Chapter 941 – Devil Energy

At this moment, the Devil Energy leaking out of Bai Li Zi Xi just kept increasing…

Only then did the Wine Sage took action, he tossed out his wine gourd which flew over and it absorbed all the Devil Energy into itself.

“Bai Li Zi Xi, this old man will now ask you, where did the Devil Energy in your body come from?” Wine Sage used the domineering voice of a Half-Sage while asking, forcing Bai Li Zi Xi’s spirit to be affected and to answer without a choice.

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However, Crazy Sage beside him slowly stretched out his hand and blocked Bai Li Zi Xi, “Old Wine, Xi Zi is a member of the Bai Li Clan, why are you doing things so harshly?”

The intent of him protecting his own was very apparent.

He turned his head and said to Bai Li Zi Xi, “Zi Xi, tell us what happened. With me around, you have no need to worry.”

Bai Li Zi Xi was still being pierced by the golden light causing her great pain, but having obtained the Crazy Sage’s promise, she got more courageous as well, “I do not know as well. Lord Sage, I do not know anything. Lord Sage, maybe Young Master Ya passed it to me?”

Wine Sage spit out a sentence, “Don’t lie!”

“You deliberately transfer the Devil Energy into Brat Ya, you got close to him by using the excuse of helping to expel the Inner Devil. No matter your goal, you must tell us the source of the Devil Energy! Devil Energy has not appeared on our continent for a very long time, our records stated that the last it appeared was ten thousand years ago, when the Sky Devil invaded.” Wine Sage was truly enraged this time.

Ignoring the obstruction of the Crazy Sage, each word was like a knife pressing down at Bai Li Zi Xi.

The people below the platform were all deadly silent. Although the powerful words of Wine Sage were not targeted at them, it was still enough to scare them speechless.

Ji Mo Ya was the nearest to Bai Li Zi Xi and was nearly forced to step back from the pressure.

As the target of the pressure, Bai Li Zi Xi’s mind was deeply shaken while her soul was becoming unstable, getting her to speak, “I will say, I will say… it is taught by my master… master says that learning the Devil’s Way will quickly increase my cultivation, and I can use Devil Energy to manipulate people as well.”

This time, the three sages were silent.

Displaying looks of finding it hard to believe.

Finally, Plant Sage spoke out, “Are you referring to the Ascended Sage that made you a God Chosen? Isn’t that the Butterfly Sage?”

Bai Li Zi Xi was already in great shock, plus now that she was exposed with black energy coming out from her, it was no point pushing the blame to Ji Mo Ya, so she replied, “I do not know, he said that he is the Butterfly Sage and knew the battle technique of the Butterfly Sage. However, master always appeared in the form of an eye! An eye condensed from Devil Energy, and he would often appear…”

Wine Sage and Ji Mo Ya exchanged looks.

Devil Eye!

The Gnome Sage’s last words mentioned to be careful of the Devil Eye!

So it was connected to Bai Li Zi Xi… completely unexpected.

Plant Sage was informed by Wine Sage before this and asked again, “Are you able to summon for your Devil Eye master?”

It would be great if she could summon him and they could combine power of three sages to suppress it.

Many things would be revealed once the Devil Eye appears.

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Bai Li Zi Xi cried as she shook her head; the black energy was turning her skin and face black, her entire body was turning black.

“I am unable to summon my master, he just appeared each time suddenly. I did not know anything as well, I am also deceived. He says that he’s the Butterfly Sage, bestowed me the Sage’s Light, taught me his inheritance, and turned me into his disciple… I thought that he really is an Ascended Sage, that sages might cultivate in the Devil’s Way as well.”

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