Chapter 937 – Never Turn My Back On You!

Above and below the platform, various commotions were breaking out, shock, jealousy, envy, cheers, regret… etc.

Huan Qing Yan was already no longer registering those noises.

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As she was wearing thick layers of black clothes, no one could see that she was pregnant. With a black satin covering her face while only revealing her eyes, she froze there as she watched Ji Mo Ya held Bai Li Zi Xi’s hand.

The two of them were holding hands…

How laughable, to think that she was hoping to forgive Ji Mo Ya, hoping that he will be coming to apologize to her.

Yet he held another woman’s hand in front of so many people, looking like a married couple walking over to give the Half-Sage their blessings. Was this the real reason why he did not want her to go out and wanted her to be confined within the estate?

To take care of the fetus? For the sake of her body and health… those were all fake.

More like he was worried that she would interrupt his good time, right?

Huan Qing Yan instantly felt all hopes were lost, she no longer held any hopes in her heart, only a desolate grey coldness was left.

She should not remain here any longer.

She had asked enough, she had seen enough, what else is there for her to be reluctant?

Time to leave this place.

“Little Yan? Is that Little Yan?” someone suddenly called out to her from within the crowd.

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She turned and saw a masked man in black robes, his domineering sharp eyes gave him a heroic feel, while his body was slender and tall, emitting a faint fragrance of ambergris….

Although Huan Qing Yan was in disguise, she was still recognized immediately. This person was undoubtedly Bai Chen Feng, “You got the wrong person.” 

She did not want to meet Bai Chen Feng at this time as well.

She only wants to leave this place alone.

“Little Yan, why are you dressed like that? It looks like Young Master Ya found a better match, what are your plans now?” Bai Chen Feng sent a mental message this time.

Huan Qing Yan ignored him and head deeper into the crowd.

Due to the inconvenience of her pregnancy, despite evading and avoiding, her stomach was still pressed against by others, making it very painful.

Bai Chen Feng managed to close the distance, he protected her and forcefully created a safety gap for her, “Little Yan, I know you are feeling very hurt now. Follow me, I have said long ago that you are not compatible with Young Master Ya. I, Bai Chen Feng, swear that I will never turn my back on you!”

Huan Qing Yan noticed the ever-increasing crowd density and knew that it will genuinely not be easy for her to squeeze out of this place in her current body condition.

She was a pregnant lady with an unstable unborn child; she has the heart to leave but not the strength to follow through, wanting to leave Holy City would be challenging… She might as well borrow the power of Bai Chen Feng, she can think about what to do after leaving Holy City.

“Can you take me out of this city? After leaving the city, don’t ask where I am going, can you do that?”

Bai Chen Feng secretly sighed in relief, as long as she was willing to communicate and leave Ji Mo Ya’s territory, everything would be easy. He was ready to accompany her wherever she wants to go, “Okay!”

“Thank you.” Huan Qing Yan lowered her head and said.

Bai Chen Feng replied, “Little Yan, do you have anything containing divine sense? It is best to throw it away, or you will be discovered even before leaving Holy City.”

Huan Qing Yan took out Phoenix Feather Bell and looked at it with reluctance.

When Bai Chen Feng saw it, he just took it from her and casually hung it on an auntie with a heavy built, her large tummy made her look as though she was pregnant.

Within the dense crowd, Bai Chen Feng half hugged Huan Qing Yan and brought her out.


On the platform, Ji Mo Ya and Bai Li Zi Xi were giving their greetings together.

Wine Sage smiled, “Good! You children look pretty good together, while your spirit treasures are also compatible as well. This old man has been rooting for the two of you for a long time, only now did the two of you know to come together, this old man is also delighted to be able to see that now!”

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