Chapter 196 – Bone Bugfire

An example had been set.

Seeing that even an Early Rank 3 metahuman could be instantly killed, the rest immediately became obedient and they stayed away.

Brain-Eating Terror Hog and Dark Crimson Fire Wolf have also joined in that protection team.

As time went by, the green fire on Yang Tian remained longer and longer while the red fire slowly disappeared.


The green fire surged, within the flames, Yang Tian also opened his eyes.

The refining was a success with the entire process taking three full hours.

Yang Tian turned back into human form and looked at the metahumans who had wanted to disrupt him. Earlier on, Yang Tian was also able to clearly detect six other Rank 2 metahumans besides the Early Rank 3 one who had wanted to attack him.

The six people could sense Yang Tian’s gaze and lowered their heads, not daring to look him in the eye.

“What? Aren’t you cocky just now?”

Yang Tian coldly said.

“Yang Tian, they might not know that it was you earlier and did not mean it. Moreover, an Early Rank 3 has already died, please let this go!” Wu Ying Xue tried to defend them.

Why had the seven of them dared to disturb Yang Tian? It was undoubtedly because they wanted to take advantage of Yang Tian, using the moment when he was weak to teach him a lesson. However, they forgot about the Three-Headed Yin Insect and T-Rex, that was why they have to pay the price with their lives.

However, can Yang Tian just let this go just like that? That will be impossible, he had been in a crucial moment of his refining process, had he been disturbed, Yang Tian would suffer more than only massive injuries.

“Get lost!”

Yang Tian’s cold voice caused allowed Wu Ying Xue to understand that this matter would not end just like this.

Bone Bugfire appeared on Yang Tian’s hand as a cold intent locked onto the six of them.


The Bone Bugfire turned into six emerald snakes and charged towards them. With Examine activated, they had no chance of escaping away.

No matter how they tried to escape, Bone Bugfire would closely follow after each of them.

“Ahhhh, it hurts!”

Bone Bugfire stuck them, the small flame instantly turned into a blazing fire the instant it came in contact with their bodies.

They rolled on the ground in an attempt to extinguish the Bone Bugfire. However, it was just impossible, and on the contrary, the ground they rolled on even started catching in flames. Both ground and men were burning at the same time; even after they have been burned into ashes, the Bone Bugfire still continued burning.

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During that period, Wu Ying Xue tried to use water to extinguish the emerald green flames, but she discovered that water was practically useless. Yang Tian even reminded her that there was not much drinking water or food left and there were still many survivors. If she continues to waste the resources, even before they were killed by the insects, they would have died from hunger.

Wu Ying Xue stopped her actions of pouring water and watched the six men burned alive, even the ground they were laying on turned into a black pit.

The other metahumans looked at Yang Tian with fear in their eyes now.

But Yang Tian had set his sights on the remaining Emerald Bone Firebug, there was another fire seed of the Bone Bugfire in it.

After refining the fire seed, Yang Tian’s fire ability reached Early Rank 3 and he had also awakened a new fire skill.

Fire Explosion. The flames released would contain the explosion effect, the higher the temperature of the fire, the more powerful Fire Explosion would become.

Yang Tian extracted the Bone Bugfire Fire Seed, and another emerald green fire seed was in Yang Tian’s hands.

Yang Tian randomly chose a room within the Wu Estate and entered, ordering his four tamed beasts to guard the place and prevent any human or creature from approaching and disturb him.

This time, it was not a refining process but a devouring process. Using the Bone Bugfire within him to devour the fire seed. Compared to refining, devouring was much more dangerous.

Before devouring, Yang Tian used his mental power to continuously condense the fire seed, bringing the danger level to the lowest possible.

Yang Tian’s physique was not strong enough and he could not afford a mishap to occur.

“This should be enough.”

The fire seed in Yang Tian’s hand became much weaker than before, compared to its energetic state earlier, it was instead looking like a flickering candle fire, as though a faint breeze can immediately extinguish it.

Yang Tian swallowed the fire seed into his body, the moment both seeds came into contact with each other, Yang Tian vomited a mouthful of blood.

“Crap, my body seems to be unable to endure the collision between the two fire seeds.”

Yang Tian’s expression turned ugly, if his body cannot endure the process, he would need to give up on one fire seed.

“The power of your meta ability is based on the strength of your physique, your flame ability is initially only Rank 2, it only reached Early Rank 3 because you relied on the Flame-Flame Fruit to refine the Bone Bugfire. Yet you swallowed another Bone Bugfire Fire Seed at such a moment, with your current physique it is impossible to continue.”

The voice of Violent Corpse Worm Queen appeared in Yang Tian’s mind.

“How come you are so clear about this?” Yang Tian asked.

“The Violent Corpse Worms have the King’s Bloodline of the Insect World, I, of course, know more than humans.”

It was normal for Violent Corpse Worm Queen to know many secrets due to its King Bloodline, but it seemed to be avoiding something and was not willing to tell Yang Tian more.

Yang Tian noticed it as well, but he was now facing the difficulty of completing the task in front of him and did not want to drag on.

“Then what has to be done?”

“Do not hurry to devour it, use the Bone Bugfire to forge your body and push it to Early Rank 3.”

Forging one’s body was basically a Martialist’s cultivation method. It was a torturous and painful process, this was also why Martialist was so powerful, they have paid the price to achieve that strength.

Yang Tian’s body forging was even crueler than Martialists; Martialists slowly forges from the outside to the inside, but Yang Tian immediately started from within. Moreover, he was using a powerful flame like the Bone Bugfire.

However, he needed to start, pronto.

Bone Bugfire spread through Yang Tian’s body. Yang Tian knew how to forge one’s body as well. To be able to use Mental Forging had proven that Yang Tian’s talent in forging was not low.

Bone Bugfire started burning Yang Tian’s body as Yang Tian transformed his mental power in a hammer, this was the most crucial point of the forging process.

Starting from the head, Yang Tian first used his mental power to protect it and started using Mental Forging. One hammer after the other started striking Yang Tian’s head, his clean white hair began to turn into a pale green.

Next was the heart, kidney…

Yang Tian did not know how much time has passed as the process required all his attention.

While Yang Tian was forging his body, a small-scale Insect Wave erupted outside.

Ten Mid Rank 3, a hundred Early Rank 3 and countless Rank 2 insects; they have appeared in A City.

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