Volume 3 Chapter 151: Experience At The Knight’s Union Branch In Olsylvia City

In the southern region of the territory of Gabriel Empire, deep in the heart of Sarnia Duchy – the Great Hall in the center of the “Paradise of Corruption” Palace District suspended above the Darkness Sacred Region. Accompanied by Succubus Queen Aisha, Bella was examining her “trophies.”

Succubus Queen Aisha was a demon that Noesha had summoned from the Other World, and her strength levels were above the Six Great Abyss Demon Kings. Perhaps due to Noesha’s “wicked interests,” Succubus Queen Aisha had traveled in a loli’s body. Her clothes weren’t very revealing, either.

The other succubi in the hall generally had a more womanly figure, but this loli succubus was their Queen, which was a little hard for Bella to accept. In the beginning, she seriously doubted that if this loli succubus were a fake queen.

Aisha’s face didn’t have the innocence that a loli should have, but instead had the bewitching, seductive taste of a mature woman. Although she had a loli figure, she wasn’t weak or helpless. Her figure was similar to that of Bella’s and Demon World Princess Diaz’s figure, the lolis with good figures weren’t exactly the norm.

“Aisha, how is the progress coming along?”

“Honorable Demon God, it’s going very well. Apart from Caroline resisting a little earlier, the other girls had already promised to become ours. I will personally implant the Demon Mark on them later.”

“Well, that was quick… Are you sure you didn’t force them?”

“Of course not, Honorable Demon God. I’m a master in this field. After you discipline them like that ogre, then they’re just like the obedient pets.”

Succubus Queen Aisha was interested in this matter, and Bella could see the excitement in her glowing red eyes. The succubi under this loli Queen’s control with long silver hair were all lesbians. This batch of succubus cultivated by Noesha was unique. They were all lesbians and had no interest in men.

This was also why Bella was willing to arrange for them to look after Caroline and the others, instead of herself. If the succubi under Aisha were the traditional male and female succubi, Bella wouldn’t have gotten them to hold the fort. Bella intended to designate “Paradise of Corruption” as the place to build her collection of trophies.

In a secret room, Bella was with Sea General Una and Princess Tina of the Oceanic Race, who were placed here by Bella. The restraint artifacts on their bodies hadn’t been removed yet, but their blindfolds were replaced with a translucent black veil. However, the little ball gag in Princess Tina’s mouth had been temporarily removed.

“Honorable Demon God, excuse this subordinate first. Please enjoy. I’ll take care of these two girls myself later. I’ll help you deal with Caroline first.”

“Mmm, it’s been hard on you, Aisha. I may entrust more similar work to you in the future. You must be prepared.”

“It’s no trouble at all, Honorable Demon God. I, along with my sisters, are happy to help you.”

Upon seeing Bella, Sea General Una turned away. This demon was abominable. She had promised to rescue Princess Tina, but as a result, the latter was imprisoned in her dungeon. What a liar!

Bella walked towards the crucifix and turned Una’s face in her direction. She liked it when they looked straight at her so she could appreciate the helpless, shy expressions of her trophies — this satisfied Bella’s spirit of conquest.

“What’s the matter, Princess Una? You’re good at hiding – lurking beside Princess Tina of the Atlantis Empire. Don’t rush to deny it. If the information I found is correct…”

“Atlantis Empire is the home of the Mermaid Race, but you belong to the royal family of the Sea Dragon Race. That doesn’t make sense, now does it?. The country of the Sea Dragon Race is Augustus, so you’re an infiltrator, is that correct?”

Bella leaned towards Una, whispering into her ear in the Sea Dragon language. Princess Tina, who was close by, couldn’t hear their conversation. All she saw was the proud Sea General falling into a lifeless state after Bella stuck close to her face and whispered a few words. Una, who wanted to shake her head, felt as if she had been nailed in the spot by magic.

Princess Una had been lurking in the Atlantis Empire for many years since she was a child. Even when she reached the position of Sea General, she wasn’t discovered as a spy for another country. The reason why she begged Bella to save Princess Tina was that she cared about her and was sincere towards the Princess whom she had been playing with since childhood.

Now it seemed that she had harmed others and herself. Nevermind the fact that Bella had captured princess Tina; even her secret identity had also been revealed. This must be what despair felt like for her.

“Now, you’re behaving. Forget about it. No matter which Underwater country’s Princess you were, you’re now mine. Aisha herself will take care of you in a moment.”

Bella kissed Una’s tender face and turned to Princess Tina. Una, who remained in place due to her inability to fight back, was lucky enough to witness the scene of Succubus Queen Aisha “educating” those human girls.

If the loli succubus were to take over, Una was afraid that she would fall under her various tricks of training. However, the struggle was futile and only made it more interesting for Bella.

“Demon King, don’t you dare bully General Una. D-don’t come any closer!”

