Chapter 22: Steinbeck Fief shrouded in black fog Part 2

Ximengsi Continent’s southern part, the central region of Steinbeck Fief

At the center of Steinbeck Fief stood Stanley City, where the suzerain’s residence was located. This dreary, desolate place was shrouded in thick fog. If not for Valkyrie Cynthia’s demon sensing abilities, Clyde’s party might never have found former suzerain Duke Andrew’s position so quickly.

Outside Stanley City, Clyde temporarily separated from his other companions. He planned to go and take care of former suzerain Duke Andrew by himself. According to Valkyrie Cynthia’s intelligence, former suzerain Duke Andrew had demonized for just over a hundred years. If not for support from the demonic scripture “Ghost Introductory Chapter,” he would not have even reached the Junior Demon Lord level.

Demon Lords had multiple sub-divisions. Fellows like Duke Andrew, who had just stepped into the threshold of Junior Demon Lord, could be easily suppressed by ordinary hero squads. A Junior Demon Lord in itself had only average combat power and depended on summoned demonic creatures to fight. Because he possessed the demonic scripture “Ghost Introductory Chapter,” Duke Andrew could summon more demonic troops; thus, his overall combat power was greater than average Junior Demon Lords.

Clyde made his companions stay behind beyond the city wall. If Valkyrie Cynthia stepped into the town, the other party would immediately notice her God Race’s aura because she stemmed from a hostile camp. If that happened, he might flee, which would make it comparatively more troublesome to hunt him down. Princess Saras, who didn’t have any combat power, also didn’t plan to join in the fun. After all, she couldn’t help with anything, so it would be best for her to stay behind and not give any trouble.

Witch Ista could be regarded as the sponsor of Clyde’s party. Even without considering whether she had sufficient combat power, Clyde was too embarrassed to make the bankroller who had hired him to safeguard her follow him to the fight. As for his younger sister, Lucifer, her mission was comparatively heavy. She needed to help Clyde protect and look out for the other girls. Among the beautiful girls at the scene, the one with the most terrifying combat power was this bloodkin Lolita. Just from the aspect of how she was completely uninjured upon seeing his true face, Clyde could determine that she was more powerful than Valkyrie Cynthia.

“Big Brother Clyde, everything is shrouded with black fog, and my cuties cannot go in to investigate. Be careful and control your power; otherwise, you might accidentally flatten the entire city. Then, we would have to spend money to rebuild the city. Perhaps, Big Sister Ista would then need to take out more money.”

“Sister Lucifer, you just need to watch from here. I will pay attention to it.”

After exchanging a few jokes with Lucifer, Clyde entered Stanley City’s gate by himself. Valkyrie Cynthia watched everything from one side, feeling perplexed. As a Valkyrie, she had watched an Evil God prepare to sort out a Demon Lord. She was merely a spectator of this internal fight between the forces of darkness. Shaking her head, she felt like something was wrong with this.

Among the beauties on the scene, only Lucifer and Ista knew that Cynthia was a Valkyrie of the Divine Realm. Nevertheless, Lucifer was very relaxed. Even though the current Cynthia had advanced to Legend Ranked Valkyrie, she was still not the Bloodkin’s opponent, so Lucifer was completely fearless. Ista was a little more cautious, but with Lucifer on the scene, she was not worried either. After all, especially after Cynthia had spent three days and three nights together with Clyde, Ista could tell that Cynthia had already changed a lot inwardly.

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“Big Sister Cynthia, don’t run all over the place! Now, you are my big brother’s person, so you are not allowed to act recklessly. You should understand what I meant, right?”

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Valkyrie Cynthia nodded her head with a slightly red face. She didn’t deny Lucifer’s words, tacitly agreeing that she was Clyde’s. Upon seeing Cynthia’s frankness, Witch Ista, who was secretly observing Cynthia from one side, was very surprised. The seven Great Valkyries of Divine Realm had always hated evil. Even if they would die, they would never lower their heads to evil, but now, Cynthia had transformed her views very quickly.

Witch Ista could see that Cynthia was still chaste. She wondered what had happened during those three days and nights while she had been together with Clyde. What kind of tricks had that black-haired handsome man used? Without even taking the most precious thing of Cynthia, she had already been conquered to this extent. Feeling a slightly itchy feeling in her chest, Witch Ista was very curious about what had happened during those three days and three nights to make Valkyrie Cynthia change so much.

“Big Sister Ista, if you are curious, you can go to look for Big Brother Clyde and experience it in person. After the experience, perhaps, you might also become like Big Sister Cynthia!”

“No, Lucifer, I… I am just a little curious. I don’t need to experience it myself.” Blushing, Ista hastily waved her hands and denied Lucifer’s teasing.

“Oh, is that so? Well, if you are ever interested in experiencing it, then you can talk to me in person. I would be to help you communicate with Big Brother Clyde at any time.”

Lucifer said this with a naughty smile as if she had seen through Witch Ista’s. Although Ista had firmly refused her offer, Lucifer looked as though she had not given up. As she saw it, if Ista also became a person on their side, that would be for the best.

Clyde didn’t know anything about the little drama unfolding between the three beauties outside the gate. Taking his time, he passed through the wide-open gate of Stanley City and entered the city at the center of Steinbeck fief. Before, because of the black fog, while observing from the periphery of the city boundary, Stanley City had seemed quite small, just on the scale of a small city like Oran City, the capital of Owles Kingdom.

However, after entering the city gate, Clyde discovered that the black fog had mislead him. The area of Stanley City was huge. In fact, it could be called a super large city. On purely the basis of area, it might be even larger than the capital city of many Ximengsi Continent Human Race. All in all, It was very large. The former suzerain Duke Andrew was just a Duke in accordance with the rank of nobility, but his city was larger than the capital city of many Human race’s empires, surpassing the standard of an average Supreme Emperor.

Now, if Duke Andrew had not gained power by demonizing and had continued his regular Human Race life, he might have already been beheaded by the emperor. Stanley City was built too large, clearly stating that he wanted to rebel. Clyde didn’t care about these details. If the city was big, he would have more income, and he would no longer need to look for Witch Ista to sponsor him again.

There was not a soul in sight on the streets of Stanley City. There were just some indistinct ghosts that lacked any combat power. At most, they could frighten people. Clyde directly ignored them and continued to advance. Out of instinct, those ghosts noticed the terrifying aspects of Clyde, and, without Clyde needed to do anything, automatically dispersed, making a path for him.

The suzerain residence of Duke Andrew was also built according to the standard of an emperor’s imperial palace. Squinting his eyes, Clyde could see that fluttering demon flag at the top of the palace from far away, proving that Duke Andrew was still in the palace, entirely unaware that the new suzerain had already arrived.




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