Chapter 192 – Corpse Explosion

The Bramble Monster Hunters had no choice but try their best to answer the interrogation.

How would they know that such a situation would occur, before they had the chance to eat the bug meat, it was taken away by the Warblade Monster Hunters. In a certain way, the Warblade Monster Hunters have saved their lives.

“If you guys have not tried it before, why did you dare to eat it? If you don’t speak the truth, I will kill all of you.”

Lee Mai approached the nine of them with his blade in hand, if these people gave him an unsatisfactory answer, he would immediately cut them.

“We really did not know!”

The bug meat was stolen from the Wu Family, the Wu Family ate it without any problems, yet the Warblade Monster Hunters got into trouble when they ate the meat instead.

“Still not telling the truth?”

The poison was torturing Lee Mai’s stomach, at the same time, it was also grinding away his patience.

He slashed down and sliced the head of the person he spoke to in half.

“Don’t… don’t. We will say.”

The remaining eight quickly tell them everything that happened earlier. They do not know what to do and could only hope that the Warblade Monster Hunters would let them off after they tell them what everything that has happened.

“Those are bug meat?” the expression of the Third Head turned slightly ugly.

Most bug meats contained toxins, the Wu Family must have known the types that could be eaten, yet these Bramble fools went to steal them without thinking. They even cut the bug meat into cubes, preventing others from recognizing it was bug meat.

“Third Head, what do we do now?” Lee Mai asked.

“You are an Early Rank 3, you should be able to depend on yourself to force out the toxins, but the subordinates…”

Most of them have already gone unconscious, they would not have the ability to force the toxins out.

“Everyone sit down, use your meta-energy to force out the toxins.”

The Third Head ordered the metahumans that were still conscious.

Hearing their leader’s words, the metahumans endured the pain and sat in lotus position on the ground. They started circulating their energy to force the toxins out of their body.

The Third Head was the only one amongst the Warblade Monster Hunters not poisoned.

Lee Mai sat on the ground as well, the Third Head had no other way than to guard over him.

When the Bramble Monster Hunters saw this scene, their minds started turning quickly. However, their actions were caught by the Third Head.

The Third Head pulled out the two scimitars on his back and slowly approached the Bramble Monster Hunters.

“I feel that there is no need to leave all of you alive.”

Without giving them the opportunity to explain, the Third Head moved his scimitars and created two crescent slashes.

The eight heads separated from their bodies at the same time. However, when one of them died, his heart released a small glow that went unnoticed.

After dealing with the Bramble Monster Hunters, the Third Head looked at his surroundings carefully.

“To be done in by a bunch of trash, I hope we will not encounter any troublesome insects.”

As the Third Head looked around cautiously, one of the corpses started to bloat up.

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The Third Head noticed something was off, he detected danger coming from that corpse.

He initially wanted to cut the body into several pieces, but the closer he got to the body, the more threat he felt, preventing him from approaching.

In just three seconds, the corpse expanded to three times its original size.

“Not good! Run!”

After the Third Head shouted, he immediately ran away, not caring if Lee Mai and the rest were able to react or not.


A powerful blast mixed with an awful stench happened.

The Third Head managed to avoid the Corpse Explosion, but the rest of his group were unable to get away in time.

After the explosion, the Third Head looked at the blast zone. The people nearest to the blast had turned into dust, while the once at the edge of the explosion were still alive but barely.

Lee Mai was unable to escape from the Corpse Explosion, but he managed to survive it. However, there was a sizeable black wound on his back, the injury was emitting a terrible stench.

“How are you?”

The Third Head quickly came to help Lee Mai, when he saw the injury on the latter’s back, he knew that the situation was not good.

“Still not enough to kill me, just that I am unable to gather my strength.”

Lee Mai weakly said.

“Clap Clap!”

The sounds of clapping were heard, and they saw Yang Tian.

“It’s you! Are you the one that caused that explosion?”

The Third Head asks with hostility.

They did not expect Yang Tian to chase after them even when they have left the Wu Family.

“Your luck is pretty good.”

Corpse Explosion contained corpse poison, once a person came in contact with corpse poison, their bodies would slowly corrode away, turning into a puddle of thick fluids in the end. The Third Head’s running speed was good enough to avoid the corpse poison. Which was also why Yang Tian told him that he was lucky.

The Third Heard observed Yang Tian and discovered that Brain-Eating Terror Hog and Dark Crimson Fire Wolf was not with him, Yang Tian was alone.

The Third Head did not believe that Yang Tian can fight him alone, so he remained on alert.

From the looks of it, Yang Tian must have some tricks up his sleeves to dare to come alone.

“Don’t bother about me, kill him.” Lee Mai weakly said.

However, the Third Head ignore him, he looked at Yang Tian and said slowly:

“Other than myself, the Third Head, the Warblade Monster Hunting Group still has the Second Head and Captain. If you kill us, even with the protection of the Wu Estate, you will still not have it easy. If you let us go, I can treat everything that had occurred today as something that never happened, they were all killed by the insects. What do you think about this?”

Lee Mai wanted to say something but was stopped by a glare from the Third Head.

“Do you think I will believe your words?” Yang Tian sneered.

In the post-apocalyptic world, the most worthless thing is credibility. Yet the Third Head tried to use it to exchange for his life.


Three-Headed Yin Insect that was hiding in the shadows attacked the Third Head upon receiving Yang Tian’s orders.

Yang Tian initially wanted to use himself as bait to lure the Third Head to him and allow Three-Head Yin Insect to deal a lethal strike. However, the Third Head was very cautious, so Yang Tian decided to let Three-Headed Yin Insect fight him directly instead.

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With Three-Headed Yin Insect’s strength, it would not need much time to deal with the Third Head.

When the Third Head saw Three-Headed Yin Insect, he tossed Lee Mai to one said and faced against it alone.

Early Rank 3 Flame Mage

His flames were only ordinary fire, relying on his Early Rank 3 abilities, he could only increase the power of his flames to 150℃. Dark Crimson Fire Wolf’s blue fire was able to reach over two-hundred degrees celsius during normal situations, this was the difference between flames.

For flame metahumans, other than the power of their rank, their fighting power is also affected by the temperature of their flames and any unique traits the flames possessed. The stronger the fire, the higher is their fighting power.

The Third Head controlled his flames to shoot towards Three-Headed Yin Insect, the latter did not even bother to block the attack as it looked at him with eyes bearing disdain. Ordinary flames could not injure the Three-Headed Yin Insect, even the fur on its body would not be burnt by it.


Three-Headed Yin Insect shook its body, the flames that covered it was scattered apart.

If an Early Rank 3 Flame Mage only controls ordinary flames at this stage, the fighting power he might display might not even reach half the fighting potential of an average Early Rank 3 metahuman.

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