Chapter 403: The Youthful Crush

Zhang Bin looked at Ye Jian, who was surrounded by other classmates. Then, he turned to An Jiaxin and thought about it before deciding that he would meet them after school.

Some boys patted Zhang Bin’s shoulders from the back and laughed. “Hey, Zhang Bin, you’re looking at An Jiaxin again. If you really like her, why not write a love letter and let her know?”

“However, you have to be careful to not let the teacher find out about it. Their class’ teacher is quite a good person, but she’s also frightening when she’s strict.”

“What are you saying? Ye Jian was my junior high school classmate…”

His voice gradually drifted away. Ye Jian glanced at Zhang Bin, who was retreating. She whispered to An Jiaxin, “Let’s go to Zhang Bin’s after school?”

“What for? He’s busy in the afternoon. Hey, he’s an athlete. He goes for training every day after school. Also, he doesn’t live on campus. He lives with his grandmother.”

Zhang Bin’s father was from Fujun Town, but his mother was from the province.

The usually carefree An Jiaxin cautiously continued, “Zhang Bin’s father isn’t very close to his grandmother’s family. His mother had to travel all the way to the countryside for the marriage, which made her family even angrier. If you ever see Zhang Bin, don’t ask him where he lives. He wouldn’t like it.”

Listening to this, Ye Jian smiled and looked at An Jiaxin. She deliberately prolonged her voice and said, “Not bad, you actually know how to care for people.”

“Who? Who cares for who?” The other girls who didn’t hear the first part came closer. In a short while, everyone began laughing.

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In the sunshine, the second-year high school students, who hadn’t yet entered the college entrance examination venue, smiled carefreely. Ye Ying, who had once again lost to Ye Jian, kicked the leaves on the ground and grumbled.

“Ye Ying, come here. Everyone is looking for you.” A girl blocked Ye Ying’s way and started pulling her towards the Swan Lake. She continued, “We need urgent help. We didn’t finish our summer homework. You have to help us.”

The “we” that girl mentioned were the students whom Ye Zifan advised Ye Ying to have a good relationship with. They weren’t from powerful families but they were rich.

After seeing the girl, Ye Ying blinked and smiled, “Sure, but if I do it wrongly, you won’t blame me, right?” This opportunity came at the right time. She was just thinking of ways to deal with Ye Jian!

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“Hey, you’re the best among us. Even if you get it wrong, your answers will still be better than ours. Let’s go.” The girl pushed Ye Ying’s shoulder and smiled, “It’s urgent. We need it by noon!”

If necessary, you could request those officials’ children to deal with Ye Jian … Ye Zifan’s voice rang in Ye Ying’s ear. Such a good opportunity had arrived now, wasn’t it great?

Ye Jian, oh, Ye Jian. You dare to offend me. I’ll let you see how you survive in this school!

After the meal, Ye Jian returned to the dormitory to tidy up her bunk. Just like what the teacher had said, a strong person would have haters, but also people who respected him or her. After lunch, the six girls in the dormitory had a certain understanding of one another.

The other four girls were even more pleased that they could stay in the same dorm as Ye Jian. They could help her to unpack her luggage and buy daily necessities together. After an afternoon together, they felt closer to one another.

While handling the dormitory arrangement, Teacher Tong had spent some effort to arrange those friendly girls to be in the same dorm as Ye Jian.

In the afternoon, the test results were released. Ye Jian was naturally in the first place. She scored 24 marks higher than Jiao Hai, the boy originally ranked first in the level.

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