Chapter 195 – Emerald Bone Firebug

“Time to end the battle.”

Yang Tian might be a Martialist, but he was an even better Beast Tamer.


T-Rex appeared due to Yang Tian’s summons, it had initially been human-sized and had hidden away, but it immediately turned back to its gigantic form after Yang Tian summoned it.

The Emerald Bone Firebug’s movement was currently restricted, when it saw a massive creature like T-Rex appearing, fear could be seen from its eyes.

Giant Dragon Ram

An illusion of T-Rex several times larger than itself appeared behind it. When Giant Dragon Ram was used, every step taken by T-Rex caused the ground to shake vigorously, creating a huge psychological impact.

As the Emerald Bone Firebug was restricted by the rock spikes, it had no method to avoid Giant Dragon Ram. However, Emerald Bone Firebug still want to perform a last-ditch effort, it gathered massive amounts of Bone Bugfire in its mouth before shooting it at T-Rex.


Bone Bugfire shot out, but it struck the air current created on the surface of T-Rex due to Giant Dragon Ram and was scattered away by the air current before it could even come into contact with T-Rex.

It was not because Bone Bugfire was weak, just that the force of the Bone Bugfire that was shot out was not strong enough to pierce through that layer of air.


The tough carapace of Emerald Bone Firebug looked insignificant when it was struck by Giant Dragon Ram, the emerald carapace was shattered into pieces, revealing the white flesh underneath. The Bone Bugfire covering the pincers and limbs were also scattered away and three of the limbs were separated from the main body from the impact.

Not dead yet?

The Emerald Bone Firebug did not die, it continues to gather Bone Bugfire to fight.

Screech screech!

The Emerald Bone Firebug released a piercing scream, with its most powerful move being unable to harm the T-Rex at all, it no longer had the confidence to continue fighting.

The Emerald Bone Firebug might be a Mid Rank 3 insect, but it has low intelligence. That was why its train of thought was simple as well; fight if it can win, run if it cannot win. It was currently thinking of making its escape.

It did not care about its companion and ran away, but rock spikes surrounded it, that was when it understood that its path of retreat has been sealed. Even if it could use the Bone Bugfire to destroy the rock spikes, it still required time. While T-Rex only needs a few seconds to destroy it.

Emerald Bone Firebug sensed a chilling killing intent, when it turned its head to defend against it, a streak of black light containing a tinge of purple flashed through its vision.

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The head of the Emerald Bone Firebug was split into two, emerald green blood slowly oozes out from the wound. While the other half of the head slides down.

Yang Tian kept the Ravenous Wolf Set, there was not a single trace of foreign matter on Ravenous Wolf Blade.

The most valuable part of the Emerald Bone Firebug was its heart, the Fire Seed of the Bone Bugfire was located in its heart.

However, refining the Bone Bugfire Fire Seed was a challenging task as well, even the process of extracting the Bone Bugfire out of the heart was tricky.

“Extracting the Bugfire is very easy, but refining the Bone Bugfire is not as simple.” Violent Corpse Worm Queen had an exceptional understanding of Emerald Bone Firebugs, that was why it knew how difficult refining the Bone Bugfire would be.

If the refining process fails, the fire seed will explode within your body, this was basically a sure death scenario. Even a Rank 5 creature would not dare to refine the Bone Bugfire carelessly.

However, once the refining was a success, the benefits of Bone Bugfire would be great as well. Different from other flames, the Bone Bugfire could continuously evolve. Different Bone Bugfire would devour each other until one remained and becomes stronger. Although this method was limited, an unrestrained ability to grow is an excellent trait.

“Of course I know.”

Yang Tian certainly knew how difficult it was to refine Bone Bugfire, the Emerald Bone Firebug was a Mid Rank 3 creature, this meant that the Bone Bugfire within it was also a Mid Rank 3 flame. Being an innate fire that the Emerald Bone Firebug possessed, the stronger the Emerald Bone Firebug becomes, the more powerful the Bone Bugfire would be.

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Refining the Bone Bugfire would require his physique’s strength as the foundation, and Yang Tian’s physique was only Rank 2. That was why Violent Corpse Worm Queen reminded him, but what Violent Corpse Worm Queen did not know was that Yang Tian had obtained a natural advantage to refine fire after he absorbed the Flame-Flame Fruit.

Mid Rank 3 mental power enveloped the body of Emerald Bone Firebug, the Bone Bugfire Fire Seed was slowly extracted out of the heart.

“Fortunately it is only Mid Rank 3, else it will not be easy to extract it.”

Yang Tian looked at the emerald-green fire seed in his hand and said. Fortunately, Yang Tian’s mental power was high enough to suppress the Bone Bugfire, else the extraction would have resulted in a failure.

Three-Headed Yin Insect had just ended its battle, it dragged the dying Emerald Bone Firebug in front of Yang Tian. There were three holes created by Yin Energy on the carapace of the Emerald Bone Firebug, it was also this three Yin Energy attacks that made it lose its ability to fight.

On the other hand, the Three-Headed Yin Insect looked perfectly fine. Although both were Mid Rank 3, the difference in their bloodlines allowed Three-Headed Yin Insect to suppress the Emerald Bone Firebug, creating a gap between the two of them.

“Protect me for now.”

Yang Tian ordered T-Rex and Three-Headed Yin Insect to protect him while he began to refine the fire seed of the Bone Bugfire. As for the other Emerald Bone Firebug, he would get to it once he successfully refined the fire seed in his hand.

Yang Tian sat on the ground and swallowed the fire seed into his body.

Flame Body

Yang Tian immediately turned into Flame Form. From afar, it looked as though a person made of fire was sitting on the ground. However, if one were to take a closer look, they would notice a green spot at the location of the heart, although it was not very obvious.

Wu Ying Xue and his group had also returned and following behind them was a group of ordinary people. Under Wu Ying Xue’s arrangements, the ordinary people quickly constructed a temporary shelter near the Wu Estate.

During the buffer period after the Zombie Wave, the ordinary humans had nearly forgotten that they were in the post-apocalyptic era; the insects that descended from the sky woke them up.

More groups of people soon arrived at different times.

There was quite a number of ordinary humans living within the territory of the Wu Family, the large numbers constructed the temporary shelter at a rapid pace.

Dark Crimson Fire Wolf and Brain-Eating Terror Hog had also returned to Yang Tian’s side. Wu Ying Xue did not recognize the fire human as Yang Tian at a glance but when she saw T-Rex and Three-Headed Yin Insect beside it, she knew who that was.

Wu Ying Xue did not understand what was happening to Yang Tian, the red fire would sometimes turn green, thus Wu Ying Xue dared not approach. On top of that, T-Rex and Three-Headed Yin Insect which were protecting Yang Tian made it hard for her to make contact as well.

Amongst the metahumans who had returned, one of the Early Rank 3 metahumans attempted to disturb Yang Tian; Three-Headed Yin Insect shot a ray of Yin Energy at him, turning him into a pile of blood on the spot.

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