Chapter 405: Who Are You Fooling Around With?

Teacher Tong also brought around the morning’s test papers in her hands. They were handed in along their seated columns, and now, she was redistributing them along the same columns.

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The fifty-year-old teacher stood on the podium. Her serious gaze swept across the entire class. “This test, after one summer has passed, I believe that every one of you must have some idea of your own results and standards. In this test, Ye Jian is the top scorer for both mathematics and language.”

“I won’t criticize or commend anyone. That can be left for after the tests at the end of the month. During this test, all of you have witnessed Ye Jian’s abilities, so I hope I won’t hear any ill words about her in class in the future. Do you understand me?”

They’ve seen it, they’ve also heard it. Besides Ye Ying, all the other students raised their voices and said, “Understood!”

“Okay, now let me rearrange your seats, we’ll just do it according to height, tall people should stand at the back…” Teacher Tong went over the test with just a few sentences and used the time remaining to rearrange the seating placements.

Even though she had said nothing, all the students understood that sometimes, a gap of one mark was like the difference between heaven and earth.

One more mark and perhaps you might be able to enter into a prestigious school, one less mark and you might fail in the exams.

Ye Ying lowered her head, not because of her own results, but because of Teacher Tong’s words which made her feel embarrassed.

She kept her head lowered while the corners of her eyes were turning red. Both of her hands were also wringing the corners of her skirt. Her lowered gaze was like the cold glint on the tip of a needle. It was so dense that it could chill a person’s heart.

The first day of school ended with a nervous atmosphere. By the time the school gates were opened once more, the sun was setting in the west, blanketing half the sky with brilliant magnificence.

Students who were not living in the dorm left the school grounds in groups. After a period of ringing bicycles, the boys rode on their bicycles and brushed past the girls while attempting to act cool, leaving behind the sound of their whistling and screaming.

Xia Jinyuan looked at the bunch of high school students walking out of the school while spreading their youthfulness without restraint. The corner of his lips couldn’t help but rise upwards.

Grade 11, not bad, the little fox was also studying in Grade 1.

The tall and regal man stood elegantly at the school entrance, both of his hands in his pockets. His reserved yet noble temperament had attracted the attention of countless students. After they had a better view of how he looked, quite a few high school girls purposefully walked past in front of him with flushed faces while covering their mouths.

Ye Jian stroked her forehead helplessly. Didn’t he know that he should find a relatively underpopulated place to wait for her? Why must he stand at the school entrance while facing waves upon waves of students?

If she just walked towards him, that would be too eye-catching, still … Ye Jian was considering waiting for a while before approaching him, but then, she noticed the person who had left the classroom with students from the other classes … Ye Ying stood in front of Xia Jinyuan.

That was quite surprising. Did Ye Ying know him as well?

How would Ye Ying know him! It’s just that she joked about how he looked quite familiar. Then, she was made fun of by her other girl-friends, “Then, that means you have an affinity for each other. It seems like he’s waiting for someone, I wonder whose brother that is, you should go and ask.”

Following that, she was pushed and shoved in front of Xia Jinyuan, and so the scene that Ye Jian was watching unfolded.

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Little girls messing around in front of him, not to mention their presumptuous gazes. Their eyes were also twinkling. Major Xia treated them as nothing and stepped to the side without changing his expression, and patiently waited for his little fox to arrive.

If it weren’t for Ye Ying secretly wanting to approach him, there was no way she would be so easily shoved in front of him.

But when the slightly familiar-looking man in front of her made an action that showed that he had ignored her, she felt embarrassed and slightly vexed, too.

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