Chapter 404: What Are You Thrilled About?

One day of testing was enough to display one’s abilities. Even if there were students who had doubts because of Ye Ying’s words, they could only keep it to themselves now.

Ye Ying glanced at her own marks. She bit down on her lower lip while her gaze was subconsciously directed at the seat by the classroom door. That was Ye Jian’s seat.

She managed to catch a glimpse of the student behind Ye Jian, who had leaned forward to glimpse at her test papers. Only after hearing her low cry in surprise did Ye Ying feel like her heart had been rammed by something.

Teacher Zhu wrote down the top scores on the blackboard. “There are two perfect scorers in the class, one of them is Ye Jian, the other is Jiao Hai. But, there are no traces of correction in Ye Jian’s paper. She handed in the papers after 34 minutes, so in this test, Ye Jian is the top scorer.” Jiao Hai was the boy who was the top scorer of the grade last year.

“I wouldn’t say much about the lowest scores. I understand that all of you are quite relaxed after the summer break and didn’t do any revision. This test should serve as a wake-up call for all of you. Classes have begun, and you should concentrate on the tasks at hand!”

Ye Ying stared at her own mathematics score … She bit down on her lips even harder.

Her performance was always better in the humanities instead of the sciences. If it wasn’t because Teacher Tong only taught classes of the sciences, then she wouldn’t have pushed herself to transfer into the science classes.

That decision had come to bite her back. With that one test, the distance between them had grown larger. She now had to put in extra effort, and she mustn’t lag behind on her studies!

As if remembering something, she caressed her chest. She turned her head and squinted at Ye Jian, who was looking down at her test paper. Her lips curved into a grim sneer of disdain.

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So what if you have great results? This society runs on connections. Without any connections, you’re just a slightly more achieved commoner, and never will you have a chance to become a character of importance!

The chilly gaze which made it feel like a snake was crawling over her caused Ye Jian to raise her head. She knew who was looking at her … It was just someone who was inflicted by a disease of delusions.

Teacher Zhu only explained a couple of the questions that were more important during the class, before she said to Ye Jian, “Ye Jian, can you come up here and explain the method to solve the last question.”

“Connect the center of the circle, O, with this point, the chord, N. This will cause…” While Ye Jian was explaining, her voice was extremely gentle, and it carried magic that made everyone focus their attention on her. Cicadas were singing outside the window; only the sound of the blades of the fans on the ceiling could be heard inside the classroom. Every student in the classroom was listening with all their attention to her explanation, and there wasn’t any other unnecessary noise.

“… When point N is calculated in the semi-circle arc that did not contain the point, our answer will be evident.” Ye Jian explained while writing down her analysis step by step onto the board. Some white chalk powder landed on her hair. When she turned around, her ponytail moved slightly, blowing away the white spots on her hair.

A period of mathematics class ended just like that. The board was filled with Ye Jian’s step-by-step analysis. There were some people who were copying down the steps written on the board while there were also some who were inquiring Ye Jian about their own test papers.

All the students who were asking her questions had forgotten Ye Jian had taken a year off school, then skipped straight into Grade 11.

It had only been a day’s time, but it felt like they had been classmates with her all along. It was as if they had known each other for many years now.

It was like what Teacher Tong said. Ye Jian would never reject her classmates’ questions, but she had also dealt with them quite appropriately; she wouldn’t solve everybody’s questions.

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She was trying to tell her classmates about her principles through her actions that she was not always available to help them. In the end, they would still have to count on themselves.

Class One was a class that did not relax in the pursuit of knowledge even when classes were over. They paid attention during class and passionately discussed what they had learned after class. Only when the bell that signaled the start of language class sounded did everyone return to their seats.

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