Chapter 189 – Dark Creatures

The Dark Energy on its black horns were the densest, amongst Rank 3 Dark Creatures, it certainly stood at the forefront.

The mutation this time also raised the rank of the Three-Headed Yin Insect to Mid Rank 3. The changes to its body also went through a minor change, its height was only thirty centimeters, while its length was two meters. The three heads that were initially stuck closely together were now showing signs of distancing from each other.

“Is that still a Three-Headed Yin Insect?” Violent Corpse Worm Queen asked uncertainly.

Yang Tian was unable to confirm as well since it experienced a mutated taming instead of the normal taming like Dark Crimson Fire Wolf. Dark Crimson Fire Wolf was only given the Dark Attribute, while the Three-Headed Yin insect has become a real Dark Creature.

“I am not sure.”

Yang Tian knew many types of Dark Creatures from his memories, but none of them looked like Three-Headed Yin Insect.

Yang Tian tried to control it.

“Come here.”

Three-Headed Yin Insect immediately came to Yang Tian’s side upon receiving his order without hesitation. It was still Yang Tian’s tamed beast, that fact had not changed.

The battles on over at the other two places have also ended, Brain-Eating Terror Hog defeated its opponent without accidents, but Wu Family Head had a considerable injury on his left rib.

The large groups of Rank 2 insects were also disappearing at visible speeds from the air. However, they did not completely disappear, just hiding in the corners of A City.

Sky Halberd Domain had undoubtedly faced the same situation as well, but with Sky Halberd Domain’s current fighting power, they would not be in much trouble.

After the Insect Wave retreats, all the metahumans collapsed onto the ground. A night of battle has not only taken a toll on their bodies but also on their minds.

Compared to the Zombie Wave, the Insect Wave was obviously much more terrifying.

The Zombie Wave would force them to gather, the condense fighting power of the Four Great Families and the coordination with the towns outside of A City allowed them to fight against the zombies evenly. However, the Insect Wave was different, insects descended from the sky and forced the various organizations to split up, they have to fight for themselves.

Moreover, the numbers and destructiveness of the Insect Wave were a tier higher than the zombies.

This was only the first batch of otherworld creatures, there would be more invading creatures from other planes coming next and this was when the invasion of the Insect World has yet to end.

“It is now not the time to rest.”

Yang Tian looked at the metahumans on the ground and shouted.

The Wu Family Head’s injuries were severe, but he resisted the urge to rest after hearing Yang Tian’s words.

“All of you stand up.”

Compared to Yang Tian, they were more willing to listen to the Wu Family Head’s command. Only when they heard that it was the voice of the Wu Family Head, did they slowly stood up.

“The battle has not ended yet, what we need to do now is not to rest but to extract the energy crystals from the insects and restore your fighting power. As for what insects could be eaten, I will leave it to you to explore.”

Yang Tian told Wu Family Head directly, the reactions of the Wu Family metahumans made Yang Tian very unhappy, that was why he could not be bothered to talk to them.

“Let me add one more thing. Once the Wu Family cannot endure it, I will immediately abandon you without hesitation.”

Yang Tian was very frank. If your Wu Family cannot make it do not think of dragging me down with it.

Yang Tian could not be bothered with what the Wu Family Head thought as he brought his tamed beasts to harvest the energy crystals of the insects. As well as satisfy the hunger of the four of them.

Amongst these Rank 2 insects, only a small portion was edible. Most of the bug meat contains a strong corrosiveness.

Yang Tian harvested a piece of bug meat and started cooking it on the spot, slowly barbequing that meat.

When Wu Family Head saw Yang Tian’s actions, the former immediately ordered his subordinates to do the same. Yang Tian did not take things too far, leaving behind most of the energy crystals from the insects for them.

“I want to ask you, what are the bug meats that are edible?”

Wu Ying Xue approached Yang Tian and asked cautiously.

“You can try it yourself.”

Yang Tian did not have a good impression of Wu Ying Xue; he gave a simple reply and ignored her.

Wu Ying Xue wanted to ask more when Three-Headed Ying Insect screeched at her, with a concerned expression, she was forced to leave Yang Tian.

Yang Tian glanced at Three-Headed Yin Insect and noticed that it was looking at the barbeque meat that he was cooking.

 “Don’t like raw food?”

Yang Tian tore a piece of bug meat and threw it in front of the Three-Headed Yin Insect. Yang Tian also took a few bites of bug meat, the taste of bug meat was not bad, comparable to duck or chicken meat

At the same time, the three heads of the Three-Head Yin Insect ate and soon finished the bug meat. They looked at Yang Tian, not daring to fully express itself.

Yang Tian’s brow twitched, you are even particular about food?

Seeing that Yang Tian did not move, the Three-Headed Yin Insect did things by itself and brought an edible insect to Yang Tian, its intent was apparent.

Yang Tian took out several metal rods from the Archaic Bronze Ring and created a rough barbeque rack, before placing the insect on top of the frame to cook.

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“Li En, how are you?”

“Didn’t we tell you to test it first before eating? Why are you in such a rush.”

Most of the Rank 2 insects’ meat is corrosive; even if you are a Rank 2 metahuman, your gut will not be able to handle the corrosiveness, even a small piece of it.

Yang Tian looked at ‘Li En’, judging from his face, he did not only eat one piece of meat, it looks like his life was basically forfeited.

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On top of this, there were several more similar situations occurring. This also became a warning sign that prevented them from eating bug meat rashly.

The Wu Family Head went to rest due to his severe injuries, he got Wu Ying Xue and the Mid Rank 3 metahumans to handle matters. 

“We can observe what insect it is eating and select from there.”

Some of the Wu Family metahumans saw that the Three-Headed Yin Insect was barbequing insects and commented.

With the barbeque rack that Yang Tian made, Three-Headed Yin Insect selected insects that could be eaten and place it on the rack. It attracted the attention of the metahumans, they started copying the Three-Headed Yin Insect and started confirming the insects that could be eaten.

Three-Headed Yin Insect laid down and rest after eating its fill, while the Wu Family metahumans started separating the insects that could be eaten after confirming that they were edible.

The scent of barbeque bug meat also attracted some metahumans from outside.

They were a group of monster hunters that lived in the central district of A City. They were surprised by the Insect Wave and only managed to survive after paying the price of losing several of their companions.

Their stomachs were starving now, that was why the immediately approached after catching the fragrant smell coming from the Wu Estate.

“It smells delicious!”

“They are from the Wu Family?”

“Let us go and exchange for some!”

Amongst the nine metahumans was a relatively old metahuman, he slowly walked towards the Wu Estate with several pieces of Rank 3 energy crystals in his hand; those were their bargaining chips to exchange for food.

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