Volume 3 Chapter 153: One Dirty Trick After Another In The Big Dragon Knight Qualifying Exam Match Part 1

In the eastern part of Olsylvia City – the activity block of Olivia Wizard Academy’s Wilcotts Block – the rest area in the Knight’s Union arena, the women’s locker room, Bella was lurking, waiting for her “prey” to come to the door.

The facts proved that Bella’s luck had always been excellent. Before long, she heard a precise click of a door opening. Through the small crack in the door panel of the locker room, Bella peeked to see who it was.

In the lobby of the locker room, a cold, beautiful female knight was unfastening her heavy black armor. The familiar long, black hair and pure, black eyes, coupled with that indifferent expression; it was undoubtedly Dusk Knight Daphne.

Bella recalled that when she went to the dormitory next door to flirt with Ice Knight Natasha, some of Natasha’s roommates weren’t in the room, and Daphne was one of them. Earlier, she assumed that she had gone somewhere. Unexpectedly, she had also come to the Knight’s Union to handle some matters.

Daphne was a Holy Knight, so she had to wait in line outside while Bella came in first under the privilege given to Dragon Knights Lisha and Natasha. She didn’t notice Dusk Knight Daphne waiting in the line in the back.

The sweat stains on Daphne were noticeable. Wearing this sort of bulky, heavy armor was already stifling hot. Coupled with the crowded queue, it would be strange if she weren’t sweating.

Perhaps Daphne’s had lowered her vigilance because she felt that the locker room was safe. She casually removed her black armor and walked into the changing room, which was also equipped with several shower facilities. Since she was drenched in sweat, she wanted to take a shower.

Bella was quietly hiding behind the door, unable to do anything. She thought Daphne would come inside to change out of her armor, but she had changed outside. In this case, Bella could only kidnap her first.

Daphne opened the door to enter the changing room and was about to go in when Bella suddenly hugged her from behind. Stunned by the surprise attack, Daphne instinctively unleashed an attack of her own. However, when she felt that the other party was a girl and had no ill-intentions, she stopped her attack in the mid-way.

As Daphne hesitated, Bella, relying on her outstanding technique, quickly removed Daphne’s flimsy undergarments. By the time she reacted, she had already stripped bare by Bella.

“Bella… What are you doing? Give me back my clothes.”

“Daphne, I want to borrow your clothes to wear. Don’t be afraid. After all, I’m a girl, and there’s no way I can do anything to you!”

“But there’s no need to take off all my clothes. Wait… What’s that rope for?”

Bella finally had the privilege to see the vulnerable side of Dusk Knight Daphne. As soon as this cold, beautiful female knight was stripped of her clothes, she turned into a delicate damsel. She seemed a little overwhelmed by Bella’s violation. This way, she appeared even more attractive, especially for Bella, who loved to bully weak girls.

“Bella, what are you trying to do! Don’t do this. If you want my armor, I’ll lend it to you. Let go of me first, okay?!”

“I want to take you home… Cough, cough, my mistake. Daphne, you don’t have a boyfriend, do you?”

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“No… Wait a minute. You’re not going to…”

Bella tied Daphne’s hands behind her back with the rope and fastened them to the shower pipe nearby. Since Bella used Elaine’s puppet silk thread, Daphne couldn’t break free even if she had the abilities of a Holy Knight. By the time she realized that Bella wasn’t using an ordinary rope, it was already too late for her to escape.

“Daphne, let me help you. I see that you want a shower.”

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“I can do it myself. Bella, if you don’t stop, I’ll… I’ll go to the president of the Disciplinary Committee, Natasha…”

“Natasha is also my… You should accept your fate and don’t be shy!”

Bella turned on the rain shower setting. She quickly shed the ornaments on her body and hugged Daphne, who was still struggling. The two beautiful, snow-white, charming bodies were intertwined in the steamy bathroom. It was a scene which would give anyone watching a nosebleed, but no pervert was lucky enough to witness this.

Outside of the locker room, a beautiful Holy Knight with long dark blue hair came in. She looked at Daphne’s armor, which was left outside and felt a little helpless. Silly Daphne was so careless that she didn’t even lock the door.

After turning to lock the door, Thunder Knight Aurora tidied up Daphne’s heavy armor that was scattered all over the floor. Seeing the closed changing room, she guessed that Daphne was inside.

“Daphne, are you done with your shower! Huh, why didn’t you lock the door?! I’m coming in then.”

Aurora was also sweating all over and wanted to take a shower as well. Girls preferred to stay clean. Earlier in line, Aurora was a little behind Daphne and came in a little later.

Like Daphne, Aurora had a lower sense of vigilance in the locker room. As soon as she entered the changing room, Aurora was attacked from behind before she could even see what was going on in the foggy room. The attacker’s technique was more sophisticated than Daphne’s and knocked her unconscious before she could react.

Bella didn’t use a lot of strength because she was afraid she would knock the vice president of the Student Union silly if she were too heavy-handed. At that time, she wouldn’t know how to explain herself to President Lucia. Since Aurora was her superior in the Student Union, it was better if she were a little more careful when laying her hands on her.

When Aurora came to, she was horrified to find her body exposed and that she had been stripped naked. Her back was against Daphne’s, and her hands were tied behind her. Daphne was also stripped of her clothes.

“Vice President Aurora, you’re finally awake. Relax, I want to borrow your armor. I won’t hurt you both.”

Aurora didn’t believe Bella’s explanation. Both she and Daphne were stripped naked and tied up. On top of that, Bella had also covered their mouths with soft towels so that they couldn’t call for help. No matter how she looked at it, it seemed like the sort of thing an evil villain who kidnaps young girls would do.

Daphne had given up on struggling. Earlier when Bella took a shower with her… She… Anyway, her face was flushed now, as if some strange attribute had awakened. Daphne’s silence made Aurora a little worried. She wasn’t sure what this Dusk Knight had experienced to turn her into such a weak girl.

“Vice President, it’s best if you’re obedient! I remember that we share the same dormitory building. I’ll take you back when I’m done with the match and slowly explain it to you.”

“For now, don’t move around. It’s not good if the noise gets out and the people outside find out! What do you think would happen then, Vice President Aurora?”

Bella whispered into her ear to calm down Aurora, who was still thinking of struggling. She just thought about it; this was the Knight’s Union. Few female knights came in the morning. If the sound attracted a male knight, forget about him saving them. She was a little afraid to imagine what would happen when he saw the helpless appearance of two beautiful naked girls tied up together.

Aurora didn’t believe that those male knights could withstand the temptation! She was better off choosing to believe Bella just this once! Right now, Aurora felt a little helpless. If the news of two Holy Knights being stripped of their equipment and tied up together after being captured alive in the Knight’s Union came out, the Knight’s Union would appear in the headlines of all the newspapers in the country.

To protect the reputation of the Knight’s Union and her innocence, Aurora chose to stay silent like Daphne, but her dark blue eyes were filled with grief.

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