Princess Tina’s determination disappeared in less than half a minute. After seeing Bella approaching her, she was terrified and wanted to run but couldn’t due to being bound by the gold chain.

“Princess Tina, do you know that your best friend… Nevermind, you’re mine anyway. It’s not important if you know or not.”

Bella held Princess Tina in her arms and comforted her attentively. Princess Tina’s physical strength was much worse state compared to Una’s so Bella could hold her firmly in her arms without any effort. As Bella was feeling the icy, alluring body of the beauty in her embrace, an expression of utter pleasure crept onto her face.

The Oceanic Race had relatively low body temperature, and the texture of their skin was very different from a human girl. Bella planned to capture a few more of them. By summer, she would have special “human pillows” to dispel the summer heat. Princess Tina showed an aggrieved expression. This female Demon King was more difficult to deal with than Ocean Demon King Victoria.

Ocean Demon King Victoria wasn’t into bullying girls like this, while Demon King Bella was addicted to this sort of bullying. What annoyed her, even more, was the fact that Bella had rescued the other Oceanic Race captives from the Siren’s territory but detained only her and Sea General Una.

“Honorable Demon King, you don’t seem to have any shortage of girls here. Can you please send Una and me back?! You can ask for as much compensation as you want. I will try my best…”

“Princess Tina, why do you want to go back? Your Atlantis Empire is already planning to launch an all-out war against the Aldridge Empire. If you go back broke now, you might be assassinated by the pro-war factions.”

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“I… I’m not afraid of dying. I can’t let the war happen… What are you trying… Let me finish speaking! Please… no…”

Once again, Bella blocked Princess Tina’s mouth with the ball gag. The girl was too naive. Her innocence should be left for her enjoyment only. For now, she would put her here first.

“Princess Tina, your life is in my hands now. There’s no way I’m letting you go. You may as well stay here until Aisha has marked you with the Demon Mark. I’ll see you next time.”

After Bella left the secret room, she highlighted the areas to Aisha that she should pay more attention to and repeatedly forbade her from using any torture instruments on the girls. Then, she started her transfer array to return to her Olsylvia Academy residence, “Pure White Heaven.” It was currently the night when the Olsylvia Academy was celebrating the successful conclusion of The Great Hunt.

At the shores of Lake Virginia, in the six campuses of Olsylvia Academy, was Duke Bellina’s apartment building, “Pure White Heaven,” Bella’s apartment building number one. As soon as she transferred back here, Bella saw Lolita who was dressed in a dark gothic loli attire.

“Lolita, thanks for looking after this place during the Great Hunt.”

“It’s nothing, Honorable Bella. This is what I should do. By the way, the meteorological phenomena have been volatile and spontaneous lately. It seems like there’s a big war coming. I can already faintly smell the scent of blood.”

“Lolita, you can even read the meteorological phenomenon?! That’s strange. Even President Nina that astrologer couldn’t say anything. How did you do it?”

Bella was looking up at the glittering stars in the night sky. She really couldn’t see any changes in them. The stars in the Other World weren’t much different from the stars on earth. She didn’t know if people on earth were looking at the same stars at this moment.

“It’s a secret. My intuition has always been accurate. Honorable Bella, you don’t have to worry. For us, World Destructors, war is a feast.”

Lolita looked relaxed. No matter how Bella coerced the dark gothic loli, she was unwilling to mention more about the subject. Bella wasn’t sure that she could overwhelm Lolita and could only helplessly watch this dark gothic loli.

After the Great Hunt at Olsylvia Academy, everyone got a day off, and Bella made use of this spare time, which was hard to come by, to go through the professional knight certification.

The headquarter of the Knight’s Union was in the country of the knights, in the capital of the Octavia Empire, Olsylvia City. It was a branch of the Knight’s Union of the Manasvir Empire. According to the regulations of the Knight’s Union, a branch could only carry out the certification ceremony for Holy Knights while the certification ceremony for Dragon Knights would usually be carried out in the General Assembly.

The eastern part of Olsylvia City, the residence area of Olivia Wizard Academy, Wilcotts Block.

Wilcotts Block was the gathering place for the professional trade unions in the Olsylvia City and was similar to the trade union street in the online games Bella played on earth. The entire street was filled with trade union branches of various professions. Common professions such as mages, swordsmen, knights, assassins, and archers could find the trade union branches that they belonged here.

Early in the morning, Bella came to Wilcotts Block with Dragon Knight Lisha, Dragon Knight Natasha, and knight apprentice Shirley. Bella had forced Natasha to accompany her. Ever since the proud president of the Disciplinary Committee played a game of “changing clothes” with Bella, she no longer opposed her.

When Bella called Natasha up this morning, she also forcefully helped her change her clothes. Looking at Natasha, whose face was still a little flushed, Bella felt a perverse pleasure. She planned to find a chance to get the president of the Disciplinary Committee to sleep with her and let her fall entirely.

