Chapter 939 – Well Suited

“No wonder Wine Sage did not prepare the banquet earlier, he must be afraid that too many people come to suck up all the spirit energy of the Holy Altar, hahaha…”


These were the conversations from beneath the platform.

Startled voices came from above the platform.

“What? Did the Wine Sage drink too much? Open the Holy Alter? Can the Holy Altar be opened so casually?” 

“This is announced by Plant Sage and not Wine Sage. Looks like it is true.”

“Who cares, I am ranking up, I am ranking up! Wahhh, the clan competition is coming soon, I will definitely not come in last this time.”


Ji Mo Ya remained calm and graceful.

He had an uneasy premonition earlier on and was worried that something had happened to Huan Qing Yan’s body or to the baby; he just wants everything to end quickly so that he could go over to check.

His heart was very impatient.

Bai Li Zi Xi was slightly surprised, she turned and ask Ji Mo Ya, “It is said that the Holy Altar was last activated during the previous Great War between humans and demons, right?”

“Yes, that’s true. We are fortunate today.” Ji Mo Ya looked at her with a gaze that looked gentle but was actually distanced.

The three Sages have started to open the Holy Altar.

Three thick pillars of spirit energy appeared underneath the Half-Sages; the feeling was as though all the spirit energy presently on the public square were all drained away and the audiences withheld their breathing.

However, this state soon disappeared.

The spirit energy pillars formed a circle and started to rotate above the public square.

The rotation slowly increased in speed, finally becoming a ring of light with a height dozens meters tall and a width several dozens meters wide. Countless runes started to jump randomly on it.

Suddenly, several sounds of cracking were heard everywhere, as though something was breaking apart.

Before anyone could see clearly where it was from, a dull sound rang out from the light ring.

When everyone looked at it, they saw that an abyssal black hole had appeared within the light ring.

A thick circular pillar started appeared, the structure looked like an exposed well as it came out from the ground, slowly rising.

A thick white fog started coming out from the entrance of the well, someone started cheering, “Spirit energy! What rich spirit energy!”

“It is not even unsealed yet. What are you shouting for!”

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Indeed, the white fog coming out was not much. By the time the well has reached its maximum height with its foundation exposed, it stopped moving.

The white fog was still circulating around it.

The three sages kept their spirit treasures and spirit energy.

The people above and below the platform have all sat down, preparing themselves to cultivate immediately.

Wine Sage spoke to Ji Mo Ya and Bai Li Zi Xi, “Why not you two youngsters remove the seal above the Holy Altar. This old man finds the two of you looked the most well suited in the entire area, go on!”

His praises pushed the two individuals to higher heights.

Fortunately, even if some of the elite youngsters were not willing to accept this decision, they also did not have the courage to challenge Young Master Ya.

They could only mumble, “That means the two of them would be the closest to the Holy Altar and enjoy the best rewards from the Holy Light, they got it easy.”


When Bai Li Zi Xi looked at the well, she had an unknown resistance towards it, but since the Wine Sage had spoken plus Ji Mo Ya was also stretching out his hand to her; he meant to imply for them to hold hands and go together.

Such a rare opportunity to put on a display in front of so many people? What a great honor!

After opening the seal of the Holy Altar together, the days till she marries into the Ji Mo Clan will not be far away as well.

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