Chapter 407: I’ll Come Looking For You Tonight

If she hadn’t stopped Yao Jing in time, she would have had to diminish the thought of hanging out in their circle from tomorrow onwards.

Ye Jian had a clear view of this scene and was so amused by Xia Jinyuan’s actions that she started laughing while pursing her lips. She observed him walking towards the greenery on the right. Only then did Ye Jian walk out from her hiding spot and head toward the school entrance.

Before she had managed to walk a meter away, the voice of the newly-appointed class monitor was heard behind her, “Oh man, I’ve finally found you. Ye Jian, assistant monitor, we have to go to the staff meeting room to have a meeting. Have you forgotten about that? Hurry, if we’re late, Teacher Tong will have to wait for you.”


If he hadn’t mentioned it, she would have really forgotten about it!

When the school security told that her ‘brother’ was waiting for her at the school gates, her mind was just filled with buzzing and static.

As she was afraid that Major Xia would say some other things, she tossed the textbooks in her hands and rushed towards the school gate without remembering her bag. How would she even remember that she had a meeting to attend?

“Teacher Tong isn’t there yet? I’m sorry, I’m really sorry, class monitor. I had some urgent matters to take care of, and I really didn’t forget about it intentionally,” Ye Jian started explaining herself. She was feeling quite apologetic for having troubled someone to look for her.

The class monitor, Lü Xin, looked at her nervous and apologetic appearance and started laughing. He was experiencing his voice-changing period, due to which there was a hard to describe weirdness in his laughter. “What are you nervous about? I just thought that today is the first day the class reps will have a meeting with the teachers, so it’ll be best if we leave a favorable impression on Teacher Tong.”

“Besides, I’m the class leader, and I have to set an example. How could I leave someone behind? It’s fine. Teacher Tong hasn’t arrived yet. She’s still in the Principal’s meeting room.”

After he said that, Ye Jian’s heart finally relaxed a little. It was how Lü Xin described it: she was indeed quite nervous.

Dealing with male soldiers, she could just do it roughly.

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But when she has to deal with other students, it was difficult to prevent Ye Jian from being stricter with herself.

She hadn’t gone to high school before, so she was quite unfamiliar with this environment. Don’t be fooled by the calm way she acted in front of the whole class. She was actually doing it out of trial and error!

But Xia Jinyuan was currently waiting for her outside!

Since Teacher Tong hadn’t arrived yet, she should first run outside and notify him. Truthfully, it wasn’t that she didn’t want to go. Actually, it was because there was something she needed to handle regarding her class!

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She immediately said towards Lü Xin, “Monitor, my brother…” After saying that very unnaturally, Ye Jian, who swallowed down a gulp of saliva, mumbled, “He’s waiting for me outside. Give me three minutes. I’ll tell him to go home first!”

“Okay, I’ll wait for you, you should hurry up!” Lü Xin agreed instantly and stood in the same spot while waiting for Ye Jian to return.

Ye Jian ran out of the school and headed towards the greenery area where he had walked into, but where was he?

She ran all the way there, but she couldn’t find him! Ye Jian, who was running out of time, started looking everywhere, but still hadn’t found the familiar figure.

Did he leave? If he has already left, what did I come out for?

“Looking for me?” A clear and light voice sounded cheerfully from behind her. Xia Jinyuan walked towards her with leisurely steps while holding a water bottle in his hand. He teased, “It’s been twenty-five minutes, did you come after having a meal?”

Actually, he had seen her figure running out anxiously. He just wanted to see more of that look she had while searching for him, so he hadn’t spoken up immediately.

After Ye Jian heard the voice from behind her, she turned around and said, “Captain Xia, I have a committee meeting. The monitor was even looking for me. I’m sorry, but I must return immediately. I was afraid that you would wait outside, so I ran all the way here to search for you.”

While speaking, she couldn’t help but observe her surroundings, as if she was afraid that there were students around. This brought about Xia Jinyuan’s deep and low laughter; it was hard to discern the meaning behind it.

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