Chapter 191 – Mistaken Consumption 

Death in one strike.

Before the others could react, an Early Rank 3 has been turned into a corpse.


Brain-Eating Terror Hog released a shout mixed with the thick stench of blood, causing the Warblade Monster Hunters to take several steps back.

Dark Crimson Fire Wolf flanked the group, blue flames randomly spurts out from its mouth, giving the Warblade Monster Hunters an enormous pressure.

“Lady Wu, the Warblade Monster Hunting Group is sincere in joining you, even if you do not wish to accept us, there is no need for deaths!”

The Warblade Monster Hunting Group knew that they could not communicate with Yang Tian, so they targeted Wu Ying Xue.

The death of an Early Rank 3 has reduced their arrogance, but they were still unwilling to leave the Wu Estate.

“Get lost, else the rest of you will be next.”

Yang Tian pointed at the headless corpse. Who would talk reason in the post-apocalyptic world? The one with the biggest fist would be the one that was reasonable.

The remaining two Early Rank 3 metahumans were hesitant, they obviously wanted to join the Wu Family due to a hidden agenda. If they were driven away by Yang Tian, it would be difficult for them to report back.

However, Yang Tian did not give them the time to think.

Under Yang Tian’s signal, Dark Crimson Fire Wolf used Flamethrower on the Warblade Monster Hunters.

The blue flames were aimed towards the two Early Rank 3s. However, they were able to rely on their abilities to resist the Flamethrower attack, preventing the group from receiving too much damage.

Yang Tian’s intentions were clear, if you do not leave, the next one will not be as simple as Flamethrower.


The Early Rank 3 metahumans gave Yang Tian a dark look as they departed the Wu Estate with their group.

After the Warblade Monster Hunters have left, Wu Ying Xue’s face was full of concern.

“I will leave for a while.” Yang Tian suddenly said to Wu Ying Xue and the rest.

Brain-Eating Terror Hog and Dark Crimson Fire Wolf did not leave with Yang Tian, they were ordered to stay behind, allowing Wu Ying Xue and the rest to feel more assured.

Only Three-Headed Yin Insect was following beside Yang Tian.

Yang Tian originally wanted to just drive away the Warblade Monster Hunters, but he noticed that the direction they were heading after they left was towards where the Bramble Monster Hunters were located.

This was an excellent opportunity for Yang Tian to display the might of Corpse Explosion.

“Third Head, Li Kang died just like that, are we really going to return just like that?”

“Lee Mai, I really wonder what you and Li Kang used your eyes for. Did you not notice the two creatures beside that man, do you really think he is as easy to handle as he looked? Not only did Li Kang’s impulsiveness led him to his death, but he also messed up the next step of our plan.” The Third Head said unhappily.

This person was the third in power within the Warblade Monster Hunting Group, he felt that their mission this time would have a high success rate, and he also brought two Early Rank 3s to accompany him. Yet Yang Tian’s presence had disrupted their plans.

“What should we do now?”

“Let us find a place for our brothers to rest, I will think about it.”

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The Third Head touched his chin and pondered. Lee Mai dared not to disturb him as well upon seeing that.

“There’s smoke in front, someone must be cooking, let us quickly head over there.”

Lee Mai noticed a column of smoke rising in front and ordered his subordinates to make a beeline towards the smoke, the ones that created the smoke was the Bramble Monster Hunting Group.

The Bramble Monster Hunters have cleaned and prepared the insect corpses that had stolen and placed them above a fire to smoke them. Little did they know that their activities have attracted the Warblade Monster Hunters.

Soon, they noticed something’s wrong as the sounds of running got louder and louder.

“Not good!”

Unfortunately, it was already too late, they have been surrounded by the Warblade Monster Hunters.

“May I ask if you guys are the Warblade Monster Group?”

The Bramble Monster Hunters recognized the people who surrounded them. The Bramble Monster Hunting Group was only an ordinary monster hunting group in A City, they were outclassed when compared to the Warblade Monster Hunting Group who was a Peak Level Group.

“Since you know who we are, then why are you not surrendering?” Lee Mai shouted.

“We will leave our food behind, can I ask that you let us leave?” The Bramble Monster Hunting Group knew their limits, they had no choice but to give up the food.

“No. Someone tie them up first.”

Ten Rank 2 metahumans charge out with ropes in their hands. The Bramble Monster Hunters did not even have the courage to resist and were left to the other party’s whims.

The Bramble Monster Hunters now hope that the other party would release them after they had their fill.

After tying up the nine people, the Warblade Monster Hunters turned their attention to the food.

The Bramble Monster Hunters have prepared the bug meat into chunks, on the surface, they were unable to guess that it was bug meat. Moreover, there was a significant amount, enough for the Warblade Monster Hunters to eat their fill.

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“How come a small monster hunting group like them can obtain so much food?”

“They even dare to cook it so openly.”

As the Warblade Monster Hunters ate, they did not forget to ridicule the Bramble Monster Hunters.

When the Third Head heard the comments of his subordinates, he suddenly stopped eating. Although they were mocking them, it did feel that something was not right after some thought. 

“Third Head, why are you not eating?”

Someone noticed the Third Head’s state and asked.

“I suddenly thought of something, I will eat soon.” The Third Head gave a random excuse.

He suspects that there was something wrong with this food, he wants to find out what would happen to the others after they consume the food. It would not be too late to eat after confirming that nothing happens.

Yang Tian had already arrived at this point in time and was hidden not far away from them.

These bug meat were all inedible. When the Bramble Monster Hunters came to steal the bug meat, Yang Tian had already taken away all edible ones, leaving behind only the poisonous ones.

Not long after they started eating, a large group of Warblade Monster Hunters started fainting with their mouths foaming.

Some of them only ate a small amount, the toxin was not lethal enough and allowed them to remain conscious, but they were feeling constant pain from their stomachs.

“As expected, there’s something wrong.”

The Third Head immediately threw the Bramble Monster Hunters to the pile of bug meat when he noticed things have gone wrong.

“Speak, who are you people?”

The Bramble Monster Hunters were at a loss as well when they saw a large group of people collapsing, how would they know what the situation was?

“You guys did something to the food, explain yourselves!” Lee Mai stared at the nine members of the Bramble Monster Hunters and coldly asked.

Lee Mai was one of the people who ate a minute amount of bug meat, he was able to endure the poison with his Rank 3 physique. However, the fine beads of sweat on his forehead show that his situation was not very good as well.

“We… we do not know! I have not eaten them before as well.”

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