Chapter 935 – Annals

He Lian Yuan was very worried that something might happen to cause Huan Qing Yan to faint again, it would not be good for the baby.

“Then why are you sending him a spirit crane to ask for his permission? Being able to attend the birthday banquet of Lord Sage meant that his body is well, yet why did he not come and visit me? Did he visit me over the past three days? Tell me! What difficulties does he have? Hugging a beauty every day is his difficulties?” Huan Qing Yan said overbearingly.

He Lian Yuan tensed his mouth, “Young Master has given his instructions, Young Madam is to take care of the baby and not go anywhere. If you must go out, this subordinate must seek his permission via spirit crane. Young Madam, please don’t make things difficult for me.”

Huan Qing Yan softens her stance, “Fine, you just listen to your Young Master. I am hungry now and want to make something to eat…”

“Sure, I will heat up the kitchen for Young Madam.”

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After some time, Huan Qing Yan made a tableful of spirit dishes.

“Sigh, it is not appetizing to eat alone, come, and join me for the meal.”

Little Feather stopped Huan Qing Yan from going out early, now he was afraid that she would be angry again if he rejected her offer. Moreover, the spirit ingredients and Huan Qing Yan’s cooking was excellent, just a sniff and even a strictly trained person like him was secretly gulping his saliva.

Therefore, he sat down, “Okay Young Madam. This subordinate shall respectfully follow your wishes.”

“Okay. This is Spirit Grain Wine made personally by myself. Come have some.”

Huan Qing Yan refilled his cup three times and she had added sleep-inducing stuff inside the wine. Very soon, Little Feather was lying on the table.

After that, Huan Qing Yan immediately changed her clothes and disguised herself, she wore loose clothes to cover her belly.

Her plan was to leave through the back entrance of the estate.

After reaching the back entrance, Huan Qing Yan started feeling unwilling. She is leaving Ji Mo Ya, what is she going to do in the future?

Hanging Cloud was certainly a no, so where should she go?

When the baby is born, without a father, will it be very tough?

She was at a loss about her future.

If he comes now and asks her to stay, if he begs for forgiveness and says that everything was a misunderstanding, she might be willing to forgive him…


Holy City, Great Square of the Holy Court.

People were densely packed, commotions were everywhere.

The sounds of cheers came one after the other.

“For us to be able to attend the birthday celebration of Wine Sage’s one-thousandth birthday is truly a blessing. The Wine Sage is a model example for humanity to follow, an icon of respect!”

“It is still a bit too rushed, many heroes around the continent were unable to arrive here on time…”

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“Exactly, such a grand event should be planned at least one and a half years ago. Our Wine Sage is too low profile.”


On the large center stage within the great square, Wine Sage was carrying his large wine gourd, smiling while visitors paid their greetings. 

Plant Sage was seated beside him, the solemn face that he usually had on has a faint smile on it as well.

Behind the two Sages was a platform filled with people seated, these people possessed high status or positions to be able to seat with the Wine Sage.

They were mostly the elders of the Eight Great Clans and their heirs, or certain excellent and special young elites. Most of the guests shared a table for every two persons, on the tables were filled with excellent wine and plates of spirit fruits.

Ji Mo Ya and Bai Li Zi Xi were also sharing the same table; one graceful and charming, the other as beautiful as a fairy.

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