Chapter 933 – A God-Like Man

“Little Yan got very upset over this matter, and it has affected the child, this matter stops here.” Ji Mo Ya said firmly.

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 “That little woman of yours! Why are youngsters so jealous nowadays? Cultivators have one to two thousand years to be together, what’s the hurry? Fine! I will think of a quick solution… After three days, this old man will organize my thousandth birthday celebration, bring Bai Li Zi Xi to the banquet…”

“What do you mean? Lord Sage.”

“During the thousandth birthday banquet, I will bring you to pay respects at the Holy Altar, we will use the power of the Holy Altar to trace the source of her devil energy.”

“Lord Sage, why did you not use this method earlier?”

Wine Sage said gloomily, “This old man is unable to open the Holy Altar alone, it requires three Sages working together to open it. The old man only got the news that the Crazy Sage of the Bai Li Clan has exited closed-door seclusion. I will be inviting him and call back Plant Sage as well before we could proceed with it. Just delay for three days, endure for three days Brat Ya. You must not alert the snake!”


The doctor was on his way out while cautioning, “Pregnant woman tend to be depressed, and she seems to be carrying this child for a quite some time, it is different from an ordinary fetus. As for when she is due, it is unclear. All in all, she just needs to calm her mind and quietly nurture, the problem is not big.”

Ji Mo Ya felt relieved.

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Madam Ru calmly said, “Ok, thank you.”

The doctor’s forehead broke into a sweat, “I don’t dare to accept Madam’s thanks. I shall take my leave.”

Madam Ru said, “Send her to the Ji Mo Estate to take care of the baby, staying on the Holy Mountain makes it easy for her to visit Yun Ya Estate several times a day, and the visits would only make her feel poorly.”

Ji Mo Ya immediately rejected that idea.

He got He Lian Yuan to carry Huan Qing Yan back to the place she stayed.

Madam Ru looked at her son, “Little Ya, we are getting more and more distanced from each other. You crippled my subordinate and forced me to take a blood oath. Now you did not believe me as well, is Mother just a decoration in your eyes?”

Ji Mo Ya straightened his body and lightly replied, “I won’t dare. Mother is overthinking. If Mother has nothing else, please leave first. I need to quickly expel the devil energy.”

He turned around and entered Yun Ya Estate, leaving from the vision of Madam Ru.

Bai Li Zi Xi finally found the chance to speak and get close to Ji Mo Ya, “There is still devil energy inside your body, yet they kept forcing you. Young Master Ya, your life is pretty tiring!”

Ji Mo Ya rubbed his brows, “Thanks for the trouble over this period.”

“Why are you so polite? It is not troublesome, our spirit treasures are compatible, I am willing to help you. I will return to my room to rest, let us continue tomorrow.”

“Rest well.” Ji Mo Ya gave a rare reply.

Bai Li Zi Xi sounded out, “Are you not going to take a look at her?”

“The doctor had already said that her body is fine and just needed rest. There is no need for me to go.”

Bai Li Zi Xi added softly, “Is the child she is carrying really yours?”

Ji Mo Ya did not reply to her question, but that flash of anger and avoidance did not go undetected.

She instantly knew what that means!

It was indeed not his!

If it were his, he would not have remained silent…

Bai Li Zi Xi had a rough idea of what was happening, no wonder Ji Mo Ya undergone such a huge change. It was because the child was indeed not his, it was a bastard of those demon men! The heavens have truly helped her.

She walked with light jump due to her happy mood, a god-like man like Ji Mo Ya was cuckolded by that woman!

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