Chapter 198 – Lion Roar

Two Armored Red Wyrm Worm

They were five meters in length and were a meter tall with its fat body covered in a red carapace. This was the two Mid Rank 3 insects killed by the Wu Family.

Amongst the insect species, they were considered relatively common, the only thing of value on this species was its tendons and carapace. The tendons of the Armored Red Wyrm Worm could even damage a Mid Rank 4 creature, while its shell had a high defense and a decent smithing material.

“Just these two?”


There was a bloody hole on the skulls of the worms, their energy crystals were likely taken away by the Wu Family. While the Armored Red Wyrm Worm’s tendon was connected to its energy crystal, Yang Tian was able to see a part of the tendon through the bloody hole.

“You guys step back.”

They quickly moved away. Yang Tian released Venom, Mid Rank 3 Venom combined with the Early Rank 3 physique of Yang Tian and allowed Yang Tian’s pure strength to be comparable to a High Rank 3 metahuman.

Yang Tian sent his right arm into the bloody hole and grabbed onto the exposed portion of the bug tendon, before pulling it out. The bug tendon contained all the fighting power possessed by the Armored Red Wyrm Worm.

The four and a half meter long bug tendon was pulled out by Yang Tian, its durability was very high.


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Yang Tian swung the bug tendon ferociously, it created a huge pit on the ground. It’s shocking might astounded the Wu Family metahumans who were watching nearby.

Yang Tian went to the second Armored Red Wyrm Worm and extracted its tendon as well, he tossed this one to the Wu Family Head.

“Now you can send these two insect corpses and all the other Early Rank 3 insect corpses to the Wang Family to trade.” Yang Tian shouted.


“No need for buts, this is the Misty Sect’s Spatial Rune. If the Wang Family dares to make things difficult for you, I believe you will know what to do.”

Yang Tian passed the Spatial Rune that Mi Yu Ni had gifted to him to Wu Ying Xue, this would provide safety for them and deter the Wang Family.

“Thank you.”

Wu Ying Xue quickly thank him. This was a precious Spatial Rune, she did not expect Yang Tian to give it to her. With this rune, the Wang Family would not dare to push things too far.

“Just act quickly.”

With the bug tendons of the Armored Red Wyrm Worm extracted, the corpses would at least lose half of its value. Hopefully, the Wang Family would be distracted by the Spatial Rune and not take note of the condition of the insect corpses.


Wu Ying Xue quickly organized the members and gathered up the Armored Red Wyrm Worm and Early Rank 3 insects. The Wu Family still has three functioning mid-size trucks available for transport. When the Insect World’s first wormhole was connected to Earth, some of the equipment on Earth were damaged, of the five trucks that the Wu Family possessed, three of them remained.

Only after attaching the storage from the two unusable trucks, were they able to transport all the insect in one trip.

Yang Tian did not accompany them as Wang Yi’s jewels were destroyed by him, Yang Tian was not sure what would happen if he was to appear in front of the Wang Family. To make sure they completed everything quickly, Yang Tian chose to remain in the Wu Estate.

“On top of its durability, the bug tendon also possessed some level of healing effect. You can try and test it.”


It was evident that the injuries of the Wu Family Head were something that could not be healed by conventional medicine, but the tendon of the Armored Red Wyrm Worm might be able to provide some healing.

Yang Tian took the bug tendon and returned to the room he came out from.

Yang Tian summoned the Planes Merchant to initiate a trade. The value of the bug tendon was quite high, Yang Tian believes he would be able to exchange for a Mid Rank 3 cultivation technique using it.

“The roaming Planes Merchants…”

The same scene appeared in front of Yang Tian again, but Lotsa Money was not the one summoned this time. However, this Planes Merchant looked similar to Lotsa Money.

“Hello young man, I am the Planes Merchant Lotsa Silver.”

“Hello Merchant Lotsa Silver, I wish to trade for a Martialist Cultivation Technique.”

“I have evaluated the item you are trading, it has a rating of High Rank 3 A+. The Cultivation Technique traded will be of the same rating as well.” 

Lotsa Silver’s evaluation of the tendon was higher than Yang Tian had expected, most materials would generally have the same rating as the power rankings, but the Planes Merchants would further differentiate them with ratings. The lowest rating is D, and the highest is S. Lotsa Silver gave the bug tendon an A+ rating, quite a good evaluation. After all, the bug tendon came from a Mid Rank 3 insect.

“Young man, here is your trade.”

Lotsa Silver disappeared, but an energy bundle was now at the location where the bug tendon was previously at.

Yang Tian absorbed the energy bundle and a surge of information entered his mind.

“Lion Roar?”

High Rank 3 Cultivation Technique, it also includes the High Rank 3 Soundwave Martial Skill, Lion Roar.

No wonder it was given a High Rank 3 A+ rating, it was a cultivation technique with an inherent soundwave martial skill.

Lion Roar, it mimics the roar of a lion, causing enemies to experience a short period of dizziness. The closer the distance, the longer the dizzy effect lasts.

Purple Sun Divine Art was a form of Gentle Cultivation Technique, that was why its inner energy could be converted to any other type of inner energy.

Yang Tian circulated Lion Roar within his body once and discovered how domineering Lion Roar was. Converting the inner energy of Purple Sun Divine Art to Lion Roar inner energy was a big project as well, the only advantage was that Purple Sun Divine Art was gentle and there was no risk during such a conversion.


While Yang Tian was circulating Lion Roar, the roar of a lion could be found resounding within his body, emitting a domineering aura.

Even outside the room, people were also able to hear the continuous roars coming from within the room. If not for the tamed beasts guarding the room, many people would likely have investigated the source.

By the time Yang Tian finished training, Wu Ying Xue and the rest have returned.

Yang Tian’s aura caused them to unknowingly open a path for him to walk through.

Wu Ying Xue was full of smiles as she returned to the Wu Estate, she did not know what happened to Yang Tian, but the aura emitted by Yang Tian made her feel intimidated.

“Did you manage to trade?”

“Yes, it is all inside the trucks.”

In fact, when they arrived at the Wang Family, the latter was already prepared to make things difficult for them. However, when they say the Spatial Rune of Mistry Sect, they had no choice but to tone down. If it became a matter that angered the Misty Sect, the Wang Family would not be able to handle it.

The Wang Family did not even check the goods and gave the food to Wu Ying Xue, who immediately came back to the Wu Family after that.

Wu Ying Xue briefly summarized everything that happened.

Without the bug tendon, the insect corpse would worth even lesser than an Early Rank 3 insect.

“Take me to the food you have gotten.”


Five truckfuls of food.

“Why is it all noodles?”

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Yang Tian’s expression sunk, the worst form of food during the post-apocalyptic world was noodles. Cooking noodles required water, and it digests really quickly.

“They say that the insects had no energy crystal, so they could only give us noodles.”

Wu Ying Xue sees the food they had obtained as within an acceptable range. Besides, they were in the Wang Family’s territory.

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