Chapter 938 – Holy Altar!

Having been alive for millennia, such surface words was a piece of cake with not a single ounce of pressure felt.

Despise towards Wine Sage was deep within Ji Mo Ya’s heart, he could not wait to throw Bai Li Zi Xi three miles away, but he could only endure for the sake of a greater cause.

He guessed that he might develop a trauma after this incident.

Holding hands with Bai Li Zi Xi to give a birthday greeting… would be a stain in his life.

At that moment, a hearty laugh came from the sky, the voice was loud and bright. Along with the sound, was an elderly man with a disheveled head that looked like a beggar, flying down from the sky.

Behind him was his spirit treasure, a majestic looking, and gigantic long-haired dog, on its forehead, was the word ‘King’ that was looking to turn into the word ‘Holy’.

Some people stand up in shock.

“It’s Crazy Sage!”

“The Crazy Sage of the Bai Li Clan has left closed-door training!”

“Hahaha, a rare event of having three Sages present!”

The masses were delighted.

There were only two Sages in Holy City as the rest of the Sages were either in closed-door training or busy with other tasks. Only when something significant has happened would they come out and take a breather. 

It was rare to see three Sages appearing at the same time.

The beggar-like elder laughed even more merrily, “Sit everyone, this Sage is only here to celebrate Wine Sage’s birthday and drink some wine along the way…”

Wine Sage and Plant Sage stood up while chuckling.

Wine Sage said, “No wine if there is no present, let this old man see what present you prepared first.”

Everyone laughed out loud.

When the giant long-hair dog approached, people could see that it was carrying several people on its back, they were the core strength of the Bai Li Clan.

The Patriarch Bai Li Ren, and several King Spirit Master Elders, and even more young elites of the family.

About ten of them in total, they were all sitting on top of the spirit treasure whose speed was as fast as Crazy Sage.

The long-hair giant dog landed on the large platform at the same time as Wine Sage.

The members of the Bai Li Clan immediately gave Wine Sage their birthday greetings while seeking forgiveness for being late.

When they saw the couple-image of Ji Mo Ya and Bai Li Zi Xi, the members of the Bai Li Clan felt gratified.

Bai Li Zi Xi came up and greeted Crazy Sage.

“Zi Xi greets Lord Sage!”

Crazy Sage sized up Bai Li Zi Xi for a moment before giving a loud laugh, “Good, no need to be polite. I met you once when you were brought back to the clan when you were still young. To think that this old man only entered closed-door training once and you have grown up so much. Good! Good!”

Ji Mo Ya also greeted Crazy Sage.

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Crazy Sage gave any series of praises, looking as though he was looking at his own son-in-law, with great satisfaction.

Plant Sage lightly coughed, “Okay, everyone should take a seat.”

The Bai Li Clan went to look for their seats and sat down.

Crazy Sage sat on the other side of Wine Sage so that three Sages were on the same platform.

Plant Sage said, “Today, with three Sages present plus the Wine Sage’s birthday. We have decided to activate the Holy Altar once and allow the guests and elites of humanity to have the opportunity of being bathed in the Holy Light of the altar.

When the announcement was made, an uproar came from both above and below the platform.

Holy Altar!

Only allowed on

The treasure of the Holy Court!

To put it bluntly, the Holy Altar is the biggest spirit energy node of the Holy Court. The node is usually in a sealed state due to fear of spirit energy leaking excessively and resulted in the spirit energy within Holy City to be dried up.

“The spirit energy of Holy City is enormous, if opened today, this cultivation bottleneck I have for ten years might achieve a breakthrough!”

“That’s right, the same goes for me as well. The Holy Altar’s spirit energy is the purest on the continent, that is why it is called Holy Light. It is not something that ordinary spirit energy can compare, looks like we did the right thing to come to this event.”

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