Chapter 194 – Flame-Flame Fruit

The number of metahumans within the Wu Family was not small and soon there will be many more ordinary humans joining them. If this were all the bug meat they have, they would only be able to last a few days. How much food did the Wu Estate accumulated in their storage?

However, Yang Tian’s Archaic Bronze Ring has quite a large amount of food, but with Yang Tian’s character, it would be impossible for him to take them out. As long as he did not starve to death, he could not be bothered if others died from starvation or not.

Yang Tian sent his mental power into the Archaic Bronze Ring and his face instantly brightened up.

“This is the Flame-Flame Fruit?”

There were two Devil’s Fruit inside his ring, but he was unable to appraise what type of fruit they were due to the lack of his mental power.

But now, he was able to appraise one of the Devil Fruit. It was not because of his mental power, but because Yang Tian obtained the Fire Ability, he was able to use his Fire Ability to confirm that one of the Devil Fruits was the Logia-Type Flame-Flame Fruit.

Logia-Type Devil Fruits was also one of Yang Tian’s goals, so the Flame-Flame Fruit was undoubtedly a good choice.

Yang Tian pulled his mental power out of the ring; a Devil Fruit appeared on his hand at the same time and it was the Flame-Flame Fruit.

Yang Tian pondered for a moment before deciding to consume the Devil Fruit.

Yang Tian had been searching for a Logia-Type Devil Fruit in his previous life, although he did find Devil Fruits, they were all not the type he wanted. Now that the Flame-Flame Fruit has been found, one of Yang Tian’s goals has been reached. It might not be Yang Tian’s first choice, but it was still excellent.

If Yang Tian had eaten the Flame-Flame Fruit in his previous life, he would not have died in a dark cave while being hunted by his enemies…

Yang Tian started eating the Flame-Flame Fruit. The entire process looked to be no different from eating an ordinary fruit.

After eating it, a warm sensation started circling through Yang Tian’s body from his stomach. Under the effects of the Flame-Flame Fruit, the Fire Ability began to spread its flames through Yang Tian’s entire body.

Flame Energy Body

That’s right, Yang Tian was currently in Flame Energy Body State. The fire did not turn Yang Tian’s clothes to ashes, but the temperature of the flames was not low.

It was still 120℃, but Yang Tian could feel that his fire control has improved by several tiers. Yang Tian’s control over fire was even better than his control over his mental power now. Controlling the fire felt as though he was just controlling his own hands and feet.

Yang Tian’s Fire Ability also rose from Common-tier to Elite-Tier, but what Yang Tian was the happiest about was his control over fire.

Just relying on fire control, Yang Tian could fight against a Rank 3 metahuman with Rank 2 flames.

Moreover, the Flame Energy Body possessed the ability of flight, Yang Tian took a leap and turned into flames as he flew into the sky.

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The Wu Family metahumans looked at the sky to only see a bundle of raging flames flying through the air.

After eating the Flame-Flame Fruit, if Yang Tian has a need to refine powerful flames in the future, the difficulty if doing so will sharply decrease as well.

Releasing from Flame Energy Body, Yang Tian returned to the ground. The Wu Family metahumans were shocked when they saw that the bundle of flames was actually Yang Tian.

“What a mysterious ability, I thought I was immersed in fire.” Violent Corpse Worm Queen expressed her shock.

“The Devil Fruit’s ability is indeed not bad.”

“Devil? What an interesting term.” Violent Corpse Worm Queen talked to herself.

Yang Tian naturally did not know what the Violent Corpse Worm Queen thought was as he noticed the targets he wanted to find.

“Not good, two high-rank insects have appeared!”

“How are we going to deal with them in our condition?”

Two Mid Rank 3 insects appeared in front of the Wu Estate, the metahumans could see that these two insects were not easy to deal with.

“Just take care of yourselves, I will deal with those two.” Yang Tian spoke out.

Yang Tian was not thinking for these people but was aiming for the flames on those insects. Yang Tian did not even wonder why Mid Rank 3 insects would appear at this time of the day as well.

Emerald Bone Firebug, they were two meters long and one and a half meters in height and covered in emerald green armor. Pointed holes would appear on the ground wherever they walked. What attracted Yang Tian was their innate bug fire, Bone Bugfire.

Bone Bugfire has a temperature of 280 ℃, slightly lower than the Blue Plains Wolf Beastfire used by Dark Crimson Fire Wolf. However, Bone Bugfire held a unique trait, upon coming into contact with a person, it would spread rapidly, becoming very hard to extinguish. Even if the person was to duck underwater, the fire would still last for over twenty seconds.

Compared to regular fire, the emerald-colored Bone Bugfire was a decent choice.

Yang Tian patted one of the heads of the Three-Headed Yin Insect, hinting to it to prepare for battle.

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Yang Tian wanted to make this a quick fight, he quickly entered Venom form to boost all his attributes. 

The Three-Headed Yin Insect and himself would take an enemy each.

Ravenous Wolf Set was taken out as Yang Tian charged towards one of the Emerald Bone Firebug, while the other was pitted against the Three-Headed Yin Insect. The Emerald Bone Firebug did not know why a fellow species would listen to a human, but Emerald Bone Firebugs have a hot temper; seeing that it was being attacked, it did not hesitate and chose to counterattack.

The Emerald Bone Firebugs also noticed that Yang Tian and Three-Headed Yin Insect were not easy opponents, they immediately applied their Bone Bugfire onto their pincers and six sharp limbs.

When fighting against Emerald Bone Firebugs, one must be careful of their Bone Bugfire.

Rock Spike

Yang Tian used Rock Spike to limit the movement of Emerald Bone Firebug, rock spikes gushed out from the ground and significantly affected the Emerald Bone Firebug.

At the same time, the prowess of Bone Bugfire was displayed, some of the rock spikes came into contact with the emerald flames and was instantly encased in it; until the rock spikes were turned into ashes. The nearly one-meter tall rock spike only lasted for half a minute.

Yang Tian continued to cast Rock Spike to reduce the field of combat.

The inner energy of Purple Sun Divine Art has already gathered on Ravenous Wolf Blade, causing the blade to emit a faint purple glow. Yang Tian sent several blade energy slashes onto the Emerald Bone Firebug.

Ding Ding

Several sparks could be seen, but not many traces of the attack could be seen on the bug’s carapace.


The Emerald Bone Firebug retaliated by shooting a mouthful of Bone Bugfire towards Yang Tian. The latter quickly used Ravenous Wolf Shield to block the attack, the High Rank 3 shield was not the same as the rock spikes.

Most of the Bone Bugfire was blocked, but a portion still stuck onto the protection. However, the corrosive nature of the fire was not enough to deal with a High Rank 3 shield.

Yang Tian did a powerful shake, scattering the Bone Bugfire sticking on the Ravenous Wolf Shield.

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