“What are you looking at? Hurry up. Bella, aren’t you going to apply for the Holy Knight certification?”

“I got it. Um… Natasha, the thing that you changed this morning…”

“I’m begging you, please don’t mention it anymore. Bella, I…”

“Hmph, once we get back tonight, go to the room upstairs. If you don’t… You know what I mean.”

In Wilcotts Block, there were students from all professions. The trade unions were very busy. In the Other World, career advancement depended not only on the growth of their cultivation but also on the union points accumulated by completing tasks assigned to them. For example, mages; from mage apprentice to junior mage, they were required to reach specific cultivation standards and exchange a hundred Mage’s Union contribution points for a place.

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If they didn’t have one hundred Mage’s Union contribution points, the qualification certificate issued by the Mage’s Union to the apprentice would be “Mage Apprentice” even if the apprentice was already at the level of a Mage Mentor. Trade union contribution points were similar to the scores obtained in Olsylvia Academy’s Society Activities but slightly more unfair.

In any case, aside from contribution points, Society Activities still yielded other rewards but each professional trade union only awarded contribution points after the completion of the trade union contribution tasks and there weren’t any other rewards. It was merely a colossal fraud and a great example of doing something for nothing.

The Knight’s Union branch was located in a prominent location in Wilcotts Block, occupying an area larger than an ancient Roman amphitheater. On both sides of the Knight’s Union entrance stood statues of famous Dragon Knights from many different ethnic groups. These statues were made according to the real size of the original persons and looked very lifelike.

Looking at these knight statues carved from marble, Bella felt a sense of pride. The extravagance of the Knight’s Union far exceeded the facade of other battle profession unions. This pile of marble statues with costly artistry was beyond the reach of any other battle profession unions.

Due to the limitations of the size of the site, the Knight’s Union branch here didn’t build statues of the mounts of famous Dragon Knights. However, at the headquarters of the Knight’s Union in the capital of Octavia Empire, there was a sculpture a fifth the size of a real dragon mount.

Across the street from the Knight’s Union branch was the Mage’s Union. Like the Knight’s Union, the headquarters of the Mage’s Union was also located in the mage’s nation, the capital of Aldridge Empire. The one here was a branch of the Mage’s Union.

Bella froze while Looking at the entrance of the Mage’s Union. Like the Knight’s Union, a statue of a famous Human Mage had been erected. But unlike the Knight’s Union, the statue in front of the Mage’s Union was carved out of magic crystal.

The value of magic crystal far exceeded marble. The statues in front of the Knight’s Union could only be said to be expensive, but the one over there was sky-high. After looking around for a while, Bella realized, with some regret, that besides the Knight’s Union, the facades of the battle profession trade unions were generally more shabby compared to the Mage’s Union.

The Knight’s Union that looked decent was also considered inferior to the Mage’s Union. The Mage’s Union occupied at least twice as much land as the Knight’s Union.

At the entrance to the Mage’s Union, Bella saw Serena and Sylvia, who had come to hand in their trade union contribution task. They didn’t notice Bella’s arrival because there were too many people on Wilcotts Block coming and going.

“Forget it. I’ll invite them over when I have the time. After all, they can’t escape my clutches.”

At the entrance of the Knight’s Union, there was already a long queue because many people had come to hand in their trade union contribution tasks or obtain the professional knight certification. When there were many people, queuing was inevitable.

Since they were all knights, no one dared to jump the queue, which would only be detrimental to a knight’s image, with so many people watching. Everyone could only keep the polite, refined demeanor of a knight, waiting with a smile, but at the same time, cursing at the man in front in their hearts.

At this time, Lisha and Natasha’s usefulness came to play. According to the regulations of the Knight’s Union, Dragon Knights need not queue up. To be able to become a Dragon Knight itself was proof of strength. Coupled with the exceptional nature of a Dragon Knight, coming back to the Knight’s Union usually meant that they had something urgent to report.

It was one of the privileges of Dragon Knights that even Holy Knights didn’t have and could only obediently line up with a bunch of senior knights. Bella looked at the Holy Knights who were lining up with a forced smile on their faces and secretly felt pleased inside. She and Shirley followed Dragon Knight Lisha and Dragon Knight Natasha into the special entrance designated for Dragon Knights.

A knight’s attendant could accompany a Dragon Knight. Bella made use of this loophole, disguising herself and Shirley as Dragon Knight attendants to use the “VIP passage.” Among the people standing in line, Bella noticed Scott from the Savior Camp, who was lining up bitterly.

Scott felt bitter inside, but he couldn’t say it out loud. This world didn’t follow the usual routine. The Other World novels that he had read before transmigrating was all for nothing. Forget about the fact that he had to wait in line; the point was that he still needed those stupid guild contribution points. Without them, the dream of him reaching the summit of life here on the Other World – instantly rising to the heights of a Dragon Knight, cruelly defeating Demon Kings, and marrying a beautiful princess, would fall through.

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