Chapter 942 – Utter Stupidity

Wine Sage said, “Rubbish, how could the Sages cultivate the Devil’s Way? Since ancient times, there have been no Sages that ascended through developing the Devil’s Way! No wonder, your talent is not considered high, yet your cultivation speed is so fast. Release your spirit treasure, did it become a Devil Spirit Treasure already?”

Only at this time did both the audience above and below the platform managed to react.

“How rare, to think that it is a fake God Chosen! To think that a God Chosen can be fake as well, my knowledge has improved today.”

“This, is something big going to happen? To think that Devil Energy has appeared on Spirit Treasure Continent, as for that Devil Eye, it sounded so terrifying! Xin Nuo, why is your expression so pale?”

“I am afraid, I have been meeting Bai Li Zi Xi with Auntie for several days recently. I wonder if she has tainted us with Devil Energy as well…”


Bai Li Zi Xi’s high class and magnanimous Saintess image were basically all gone, she has turned into a black humanoid with her features wholly hidden.

Wine Sage’s gourd was frantically sucking the black energy from her, but it was not as fast as the speed it was being released.

Ji Mo Ya, dressed in white, was calmly and emotionlessly looking at her.

Bai Li Zi Xi suddenly reacted and pointed her finger at Ji Mo Ya, “Ji Mo Ya! So you have been acting all this time, you deliberately deceive me and you planned together with Wine Sage since the beginning, right?”

“You have hidden really deeply, if you had not released the black energy to invade my body, I would not have discovered it as well. What is your purpose for trying to control me?” Ji Mo Ya calmly replied.

“You are lying, the black energy I released was extremely thin, it should not be visible under the naked eye. No, even divine sense would not be able to notice it, how did you discover it? I deeply adored you and wanted to dual cultivate with you to become stronger, my Master says that she is waiting for me at the Upper Plane.”

A trace of disgust flashed through Ji Mo Ya’s face, “Foolish! The Devil’s Way is completely incompatible with Spirit Cultivators, getting you to cultivate Devil Energy is equivalent to leading you to death, utter stupidity.”

She even wanted to dual cultivate with him! Just listening to that made him felt disgusted!

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Ji Mo Ya wanted to quickly end this and fly over to see Huan Qing Yan immediately.

The Devil Energy within his body has been forced out by the Golden Spirit while the remnant Inner Devil inside him was under his control, he would undoubtedly recover within a short period.

Ji Mo Ya was no longer bothered with Bai Li Zi Xi and he walked to the Wine Sage’s side.

The gourd continued to suck a while longer before Bai Li Zi Xi finally turned slightly whiter, as the Devil Energy within the latter was greatly depleted, her cultivation also fell greatly due to it.

From Mystic Spirit Master to Late-Stage True Spirit Master, from Late-Stage True Spirit Master to Mid-Stage True Spirit Master and continuing… till she became a Spirit Master!

When everyone saw how much her cultivation had decreased, countless sounds of astonishment and shock were heard.

“What an eyeopener, all her cultivation is from Devil Energy!”

“The heavens, to think that she managed to obtain the title of Saintess through her deception before…”

“Look! Her appearance is also dropping! She looked ordinary and haggard. What a shock, to think that she was so seductive and beautiful before, so it was all due to the Devil Energy.”


Bai Li Zi Xi was not too agitated when she felt her cultivation dropping, but when she heard people saying that she had turned ugly, she touched her face in disbelief, to discover that it was true…

A sharp shriek was heard, “Ahhhhhhh!”

She covered her face and no longer dare to look at anyone.

“We still need to find out clues about the Devil Eye from her, but there are too many people now, let us lock her up in prison first and interrogate her tomorrow. Lord Sages, what do you think about this arrangement?” Plant Sage asked. 

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