Chapter 193 – Flame Ability

It was obvious that the Third Head’s flames was common tier. Be it, Li Kang that was killed by Brain-Eating Terror Hog or Lee Mai, their fighting power should be higher than the Third Head.

How could that level of fighting power allow him to become the Third Head of the Warblade Monster Hunters?

“Why is it not effective?”

The Third Head’s eyes were filled with shock, the flames that had always served him well were not effective.

Three-Headed Yin Bug had arrived in front of Third Head, with a flick of its tail, the Third Head was fiercely slammed against a tree. The physique of mage-type metahumans had always been weak, the attack of Three-Head Yin Insect caused the Third Head to vomit blood.

“You are too weak.”

They were all Early Rank 3 metahumans, but the Third Head was evidently weaker. Yang Tian had thought that the Third Head was the strongest amongst the three, but from the looks of it, he was the weakest instead.

What Yang Tian did not know was that the Warblade Monster Hunting Group evaluated the Third Head by his group killing abilities and not his personal fighting power. In group battles, mages would undoubtedly have an advantage, and the Third Head was chosen because he was a Rank 3 mage.

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“Impossible it must have been hurt, it must be!”

The Third Head could not believe that his attack was blocked so easily, he kept consoling his shaken heart, but the reality displayed in front of him has taken away his ‘right’ to not believe.

Yang Tian turned his right arm into Venom and shot it out, wrapping the Third Head in it.

Even though the Third Head was very weak, his Early Rank 3 Flame Ability was a complete form. Yang Tian has multiple elements in his body now and did not mind adding one more as well.

The Third Head wanted to struggle but was soon devoured, disappearing completely. 

The Third Head’s energy bundle appeared within Yang Tian, the latter circulated Purple Sun Divine Art to refine and convert it into inner energy. The Flame Ability was also obtained by Yang Tian without problems.

Yang Tian did not require much time to refine the meta-energy, taking only a few minutes to complete the entire process.

Yang Tian current has Wind, Earth, Fire, Light, Dark, and Mental Power, six major attributes. Except for Mental Power that requires Yang Tian to train to become stronger, the other power of the other attributes was based on the strength of Yang Tian’s physique.

Yang Tian’s physique was currently Rank 2, putting aside the Light and Dark Attributes that were still yet to take their complete form. The other three attributes were all Rank 2. Physique was the foundation of a Martialist. If a Martialist wants to become stronger, increasing the strength of their physique was needed, this also meant that Yang Tian’s Martialist Rank would be closely tied to the rank of his other attributes. The higher his Martialist Rank, the stronger those attributes will become.

Yang Tian did not know if this was a good thing or bad thing, but since things have reached this point, he would just take it one step at a time.

Rank 2 Flame Ability, but it was only an ordinary fire that would not be much of a use when pitting against a powerful enemy.

“I need to search for a powerful flame.”

The ordinary flame Yang Tian released only had a temperature of 120℃; compared to the Third Head, it was weaker by thirty degrees.

“Oh? I nearly forgot about you.”

Yang Tian looked at the heavily injured Lee Mai. The latter was trying to sneak away, but his injuries made it hard for his body to move quickly.

Yang Tian lifted his left hand, a bundle of flames appeared on it. 120℃ fire was enough to burn a heavily injured Rank 3 metahuman to death.

The flames were tossed towards Lee Mai, the Corpse Poison on the latter’s back began to release sizzling sounds while the fire burned him.


Lee Mai rolled on the ground, hoping to extinguish the flames on his body, but he soon stopped and it allowed the fire to spread.

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“Got to leave now.”

Yang Tian slightly frowned as he quickly left this area.

The stench of blood from this place has attracted several insects, Yang Tian detected at least five insects heading over to this place, amongst them were two Early Rank 3 insects.

Yang Tian roamed the streets of A City, it has been three hours since the Insect Wave receded, there were occasionally Rank 2 insects massacring on the streets.

The ordinary human survivors of A City were much higher than F City and Z City due to the Four Great Families. The power that the Four Great Families displayed gave ordinary humans a higher guarantee to survive.

Yang Tian was currently in an area managed by the Wang Family, he saw that many teams from the Wang Family were patrolling the streets and protecting the safety of the ordinary humans, they also quickly gathered them together to fight against the insects.

The Wang Family has done well in protecting the civilians so far, all the insects that appeared within their territory have been hunted by the metahumans under the Wang Family.

The other three families could not even care for themselves, while the Wang Family was the only one with the ability to send troops out to protect others. Just from this point, the Wang Family was undoubtedly the most powerful family of the Four Great Families.

Yang Tian returned to the Wu Estate with Three-Headed Yin Insect; Wu Ying Xue was currently organizing the metahumans under them, from the looks of it, they were planning to protect civilians within their territory as well.

When Wu Ying Xue saw that Yang Tian had returned, her face lit up in delight.

“You have returned, we are planning to aid the civilians, but our abilities are a bit lacking, I hope that you can…”

Wu Ying Xue shifted her gaze to Brain-Eating Terror Hog and Dark Crimson Fire Wolf, her intentions were obvious.

From Yang Tian’s personal point of view, he would definitely not want to aid people not related to him. However, standing from the Wu Family’s point of view, as the controller of this area, they must head out to help the civilians.

Are ordinary humans useless? No, ordinary humans still have their value, will the number of metahumans be more than ordinary humans? Of course not, if one wants to establish an organization within the post-apocalyptic world, labor will be indispensable. This will require ordinary humans to fill, even if they did not have much fighting power, but their usefulness as laborers is still high.

In Yang Tian’s Sky Halberd Domain, there were many ordinary humans as well.

“Sure, but you guys better be fast.”

“Thank you.”

Seeing that Yang Tian agreed, Wu Ying Xue was very excited, Brain-Eating Terror Hog and Dark Crimson Fire Wolf would significantly reduce their risk.

What the Four Great Families should do next was to gather all the ordinary humans and construct a temporary shelter. After the Wang Family took action, the other families quickly follow suit.

The insects were still hidden within A City, so they have to act cautiously as well.

Yang Tian got Brain-Eating Terror Hog and Dark Crimson Fire Wolf to follow Wu Ying Xue, half of the Wu Estate’s fighting force has been activated. The remaining half was basically all injured personnel.

“These are all the bug meat we have left? Looks like things would not be good.”

The inedible bug meat has been cleared away, what was left within the Wu Estate were those which will be safer for consumption. However, that amount was simply too little, the bug meat only took up 18 cubic meters of space, equivalent to the storage capacity of a medium-sized truck.

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