Chapter 197 – Success

Insects started to appear at various locations within A City without any warning. Especially the ten Mid Rank 3 insects, they basically ran rampant without being obstructed.

Fortunately, the Four Great Families possessed the ability to hunt these Mid Rank 3 insects.

Two Mid Rank 3 insects were leading thirty Rank 2 insects to attack the Wu Estate, the Wu Family Head was still nursing his injuries at that time. At that moment, the Wu Estate did lack the ability to kill a Mid Rank 3 power. Moreover, the incident happened abruptly, allowing the Mid Rank 3 insects to kill nearly a hundred Rank 2 metahumans and a few dozen Early Rank 3 metahumans.

Wu Ying Xue had wanted to seek Yang Tian’s help because she knew that her father was still recuperating. However, when she saw Yang Tian’s tamed beasts were guarding with high alert, Wu Ying Xue had a rough idea of what was happening.

Wu Ying Xue had no choice but to look for Wu Family Head. The latter has not fully recovered, but he has to head out to fight. After coordinating with his subordinates, Wu Family Head killed the Mid Rank 3 insects that invaded the Wu Estate.

Fortunately, only two Mid Rank 3 insects attacked; had even one more attacked together, the Wu Family would likely be in a dangerous state.

The Wu Family Head’s injuries opened up again during the fight with the Mid Rank 3 insects, he immediately went back to heal himself when the battle ended.

Within A City, the Wang Family was attacked by four Mid Rank 3 insects and over thirty Early Rank 3 insects. By relying on their reserves, the Wang Family was able to kill all the insects and was even able to dispatch some of their men to protect ordinary humans.

One must know that the Wu Family did not have any excess manpower to protect the ordinary people under them; resulting in a third of the ordinary people dying under the jaws of the insects.

The Liu Family and Yi Family’s situation was similar to the Wu Family’s, just that their Family Heads were not heavily injured, which was why they suffered lesser casualties than the Wu Family.

The Liu Family killed two Mid Rank 3 insects, ten Early Rank 3 insects, and fifty Rank 2 insects. While the Yi Family killed one Mid Rank 3 insect, thirty Early Rank 3 insects, and fifty Rank 2 insects.

The rest of the insects entered the Central Region and those were killed by the Peak Monster Hunting Groups in A City.

On the second day, one of the Peak Monster Hunting Groups, the Sand Monster Hunters, dragged the corpse of a Mid Rank 3 insect to the Wang Family to barter for food.

The Wang Family accepted all insects hunted by the Monster Hunting Groups and traded them using food, but the lowest rank accepted must be Early Rank 3.

The Liu Family also sent someone to the Wang Family to exchange the Mid Rank 3 insect and Early Rank 3 insects they have for food. The Liu Family’s actions caused the Yi Family and Wu Family to be at a loss, this was undoubtedly a sign of submission towards the Wang Family. However, in the face of a lack of food, the Yi Family could only endure and sent insects from Early Rank 3 and above to the Wang Family to exchange as well.

The Wu Family was also considering if they should exchange for food. Before, the Wu Family would undoubtedly be the first one to visit the Wang Family to exchange, but after the incident revolving around Wu Xiao Yu, the relationship between the two families was very bad. Even if the Wang Family was willing to trade, the Wang Family will be sure to make things difficult for them. 

After experiencing an entire day and night of forging, Yang Tian finally woke up.

Early Rank 3 Martialist.

The Wind and Earth Attributes have to reach Early Rank 3 as well, the Fire Attribute has reached Mid Rank 3. After successfully forging himself, Yang Tian swallowed the fire seed and strengthened Bone Bugfire. Its temperature was now 350℃.

The Dark and Light Attribute was still in an incomplete form, that was why nothing much happened to them.

Reaching Early Rank 3, the power that his physique gave Yang Tian the impulse of tearing apart his enemies. Having a weak physique was a common weakness of all Beast Tamers, this was the same for Yang Tian as well and this was his first time feeling the power of the flesh.

“What a powerful body, the cultivation technique needs to be replaced soon.”

Purple Sun Divine Art was only a Rank 2 cultivation technique, at could only allow Martialists to train till Rank 2. However, Yang Tian was able to rely on Bone Bugfire to forge his body and forcefully push his Martialist Rank to Early Rank 3. However, it was also evident that Purple Sun Divine Art was unable to match Yang Tian’s pace; to continue training in the future, Yang Tian needs to replace Purple Sun Divine Art.

The current Yang Tian was emitting a faint green glow. The only thing that did not change was his irises, the golden color of the Half-Dragon Eyes were still exuding its aura of dominance.

Yang Tian opened the door and headed towards the great hall of the Wu Estate with his tamed beasts following closely behind.

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The Wu Estate was currently in an even greater mess, the scent of blood could be detected in the air. The Wu Estate had obviously just been through a great battle and had suffered significant losses.

Within the hall were four people. The one located at the top was Wu Family Head, below him was Wu Ying Xue with the two others sitting beside her, they were both Mid Rank 2 metahumans.

“Father, these insect corpses would not be of much use to us, why not just trade with the Wang Family! Even if they will make things difficult for us, but it could not be compared to having more food.” Wu Ying Xue looked at Wu Family Head and said. She clearly understood the situation between the Wu Family and Wang Family, but compared to that, she was more worried about their food problem.

With Misty Sect standing behind the Wu Family, Wu Ying Xue believes that the Wang Family would not take things to far against the Wu Family. The two men standing beside Wu Ying Xue were obviously supporting Wu Ying Xue’s idea, that was why they came along with her.

The Mid Rank 3 insects were not edible, from their perspective, it was not different as a pile of trash. Why not just exchange for food with the Wang Family?

“I know that the Wang Family did not dare to be too audacious, but can you guarantee that they will not just rob you? Would the Misty Sect come out and help us for the sake of a few insect corpses?” Wu Family Head was hesitant.

The bug meat they have would not last beyond a few days, while the Wu Family’s stores could not support so many people as well. No one knows how long the Insect Wave will be, it was utterly unknown if the food they have might be enough to last through the entire duration.


“Family Head, since it is useless to us, might as well exchange it.” The other two metahumans were straightforward about the issue, exchanging the corpses for food only has benefits without any losses on their part, at most they would lose something useless to them and it would be made a wasted trip.

The Wu Family Head was in deep thoughts, the hall was silent for five minutes before the sounds of footsteps were head.

“Let me take a look at the insect corpses.” It was Yang Tian and he had heard their entire conversation.


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Yang Tian gave the Wu Family Head a mysterious feeling as well as a sense of awe. Yang Tian’s appearance had also made him feel slightly safer as well, that was why the Wu Family Head immediately accepted Yang Tian’s request.

The Mid Rank 3 insects were placed at the entrance of the Wu Estate, there were no signs of it being moved.

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