Chapter 936 – Become Husband And Wife

This duo, when matched together, formed a blinding image that attracted many gazes.

Many elites of the other Great Families tried their best to distance away from the duo, afraid that they would be compared and turned into weeds used to boost the duo’s image.

Only some, like Uncle-like King Spirit Masters or old men, were not bothered by it. Chuckling as they remained beside the duo without moving.

On the platform, some young ladies of the Eight Great Clans were softly whispering to each other.

“How come Young Master Ya is sitting with the Saintess?”

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“What Saintess? Can she still be called the Saintess? It is said that she had lost all her reputation in Blood Moon Hidden Realm, what an embarrassment. I used to look up to her in the past, but now? Humph! She is not as strong as us sisters…”

“All of you just continue to gossip, no matter how unworthy Bai Li Zi Xi becomes, she still has the Luan Spirit Treasure that is compatible with Young Master Ya. Nothing can be done even if you continue to be jealous…”

“Mu Rong Xin Nuo, if I were you, I will definitely push her away to sit beside Young Master Ya.”

“You girls should stop teasing Xin Nuo, the Young Master of the Nan Gong Clan has made a marriage offer…”

“Ah! Is that true? I did not know about it, tell us more.”


This time, because the Wine Sage set the date in a rush, there were not many members of the Eight Great Clan who had arrived. Larger clans might be able to teleport directly using the teleportation formation, but most smaller clans will not have teleportation formations. It was why only people who resided near Holy City managed to participate.

After the people below gave their blessings, it was time for the members of the Eight Great Clans to do so.

The King Spirit Master elders went first, while their juniors followed after.

When it was time for juniors to give their blessings, everyone looked at Young Master Ya’s direction, he was the number one person amongst their generation. Without him going first, no one would dare to make a move.

Ji Mo Ya stood up gracefully, Huan Qing Yan was watching him from below whilst hiding amongst the crowd. Like many of the young girls who were looking at him with beating hearts, she was also the same, but with traces of reluctance…

She was unwilling to give up such an excellent man to a bitch, should she try to fight some more and give him a chance?

After Ji Mo Ya stood up, he faintly smiled and invited Bai Li Zi Xi, “Zi Xi, let us give Wine Sage our blessings together!”

No matter how distanced and cold Bai Li Zi Xi’s expression was, she was unable to maintain it as she lifted her head with joy. She was already delighted earlier on when she was able to share a table with Ji Mo Ya and the latter did not object to the arrangement.

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Now, Ji Mo Ya had invited her to greet the Wine Sage together? What does this mean?

Before she could think of an answer, the people below started to react with surprise.

“Gosh! What is Young Master Ya implying? Going together to give the Wine Sage their blessings is something married couples do together!”

“Don’t you know? It is said that Young Master Ya developed an inner devil after his Heaven Tribulation. It was the spirit treasure of the Saintess that saved him, and they have been staying in the same place for several days already.”

“Also, you guys might not know it, but the woman that Young Master Ya was with had betrayed him. She had a child with a demon man, Young Master Ya was enraged, and shifted his attention to Bai Li Zi Xi…”

“That cannot be, that’s too shocking! Oh gosh! What sort of woman dares to treat our Young Master Ya like that…”


Bai Li Zi Xi delightfully stood up and took Ji Mo Ya’s hand, “Okay, let us go together.”

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