Chapter 932 – Dignity

The temper held back over the past few days has finally exploded.

Ji Mo Ya’s smile reduced, “Little Yan, don’t be like this.”

“Do you know how difficult being pregnant is? Rumors are flying everywhere, saying that I am carrying a bastard. Yet you, Ji Mo Ya, is here being intimate with her every day, what am I supposed to do?”

Ji Mo Ya’s face sunk, he did not know anything about this.

“Little Yan, you have suffered grievances. I will deal with this matter, do not be anxious, I will explain everything to you later.”

He had promised Wine Sage not to reveal anything about their plans for fear of startling their target, that was why he did not tell Huan Qing Yan anything about what he was doing.

From the looks of it, the little lass was jealous and had greatly misunderstood the situation.

He could not say it now as well, he could only try to finish this matter quickly and explain everything after.

Seeing him shifting away from the topic, Huan Qing Yan could not help but started tearing, “Do you also believe that this child is not yours? That was why you did not want to be bothered about me and started to become intimate with this woman? I have told you before, I am pure, those demon men did not touch me…”

Her voice was choking as she hugged her belly, a desolate image while speaking and crying.

A trace of heartache flashed through Ji Mo Ya’s eyes as he frowned, this could not go on, he had the strong urge of letting all his previous efforts go to waste immediately when he looked at Huan Qing Yan’s state.

“Men, bring Young Madam back to rest.”

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Little Feather He Lian Yuan appeared beside Huan Qing Yan, “Young Madam, let us return, I will tell you the story of my time on the battlefield…”

Huan Qing Yan’s tears were flowing, “Ji Mo Ya, I want to ask you one more thing!”

“Just say it calmly. Don’t cry.” Ji Mo Ya tried his best to maintain a calm expression.

“Did you find out who is the person behind those demon men?”

Ji Mo Ya’s brows locked up, “There are no clues at the moment. I have already sent men to avenge you, those demon men have been all been executed.”

Huan Qing Yan felt that all hope was lost, her instincts were telling her that he was lying!

She felt as though all the strength in her power has been drained away, the faith that she had maintained all this time was suddenly lost.

She believed in him, yet he was hiding something from her…

When did this happen? It started when he did not think that the child she is carrying belonged to him!

Was it because he felt that she was tainted by those demon men? And was no longer worthy of him?

Ever since he found her inside Desolate Great Forest, he was no longer as intimate as he had been back then with her; she believed him and thought it was the devil energy in the past…

All of that was lies used to deceive her!

Yes, be it cultivation or status, she was not worthy of him. Now that she was perceived to be tainted by demon men while their spirit treasures were not compatible and she was unable to help him expel the devil energy, what right or qualifications does she have to stand next to him?

Huan Qing Yan, when did you become a woman like this? You are not powerful enough, yet you hope to obtain the attention of a man?

You were even a modern person who crossed over to this world, yet what type of life are you living now?

Even a dog has better dignity than you!


Huan Qing Yan suddenly saw black in her vision as she fainted.


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Wine Sage was asleep when he was woken up by Ji Mo Ya.

“What is it? Why are you in such a rush? Did you discover the source of devil energy?” the Wine Sage said unhappily.

“No! Wine Sage, this matter cannot drag any longer, please investigate personally. The clue is undoubtedly on Bai Li Zi Xi, I quit.” Ji Mo Ya requested with an anxious heart.

“What happened brat? The safety of humanity is on the line, its future is now on your shoulders; how could you quit just like that! No, you must investigate and get to the bottom of this.”

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