Chapter 943 – Defending

The Wing Sage nodded, “Okay.”

The expression of Crazy Sage was not good, “Can we not. The Devil Energy within Zi Xi is nearly cleaned out, this child has likely been deceived by the Devil Eye and is also a victim. How can she be locked in prison? It is not good for a girl’s body.”

Wine Sage frowned, “What are you trying to imply Crazy Sage?”

Crazy Sage said, “Zi Xi is a member of the Bai Li Clan, let the Bai Li Clan investigate this matter. This old man will first bring her back, we will speak after we discovered anything.”

It was evident that this was an attempt to protect and defend one of their own!

Wine Sage and Crazy Sage exchanged a glance, The Crazy Sage was famous for protecting his own people, looks like this matter would not end easily.

If the three sages started arguing in front of so many people, it would naturally affect the unity of humanity and affect the overall progress of the race.

However, if they allowed him to bring Bai Li Zi Xi away just like that, it would be hard to get her out in the future.

Plant Sage lightly coughed and reminded, “Crazy Sage, the matter regarding the Devil Eye is very serious…”

Bai Li Feng remained impassive, “It is because this is a serious matter that this sage will personally deal and investigate it. This child is definitely misguided, she has not harmed anyone and nothing serious had happened, there is no reason to lock her up in prison.”

“She deliberately passed Devil Energy to Ya Brat, you call that not harming anyone?” Wine Sage said.

“How is that harming someone? It is just a young lady being willful and wanted to be with her lover that she made the wrong decision. Isn’t he fine? It is only understandable, who has not been young before?” Crazy Sage lightly glanced at Ji Mo Ya.

Ji Mo Ya did not speak.

Firstly, the sages were discussing, juniors had no place to disrupt them. Secondly, it would be useless even if he spoke anything, Crazy Sage’s character of protecting his own was well known by many.

From the looks of it, Bai Li Zi Xi will likely escape this disaster?

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After leaving through the gates of Holy City, one would be able to use Flying Magic Equipment.

The rules of Holy City states that ordinary people could not use Flying Magic Equipments within the city, only the Half-Sages have the right.

Bai Chen Feng called out his Flying Magic Equipment and pulled Huan Qing Yan onto it, flying the rest of the journey.

After an hour, they were more than a hundred miles away from Holy City.

Only then did Bai Chen Feng’s nervous expression relaxed slightly.

Huan Qing Yan reluctantly looked at the direction of the Holy City in a daze, it was unknown what she was thinking about…

However, Bai Chen Feng did not relax, a hundred miles was only a matter of a few breaths for King Spirit Masters.

“Little Yan, sit well, we will be flying slightly faster. It was not suitable to fly too quickly when we just left the Holy City as people might notice something. I will be increasing my speed now.”

Bai Chen Feng’s Flying Magic Equipment was disc-shaped with nothing to shield its riders from the wind sitting on it, which was very uncomfortable.

Huan Qing Yan lightly acknowledged and slowly supported herself, “I will be fine.”

Bai Chen Feng went full speed, more than doubling their flying speed from before.

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After flying for nearly four hours, they were several thousand miles away from Holy City.

They arrived in a small city, Sun City.

“Okay. Little Yan, let us rest here for now. We are now at the borders of the Purple Sky Empire, its Sun City is their city of cultivation. I lack the mental power currently, but we can hire a cultivator who owns a Flying Magic Equipment to bring us there.”

Bai Chen Feng had exhausted his mental power due to the high-speed traveling and required rest to recuperate. 

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