Chapter 940 – Holy Spirit

At that time, Ji Mo Ya would be hers…

Bai Li Zi Xi did not reject his offer.

She forcefully suppressed the unknown fear within her heart and placed her hand on Ji Mo Ya’s.

The two of them reached the side of the Holy Altar.

Ji Mo Ya spoke to Bai Li Zi Xi charmingly, “On the sides of the well are two contraptions, we need to press them at the same time to unseal it.”

 “Okay.” Bai Li Zi Xi felt more and more uneasy, she even developed an impulse to run away.

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She did not know why it was happening, but she cannot pull out of this situation now.

“I will count to three, and we will press it together.” Ji Mo Ya smiled, “One, two, three!”


The two of them pressed down on the contraption, a powerful aura gush out from within the Holy Altar, the mighty spirit energy flew into the air and formed two words, “Holy Spirit”.

The people cheered! Excited and emotional!

Wine Sage spoke out, “Let it be for now, let the Holy Spirit be cheered for a while longer before we turn it into a mist.”

Plant Sage and Crazy Sage were delighted as well while sitting beside.

“It has been over a dozen years since the Holy Altar was last unsealed and the Holy Altar has even condensed the words Holy Spirit as well.”

“Exactly, a Holy Spirit nurtured over a dozen years, only the legendary Holy Altar can do it.”


As everyone cheered, the words ‘Holy Spirit’ suddenly charged towards Bai Li Zi Xi!

Bai Li Zi Xi’s heart was beating irregularly when the Holy Spirit words appeared, an unknown sense of danger made her unwilling to remain here any longer, but when she tried to turn and run, Ji Mo Ya grabbed her by the arm.

“Saintess, where are you going?”

Bai Li Zi Xi said in fluster,  “I, I am not feeling well, I want to take a rest.”

Ji Mo Ya curled his lips slightly, “No hurry, Wine Sage is looking at us right now.”

Bai Li Zi Xi smells something fishy, as though there was some sort of scheme, but it was already too late when she became aware of it.

The ‘Holy Spirit’ words seem to detect something and enveloped Bai Li Zi Xi!

Bai Li Zi Xi only felt a deadly sense of suffocation that made it hard for her to breathe. A ray of golden light pierced through her skin, it caused her to feel pain throughout her entire body…

“What is this? Young Master Ya, same me! What is happening?” Bai Li Zi Xi stretched out her hand while calling for help.

When Ji Mo Ya heard her, he retreated several steps away to distance from her instead.

In fact, some of the golden energy had also entered his body, but fortunately, he was still able to endure it.

As the situation happened too suddenly, everyone was at a loss for a moment.

There was silence from everyone above and below the platform.

The Crazy Sage, Bai Li Feng, was the first to stand up. The smile on his face was frozen; just as he wanted to assist, Plant Sage stopped him.

“Old Crazy, don’t rush, continue watching.”

Some of the Bai Li Clan elders were also unable to continue watching this and spoke out, “Why are you doing this? Bullying our family’s Zi Xi, how could this golden spirit harm people for no reason?”


Just as they were protesting, they saw the golden spirit slowing forcing out tendrils of black energy from Bai Li Zi Xi’s body!

Some of the King Spirit Masters who were more knowledgeable instantly stood up in shock.

“Devil Energy? So much Devil Energy!”

“How come this lass has Devil Energy inside of her? I know, is it because she helped that kid from the Ji Mo Clan to absorb the Devil Energy, which is why it got inside her body?”

“No, the kid from the Ji Mo Clan is an Inner Devil, no black energy would appear because of it. That black energy is True Devil Energy and is contagious.”

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