Chapter 190 – Warblade Monster Hunting Group

“Sirs, I am from the Bramble Monster Hunting Group, I wish to use these Rank 3 energy crystals to exchange for some food.”

The Wu Family metahumans were initially on alert when a stranger was approaching them, but when they saw the Rank 3 energy crystals in his hands, they could not help but smile in return.

“Sure, since you are from the Bramble Monster Hunting Group, we are willing to trade with you.”

They took several pieces of bug meat off the barbeque rack and performed the trade.

From the perspective of these metahumans, they found this trade to be a great bargain!

Yang Tian frowned at their actions.

Although there were many insect corpses around, the ones that were edible were only a handful. Three-Handed Yin Insect had consumed quite an amount, plus the number of Wu Family metahumans were still high, the bug meat they have would not last for long.

Yang Tian quickly harvested several chunks of bug meat from the pile of insect corpses and kept them inside his Archiac Bronze Ring.

As for the people from the Bramble Monster Hunting Group, their gazes fell onto that pile of insect corpses. They did not know that most of the insect was not edible and thought that the Wu Family deliberately gave them an unfair trade.

The Bramble Monster Hunting Group thought to steal some of the insect corpses.

Yang Tian knew what they were doing but did not bother to say anything. That is a pile of poison, I am too lazy to stop you since you guys wanted to be suicidal.

“Stealing from underground?”

The plan was not bad, at least they could avoid being detected by the Wu Family metahumans. However, there was no need to steal a pile of poison back to eat.

The Bramble Monster Hunting Group had experienced a night of battle as well, they did not know whether if these insects could be eaten or not, and they did not dare to test it. However, when they saw how the Wu Family metahumans were eating happily, it was only natural that the bug meat kept by the Wu Family was safe for consumption.


Dark Crimson Fire Wolf suddenly roared, it has obviously detected the strange movement underground. However, Yang Tian stopped it from disturbing the Bramble Monster Hunting Group’s “Suicide Attempt”.

Yang Tian performed a small action that no one noticed, a tendril of energy was shot underground from his fingertips and headed to the Bramble Monster Hunting Group.

‘What happen?”

“I suddenly felt a bit cold.”

“Cold? Are you going mad?”

The other eight members of the Bramble Monster Hunting Group looked at him.

The temperature was at least 36℃ at the moment, how could it be cold?

“Quickly get it done, else we might be discovered.”

It was just a small incident, they quickly continue to work.

On the surface, Yang Tian slightly curled up his lips.

When Yang Tian used Undead Magic earlier, the Undead Attribute was added to his Null Elf body as well. Although the Undead Attribute he obtained was still in an incomplete state, it was enough for Yang Tian to cast some low-rank Undead Magic.

It was also fortunate that the Undead Attribute was incomplete as it made the connection between Yang Tian and the Abyss World to be faint and thin, but it still exists.

The Undead Magic that Yang Tian just cast was the most destructive low-rank Undead Magic.

Corpse Explosion

As it name explained, it causes corpses to explode.

When he ate the corrosive bug meat, he would soon be no different from a corpse. Yang Tian could ignite his body to produce a huge explosion.

What Yang Tian wanted to test was the might of corpse explosion, the Bramble Monster Hunting Group was just an experiment subject.

After the Bramble Monster Hunting Group finished stealing the insects, another group of metahumans came.

This time, there were over forty metahumans and the ones leading them were three metahumans of Early Rank 3.

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“May I ask, is this the Wu Family?”

One of the Early Rank 3 metahumans spoke.

Wu Ying Xue noticed that these metahumans that came did not seem to be here to exchange for food. More like… they were planning to join them.

“It is, may I know why is Sir here…?”

Wu Ying Xue came to receive them, beside her were two Mid Rank 3 metahumans.

“We are the Warblade Monster Hunting Group, we wish to join the Wu Family.”

“So it is the Warblade Monster Hunting Group, no wonder such great numbers.”

One of the Mid Rank 3 metahumans beside Wu Ying Xue commented. However, there were no traces of excitement on his face.

The Warblade Monster Hunters were one of the peak monster hunting group in A City, their leader is even a High Rank 3 metahuman.

“Uncle Leng, the Warblade Monster Hunting Group is not some small fry, you have to be careful with your words.”

“We will take note, Young Miss.”

Except for being a large force, the quality of the Warblade Monster Hunting Group members was surprisingly poor. That was also why Wu Ying Xue and the rest were putting up their guards against them.

Wu Ying Xue softly discusses with the two metahumans. 

“I heard that the Warblade Monster Hunting Group Captain is a High Rank 3 metahuman, why did we not see him?”

“Our captain died in battle last night due to an accident, else I would not have come here to join you.”

As he spoke, the members of the group displayed sad expressions. However, Wu Ying Xue and the rest obviously did not believe their words but got even more weary of the Warblade Monster Hunting Group instead.

Yang Tian had noticed the situation over there long ago, through his mental power, Yang Tian was able to easily see the small actions that the Warblade Monster Hunting Group were doing.

They looked like they were here to join, but each metahuman was gripping their weapons tightly. The three Early Rank 3 metahumans were obviously communicating by exchanging glances.

The Wu Family was currently still useful to Yang Tian, he would not allow a bunch of flies to destroy it.

“We do not accept trash here.”

Yang Tian’s cold voice came.

Seeing that Yang Tian was getting involved, Wu Ying Xue and the rest heave a sigh of relief. From the current situation, the Warblade Monster Hunting Group has a distinct advantage in fighting power.

“What did you say?”

“You dare to call us trash? Looks like you are tired of living.”

Two of the Early Rank 3 metahumans shouted out in anger, but the remaining one tried to stop them. That was because he saw Brain-Eating Terror Hog and Dark Crimson Fire Wolf standing beside Yang Tian.

He did not sense any significant threat from Yang Tian, but the two beasts beside him were giving him enormous pressure.

As for T-Rex and Three-Headed Yin Insect? They had gone to hide long ago. The abilities of the three Early Rank 3s were unable to notice them.

“Who are you, are you one of the Wu Family’s members?”

“Do I need to waste words with you? Get lost, else you will not be able to easily leave later.”

Yang Tian’s casual tone caused the entire group to feel strangely furious. The Four Great Families had never dared to call them trash, yet Yang Tian was insulting them today.

“Grandfather here is going to teach you the might of the Warblade Monster Hunters.”

One of the Early Rank 3 metahumans obviously could not tolerate it anymore, he lifted his blade and slashed at Yang Tian.


Brain-Eating Terror Hog released a howl, its current speed was more than doubled of that Early Rank 3 metahuman.

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The blade was shattered by the tusk of Brain-Eating Terror Hog, it opened its mouth and bit down onto the head of the Early Rank 3 metahuman. Everything happened so fast that no one was able to react to it in time.


The head of the Early Rank 3 metahuman cracked like a watermelon inside Brain-Eating Terror Hog’s mouth, crushed into pieces. Watermelon juice slowly flowed out of the corners of Brain-Eating Terror Hog’s mouth, it was just the watermelon juice was much thicker than normal ones.

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