Chapter 402: Ye Jian, You Just Wait!

Comparing with Sun Dongqing, Ye Zifan’s words ignited a stronger fighting spirit in Ye Ying.

Exactly! Her grades are good, but as long as my results are better, then all these problems will be solved, isn’t it?

After hanging up the phone, Ye Ying felt that all her troubles had disappeared. She raised her chin faintly.

While walking, her line of sight was also slightly elevated, giving off a sense of superiority.

Back at the dormitory, Ye Jian simply arranged her stuff in her luggage. After that, she and An Jiaxin simply introduced themselves to the four other girls in the same dormitory before heading to the cafeteria. Upon reaching the cafeteria, they bumped into Ye Ying, who had just finished her call.

Their lines of sight met and the atmosphere suddenly seemed to stagnate.

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Ye Ying glanced at the girls; the look in her eyes was scornful.

They looked like they were from ordinary families. It was indeed true that birds of the same feathers flocked together. People of similar status hung out with one other.

“Sister, if you have time, you should call home. My dad’s very worried about you.” Ye Ying unconsciously touched the pendant on her chest. She smiled and continued, “I just called my dad and told him that you’re back.”

Ye Jian didn’t want to involve her classmates in the dispute between Ye Ying and her, so she smiled at An Jiaxin and said, “Jiaxin, you and Xiao Yi can head to the cafeteria first and help me buy a meal. Thank you. ”

“But…” An Jiaxin was worried. But after meeting Ye Jian’s gaze, she nodded and tugged at the other girl, speaking in a quiet voice, “Let’s go.”

As soon as her classmates left, Ye Ying’s ugly face was completely exposed. She looked at Ye Ying gloomily and smiled faintly, “Stupid lass, don’t think that you can beat me just because you’ve returned to First Provincial High. Status determines the way you live. Don’t think that you’ll ever surpass me.”

“Who’s comparing themselves with you? Ye Ying, it seems that you’re the one who’s comparing yourself with me,” Ye Jian casually revealed a faint smile. The afternoon sun was blazing hot, but she didn’t seem to sweat even a bit. Instead, she felt refreshed. “I’m only here to tell you that it’s not really a big deal to enter First Provincial High. You worked so hard to enter this school, but it was only a piece of cake for me.”

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This sentence stabbed Ye Ying’s heart, causing her to feel pain instantly. Her expression changed suddenly as she retorted in a cold voice, “So what? I’ll let you off today, but you better watch out next time! With your status, you’re no match for me!”

Ye Ying had always been defeated repeatedly when bickering with Ye Jian. After being defeated, she left eagerly. However, before she left, her darkened eyes, which clearly revealed that she had other intentions, made Ye Jian’s eyebrows crease slightly.

Ye Ying just had a phone call with Ye Zifan. It seems that she has been given some tips. I’d better be more careful.

Just like this, this small conflict ended. When Ye Jian reached the cafeteria, An Jiaxin already had the food ready on the table.

Sitting beside her wasn’t just the girl from the same dormitory, but also some of her other classmates.

In the cafeteria, Zhang Bin, who was from the fourth class, looked around for Ye Jian with a tray in his hands. He had wanted to look for her after the math test, but he was unexpectedly called by the physical education teacher to move some sports equipment. That was why he rushed to the cafeteria to look for her now.

Since the senior high students still had military training for one more week, the cafeteria was slightly empty and wasn’t packed at all.

Soon enough, he heard An Jiaxin’s voice, and following its direction, he spotted Ye Jian.

It wasn’t just the two of them sitting together. Several students were sitting nearby, laughing with Ye Jian. It seemed that their relationship was very harmonious. Some of them were top students in the first class.

It was obvious that Ye Jian was getting along well with her classmates on the first day of school.

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