called him Uncle Niu.

“If this is not done properly in one attempt, it will only become harder to manage in the future.” Yang Tian said to Uncle Niu.

Uncle Niu, in fact, firmly believed in Yang Tian. Especially after the latter gave Wu Ying Xue the Spatial Rune when she was heading to the Wang Family to exchange for food, this incident caused Uncle Niu to only feel respect towards Yang Tian.

The Wu Family Head had treated the Spatial Rune as a treasure, yet Yang Tian gave it to Wu Ying Xue without any hesitation; such magnanimous behavior only made Uncle Niu feel respectful towards Yang Tian. However, what Uncle Niu did not know was that Yang Tian did not believe that the Spatial Rune had any value, in fact, it was quite an eye-sore. Just so happened that a situation had appeared to allow him to have a good reason to give it away.

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