Volume 3 Chapter 150: The Chance Encounter in the Henrietta Magical Emporium’s Break Room

Olsylvia Academy, East Campus, Olivia Wizard Academy’s society activity area, Latimore Business District, Henrietta Magical Emporium’s internal break room.

Bella followed the directions along the little winding pathways and arrived at Isabel’s bedroom. Even though trespassing into a girl’s room is not the best idea, this was not her first rodeo. Since Bella had snooped around in the rooms of countless girls, she barely hesitated before entering.
The door was ajar when Bella reached out to push it open and she easily slipped into Isabel’s room. Just as she had thought, Isabel’s bedroom looked nothing like a girl’s. The entire room was filled with tall, heavy shelves that had books stacked to the brim. This lass was far too obsessed with learning about magic and neglected all the other wonderful experiences of the world outside.
Bella saw a pile of female clothes on Isabel’s bed. However, there were a few pieces of clothing that did not match Isabel’s style as she did not remember seeing her in any blue outfits at all. As she took a closer look, some of those were a girl’s intimates and the bed was covered in wet spots.
Bella began to lose her composure as her mind ran amok. That lass actually went behind her back to see someone else. Was it necessary to be this thirsty?! Seriously, the bed was sopping wet. If she needed some release, why didn’t she look for Bella!
There was a little bathroom in Isabel’s room and Bella could hear the pitter-patter of water coming from that direction. Without much thought, she decided to push the bathroom door open.
In her rush, Bella lost her footing and fell forward onto the bathroom floor. As the bathroom was rather small, a large wooden tub took up most of the space. In one fell swoop, she managed to push the beautiful girl by the side of the tub off balance.
The both of them fell together into the tub with a huge splash. Bella felt as though she had bumped into two pillowy soft mounds of cotton. In addition, she realized that the other person was completely naked as their bodies collided. This did not seem to be the Silver Dragon Princess Isabel. Taking advantage of their proximity, Bella grabbed onto the girl’s hand, which clearly felt different from Isabel’s.
“Hey, as a female knight, how could you be so careless! Furthermore, trespassing into a girl’s room is something that only…”
“Isabel, you… my apologies, I seem to have mistaken you for someone I know. I’ll take my leave then.”
Bella scrambled to her feet immediately after realizing that she had mistaken someone else for Isabel. This young maiden had long locks that were as blue as the ocean and had a pair of gorgeous azure irises. Bella could see that she had a seal of royalty that was similar to the one that the Golden Dragon Princess Laceman had. Based on her experience, this stunning young maiden was similar to the Ocean Demon Dragon Amy Beth, whom she had already taken advantage of. This meant that she was most likely an ice type dragon.
“Hold on… you know the dragon language? You’re a Dragon Knight! I seem to recall that Isabel, that bookworm, does not have a dragon knight as her companion.”
“Well, I’m here to look for Isabel. I don’t think we’ve met…”
“Call me Mavis. The people call me princess, but I’m not a fan of that title. Look, your clothes are all wet. Are you just going to leave with your clothes dripping water all over the place like that?”
Mavis’ ice cold hand held on to Bella’s arm, preventing her from leaving. This felt a little strange to her. Typically, water type beauties, especially those who practiced ice type or water type magic, had personalities like water. These girls were usually more demure and composed.
On the contrary, even though this Princess Mavis was an Ice Dragon Princess, her personality was the complete opposite and she was not calm or composed at all. Furthermore, after the initial shock of seeing Bella barge into the bathroom, it did not appear to be a big deal to her at all. In fact, the way that she had held on to Bella was so natural and she did not seem to mind that Bella had seen every inch of her naked body.
“My name is Bella. Well… I guess I am a knight, for the moment!”
Since Bella had not been accredited by the Knights Union, her identity as a Knight was not entirely true and she had no choice but to remain as vague as possible in case she got herself in trouble. Her body double, Princess Felia, was already an accredited Holy Knight who had been recognized by the union. However, Bella was unable to use her certifications as this would reveal her true identity, which meant that she had to go through that process all over again.
“Bella, stay here. We’ll get cleaned up together. We’re both girls so there’s really nothing to be shy about. Also, this gives us a chance to chat a little!”
“Umm… I think it might be best to wait for Princess Isabel to return before…”
“What, am I not comparable to her? I just want you to stay here to keep me company! Is that too much to ask? I don’t have a Dragon Knight companion either. Wouldn’t it be better to have more options?”

