Chapter 406: Ignoring You

“You…” Not wanting to be ignored just like that, Ye Ying took the initiative to speak while being urged by the friends behind her.

Very quickly, a more embarrassing thing happened. The man who was still standing at the side simply walked away.

Xia Jinyuan did not even rest his gaze on the girl in front of her, not even sweeping a glance at her. Instead, he focused all of his energy on the school grounds. That was why he did not recognize Ye Ying, who had shoulder-length hair and wore a ribbon on her fringe.

He had never liked assertive girls. Listening to their conceited whispers, a hint of distaste flashed across his eyes, so he had moved to a slightly further location to continue waiting out of his gentlemanly poise.

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Twenty minutes ago, he had asked for the school security to look for her at her class. Now, the school security guard was back, and only she hadn’t appeared in front of him.

Tsk tsk tsk … What had most probably happened was that she had seen him standing at the school entrance where students were walking to-and-fro and had been unwilling to approach him.

That couldn’t be helped, the little lass had thin skin and was especially averse to people trying to be intimate with her … The reason she hadn’t appeared wasn’t that she hadn’t arrived. Instead, she had arrived but had decided to show herself when there were fewer people around.

Major Xia indeed knew Ye Jian quite well.

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“Ying Ying, you … You should help me ask about…” The girl who always got along with Ye Ying, and was also Ye Ying’s main person of interest to befriend, and had both parents working in the government, instructed Ye Ying to go forward, “Ask him who he’s looking for, so we can find that someone and ask them more about him.”

Sixteen to seventeen-year-old girls started acting more courageously. They really were quite difficult to manage.

Ye Ying didn’t want to make a fool out of herself, but she also didn’t want to reject the girl’s request, so she just smiled gently, “We can just ask the security guard, and see whether they know who he’s looking for. Wouldn’t that be better? It doesn’t make us seem like we’re being assertive, and we can also find out who he’s looking for.”

“Sigh, Ye Ying, why are you so smart! Let’s go, let’s go, let us go ask.” Once the girls heard her, they became cheerful and started pulling Ye Ying’s arm towards the guardhouse.

Ye Ying, who originally wanted to go there, suddenly realized that if she really wanted to accompany her to ask the security guards, wouldn’t she become the laughing stock of the school security guards, who were supposed to see students every day!?

She then hurriedly tugged at the girl in front of her. She spoke towards the other two girls, “Tong Tong, Le Mei, you two come here and help me stop this crazed girl. If we do go and ask at the security guards, what we are doing will certainly be known by the teachers. They’d think that we’re not doing our best at studying, but instead acting extremely daring by asking about an unfamiliar man!”

Without saying that she was embarrassed, she used words like “for everyone’s sake” to refuse that request. One had to admit that Ye Ying really had her own way of dealing with these students whose families held some status.

Similar to Ye Zifan, she had a talent when doing things like this.

Once she said that, the two girls, who were watching the show hurriedly pulled back the girl, who seemed to really want to ask the security guards about him. They said in sync, “Okay, Yao Jing, Ye Ying is most afraid of teachers, and you still want to put her in more trouble. She helped us complete our summer homework this afternoon; you can’t burn your bridges after crossing the river, and allow her to be criticized by teachers.”

“Cowardly girl. Okay, okay, I won’t go. From what I’ve observed about that guy… Just now, when Ye Ying stood right in front of him, there wasn’t any reaction from him. I reckon he’s a difficult person to deal with.” Yao Jing’s parents both worked in government-related jobs; she had been pampered since she was young. After glancing at Ye Ying, she raised her eyebrows and spoke, “See, I’ve managed to scare all you guys, do you think I would really go do that? Stupid! Walking right into the muzzle of the gun on the first day of school.” 

When she heard that, Ye Ying’s heart started beating erratically … These students came from wealthy and influential families. None of them were stupid. Although they might have bad results, each person was brilliant in their own right.

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