Bella was making full use of the old “cat and mouse game” and Mavis played along as well. She felt that this Ice Dragon Princess was someone who was easy to get along with. While they were in the tub, she quietly helped Bella massage her shoulders. At this point, she appeared more similar to the ice-type beauties than Bella had initially thought.
There were a few wounds scattered around Mavis’ body. Apparently, they were some battle scars that had remained from when she had attacked the Fire Dragon Prince Lewis. There was just something about Prince Lewis that annoyed Mavis to no end, which caused her to beat him up every time she could. Even though their abilities were practically on par, Mavis usually had the upper hand because she was more adept at sneak attacks.
“Mavis, stop looking for trouble, especially with Lewis, that scoundrel. Just ignore him.”
“Alright, Bella, I’ll listen to you.”
Bella was terrified that sparks would fly between Mavis and Lewis from their constant fights and bickering. Therefore, she decided to advise Mavis to be the bigger person, seemingly in good faith. However, the Ice Dragon Princess was oblivious to her schemes and took Bella’s advice to leave Prince Lewis alone. This meant that Bella had successfully nipped any hint of romance between the Ice Dragon Princess and the Fire Dragon Prince right in the bud.
The main thing that tugged at Bella’s heartstrings was that Princess Mavis was interested in looking for a Dragon Knight companion and her terms of contract were less rigid. She was not too particular about the knight’s level of study as long as the individual was a Holy Knight. On the other hand, some of the Dragon Race had purposely set a minimum benchmark when selecting their knight companion – stipulating that any knight who wished to apply must be a Dragon Knight.
Most importantly, Mavis’s personality was much more compatible with Bella, especially when it comes to being a companion. The way she interacted with people was a lot gentler than Isabel. Based on her soft hands and her massage techniques, Bella could feel that she had a warm and tender soul. It would be a waste to let such a good backup steed end up with someone else.
“Mavis, why did you rummage through my clothes again, hmm? Both of you…what are you doing?!”
Isabel, who had returned to the hidden room, gaped at Bella and Mavis who were sharing a bath in her personal bathroom. Both of them were seated rather intimately in the tub. Mavis was tenderly giving Bella a shoulder rub with a big smile on her face, as though both girls were in the midst of an engaging conversation.
“Nothing much, I was just discussing the Dragon Knights! Oh, and I dirtied my clothes earlier, so I was looking for something of yours to wear but I didn’t see anything that I liked.”
“What? Mavis, you little rascal! What kind of friend are you? How could you… how could you try to steal my Dragon Knight companion?”
“Yours? What’s yours? You don’t have any official agreement with Bella.”
Isabel stared at Mavis, feeling a little conflicted. She was an excellent friend and confidant, but Mavis had always enjoyed taking things that belonged to others. It was to the extent that she would even steal away her friend’s Dragon Knight Companion. However, if it had been someone else, Isabel would not have had such a reaction. But when it came to Bella, she could not help but feel an inexplicable pang of jealousy.
In such matters, Bella chose to observe quietly. To be honest, she wanted the best of both worlds. Based on the human knight’s code, each Dragon Knight could only have one Dragon Steed. Since Bella was a Demon King, human rules technically did not apply to her.
“Mavis, can’t you just find another knight as your companion? The humans have produced many excellent knight trainees this year, why do you have to fight with me over Bella?!”
“Isabel, I refuse. Why can’t you be the one to give her up? Hmph, you’ve always disliked interacting with the humans. Would you be able to do something like this?”
“I… who says I can’t? I’ll show you…”
What’s the big deal, it’s just sharing a bath! Isabel huffed in anger. She could do it too. Bella was not some pseudo-gentleman of a Dragon Knight trying to act decent. Under Bella’s shocked gaze, Isabel gritted her teeth, took off her clothes, and plopped right into the wooden tub.
The wooden tub was not too big as it was meant for two and the addition of a third person meant that there was not much wriggle room. Now, Bella was sandwiched between Isabel and Mavis.
Outside Isabel’s room, the Black Dragon Princess Clariss looked at the clothes that had been thrown haphazardly on that girl’s bed with an expression of relief. This little nemesis of hers, she finally understood the secrets shared between girls.
Clariss had let Isabel return to her room half an hour earlier. When she came in, she saw Isabel and Mavis’s clothes strewn all over the bed and the floor. In addition, there were all sorts of noises coming from the bathroom. Clearly, Clariss thought that both of them were doing “strange” things to each other.
A wistful smile appeared on Clariss’s face as she left the room and walked over to the Henrietta Magical Emporium to look after the shop for Isabel. In addition, she would keep an eye out for any trouble. At that moment, Prince Lewis, who had just returned from getting his wounds bandaged, left, feeling depressed when he saw Clariss in the shop.
In the meantime, Bella was basking in the bliss of getting a massage by two princesses of the dragon race. Mavis was completely flush against her as she gave Bella a back rub and she could feel the astonishing bounciness of her chest. On the other side, Isabel was in front of Bella while carefully massaging her legs. Even though her movements were a little awkward, it made her all the more appealing.
What a pity, Bella thought. If she had known that something like this would happen, she would have brought some of her “tools” along. Bella watched Isabel and Mavis with a hint of regret. If she had had some of her tools with her, she would have already pinned them down and devoured both dragon princesses – just like how she took advantage of the Ocean Demonic Dragon Amy Beth and the New Moon Demonic Dragon Dorothea.
Bella only left the magical emporium that Isabel owned when it was almost curfew. The Dark Dragon Princess Clariss, who was keeping watch at the store outside, was surprised as she followed Bella with her gaze until she disappeared into the distance. Moments later, Isabel and Mavis emerged, their faces clearly flushed.
Wait…th…three people? These two lasses were far too daring. Adventurous as she was, Clariss had never tried anything like this before! Under Clariss’ questioning gaze, Isabel and Mavis were far too embarrassed to even try to explain in fear of making things far more complicated than they already were.
The southern territories of the Gabriel Empire, deep within the heart of Sarnia Duchy’s central region, a certain dark cloud above the Darkness Sacred Region. A black castle floated on the surface of the cloud. Under its cover, outsiders would not be able to see the secret that hid behind the cloud.

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This “Paradise of Corruption” was built by Noesha. Outsiders were not the only ones who were unable to see it; only a couple of the Demon Lords who belonged to the Darkness Sacred Region knew of its existence. Even the Blood Demon King Eleanor and the Sky Demonic King Dolores who presided over the region knew nothing about this place.
The central palace of the “Paradise of Corruption” was filled to the brim with all sorts of erotic tools. For those who had those particular unique interests, this place was literally heaven to them. Other than Noesha, Bella was the only one who had access to the teleportation array that was specifically linked to this place.
Bella was currently enjoying herself with her “loot”. At her request, the entire set up of this hall was based on the secret room that the Two Headed Ogre Nelson had. The girls from the Frederica Academy had been moved here and placed in the exact positions the previous “collector” had put them in.
Many succubi wearing revealing black leather “domme” outfits roamed the hall. These were “dominatrixes” that the erotic loli, Noesha, had nurtured in secret to coach these girls. When their mistress was not around, these dominatrixes were in charge of taking care of the girls’ daily needs.
While the girls from the Frederica Academy were being held here, the restraints on their bodies remained the same. The only difference was that the black blindfolds had been replaced with translucent black veils, everything else remained the same. It was a slight improvement from when they were being held captive by Nelson as they were now able to catch glimpses of the outside world.
Each girl was allocated a succubus who would take care of their “personal needs”. Those who were more important were assigned a high level succubus. These creatures were obviously much stronger and more professional than Nelson the Ogre. Furthermore, they were female, which meant that they were extremely familiar with the female mind.
Under the coaching of the succubi, the girls from the Frederica Academy had stopped resisting any sexual advances. At the moment, Bella was teasing the president of the Frederica Academy’s student union – Caroline. The little ball gag had temporarily been removed from her mouth.
“Wuu… You’re actually a demon? Don’t… don’t touch, not over there… Help!”
“Oh sweetie, stop calling out. Remember, you promised everything to me. Why can’t you just be like the others?”

Bella cupped Caroline’s chin and forced her to look directly into her eyes while her other hand roamed freely over her body, caressing every inch of it. The other belles from the Frederica Academy, who were on the nearby pillars, had already given in. When Bella went over to tease them, they were extremely cooperative with Bella’s invasive touch.
The blindfold that covered Caroline’s eyes had already been replaced with a black veil. In the beginning, she would never have thought that Bella was a demon, but now it was one misfortune after another. The worst thing was that those who were coaching them were professional succubi and everyone else had already submitted to them. Caroline was the last one standing.
“Let go of me! Please! I can give you as many gold coins as you like… you…”
“Riches and valuables are merely superficial, I have no use for them. Moreover, your brother is always at odds with my Rose Society, I will not let go of the chance to take advantage of his sister. Come on, just submit to me. Would it be nice to be like them?”
“I… I will never…”
Before Caroline could finish, Bella kissed her forcefully on the lips, cutting her off in mid-sentence. This little lass, even though her words were ones of resistance and refusal, her body was honest and betrayed her. After some light petting, Bella could already tell that Caroline was reacting to her touch.
“Rest assured, Caroline. This place is set with a unique timeline. One day here is as long as a month in the outside world. I have all the time in the world to make sure that you submit fully to me. You cannot escape your inevitable fate.”
“Let me go… I’m begging you, I…”
“Caroline, stop your wishful thinking. Also, if you remain stubborn and refuse to submit, I cannot guarantee that nothing will happen to you when I return! You have nothing to lose if you submit to me. Have a good think about it!”
Bella put the ball gag back into Caroline’s mouth and left as soon she made sure that the straps were secure. Before she stepped away, she pinched Caroline’s delicate cheek. Even though she tried to soundlessly protest Bella’s unreasonable requests, her attempts were to no avail.
Once Bella walked away from her, two high level succubi pinned Caroline’s writhing body down and began a new “course” of coaching. Bella had instructed the succubi to use the most gentle methods of “breeding” when dealing with her and any form of violence was prohibited.
“Your Excellency, you’re back! Do you need me to inform the other two Demon Kings?”
“Mm, Aisha, there’s no need to inform Dolores and the others. I simply used the teleportation array to take a look at the situation around here. Are there any updates? I will need to return to the Academy soon.”
“They’re all quite good… with a little bit of coaching, they would definitely… Slime, that fellow, truly did an impeccable job with the transportation. None of the goods were damaged. If not for the fact that Slime was busy with other things, I would have invited her to stay here to assist me!”
“Hmm, I understand. By the way, where did you keep the two girls from the Oceanic Race? Show me the way!”

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